Squid HTTP/1.1 support

This work aims at adding HTTP/1.1 support first to Squid-2.6 and then to Squid-3.


To do
Things to be done
Log of what has been done

To do

  1. Client side chunked transfer encoding
  2. Expect
  3. 100-Continue
  4. Many more less important things not dependent on advertising HTTP/1.1


2006-12-30 Project published on devel.squid-cache.org
The project is now published on devel.squid-cache.org. Has been sitting in the CVS repository for some weeks, but had forgot to add the project entry..
2006-12-30 Header parser bugfix
Fix parsing of partial headers again.
2006-09-26 Expect workaround
Workaound for Expect by ignoring and dropping the header
2006-09-24 Initial implementation
First implementation of server-side chunked decoding, allowing Squid to advetise HTTP/1.1 support upstream. Client-side still HTTP/1.0.

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