COSS Storage System

COSS is a Cyclic Object storage system originally designed by Eric Stern.


cache_dir coss /path/to/storefile size max-size=n [common cache_dir options]
refers to the max object size COSS supports. It is used to initially choose the storedir to dump the object. Note: To make optimal use of the max-size limits you should order the cache_dir lines with the smallest max-size value first and the ones with no max-size specification last.
Please note that differently to all other store modules, cache_dir parameter is used as a full filename path.

So you may need to specify the log file location:

cache_swap_log /path/to/log/%s

Some Adrian's technical notes on COSS

Currently the development is made on Windows platform, so some revisions of the code may not work properly on Unix platforms.

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