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These changesets represents the changes on the squid3/squid3_logdaemon development branch of Squid. If there is any questions please contact squid-dev@squid-cache.org.

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2007/05/19 14:18:24serassio+4 -3Fix build error using --enable-icmp
2007/05/19 10:58:56adri+2 -2The "old" system used buffering to combine log line entries together,
2007/05/18 14:54:53adri+76 -24Reintroduce a mostly-copy of the original buffering layer.
2007/05/16 14:24:30adri+24 -56After discussions on IRC, its probably best that I don't bother with namespaces
2007/05/16 13:38:18adri+13 -2Restore the conditional compilation directives, C style, for the SYSLOG code.
2007/05/16 13:28:27adri+16 -3Handle checking for syslog if HAVE_SYSLOG is defined; create
2007/05/16 13:27:48adri+3 -2Just a sanity fatalf()..
2007/05/16 13:09:13adri+11 -3* LogFileOpen() is expected to actually open the file..
2007/05/16 03:50:51adri+84 -100Preparation for a 'layer' between open and actual assignment of a class
2007/05/16 03:00:14adri+3 -3Fix headers.log logfile generation.
2007/05/15 15:27:53adri+14 -2Document error semantics for me to look at later.
2007/05/15 15:20:33adri+152 -409* migrate over syslog code into LogFileSyslog.cc (untested atm)
2007/05/15 14:32:43adri+5 -1Do flushing if the buffered_writes option is set to no.
2007/05/15 14:22:11adri+24 -4* some stuff shouldn't be fatal()ed..
2007/05/15 13:37:47adri+24 -22Attempt to shift the access log codebase over to using the new LogFile class.
2007/05/15 13:10:33adri+96 -48* remember that String is the Squid string thingy, not std::string; so be specific
2007/05/15 12:22:45adri+414 -1Start fleshing out the replacement modular logfile code, version 1.

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serassio1+4 -3
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