Squid custom log format

This work aims at providing something similar to the Apache custom log format for Squid



2005-03-02 Added syslog support
New option to send the log via syslog by simply specifying the log path "syslog"
2003-07-06 Squid-3 implementation complete and merged
The custom log formats have been implemented and merged into the Squid-3 source tree and will be part of Squid-3.0.
2003-06-20 Squid-2.5 implementation complete
Implementation of custom log formats for Squid-2.5 have been completed. Porting to Squid-3 starting.
2003-06-11 Simplified format specification syntax
The format specification syntax have been simplified somewhat to make parsing substantially easier.
2002-??-?? First draft implementation by Chemolli Francesco
A first early draft implementation. Not yet functional other than parsing of the configuration directives as the new log functions are never called.
2001-11-16 Draft log format specification by Henrik Nordstrom


The code should implement two new configuration directives:
logformat <name> <definition string>
Defines a new logfile format specification by name name
access_log /path/to/file logformat_name [acl ...]
Defines a new logfile to the specified path, optionally using the specified ACLs, which are then required to match.


parse_logformat and accessLogParseLogFormat parse a logformat definition. It tokenizes the definition into a sequence of opcodes which may be either literal strings or be one of the specfied tokens. accessLogCustom then walks the opcodes list and acts accordingly. The CLF and squid logfile format functions will remain for performance reasons.
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