Documenting the Source of Squid (3.x)


CVS Access

Presently the Project requires two directories /src/squid3/docs and /src/squid3/doxy/.
/docs/ is where the working source code of squid will go, and /doxy/ is where the constructed documentation will end up.

cd /src
mkdir /src/squid3
mkdir /src/squid3/doxy

cd /src/squid3
cvs login
[blank password, just press enter]

cvs co -rdocs -ddocs squid3

Building the Documentation

You will need the doxygen application pre-installed to build the Squid3 documentation.

cd /src/squid3/docs/
doxygen squid3.dox 2>doxygen.log

Those commands will create an HTML formatted website in /src/squid3/doxy/html/ with all the documentation.

Finding the TODO List

Doxygen no only builds the source documentation it also builds a list of problems and things in the code marked "\todo"

The main TODO list is the doxygen.log created when the source is built. Simply pick a line out of that log and fix the problem that caused it to be there.

If that log file is empty (yay!) there is a TODO list inside the generated documentation, many of those will be coding TODOs for code developers. Some will be documentation related.

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