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These changesets represents the changes on the squid3/squid3-largeobj development branch of Squid. If there is any questions please contact squid-dev@squid-cache.org.

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2007/08/08 07:28:54chtsanti+5 -5Formating related changes suggested by Amos
2007/08/08 07:27:26chtsanti+7 -7Avoid type castings in HttpHdrRange.cc where not really needed as Amos suggested
2007/08/07 06:32:10chtsanti+24 -11Converting Config.quickAbort.min and Config.quickAbort.max back to accept by default values in kilobytes and keep values
2007/08/03 20:06:10chtsanti+7 -7Changes in order to allow coss module to compile.
2007/08/01 20:41:47chtsanti+17 -19convert Config.readAheadGap, Config.quickAbort.max Config.quickAbort.min to 64 bit integers
2007/08/01 07:14:34chtsanti+6 -6- use PRIu64 instead of PRId64 for uint64 types in printf like functions
2007/07/31 21:09:45chtsanti+39 -39- Config.maxRequestBodySize (request_body_max_size configuration parameter) must be 64bit integer to allow uploading lar
2007/07/29 13:51:00chtsanti+114 -88- Adding the STORE_META_OBJSIZE meta data type, which used by squid26. squid3 accept this type of meta data but ignore
2007/07/26 22:15:43chtsanti+191 -24A try to add compatibility with old swap files. Squid3-largerobj can now
2007/07/24 07:34:00chtsanti+183 -12The way standard metadata it was implemented in this branch (squid3-largeobj)
2007/06/18 20:59:33chtsanti+300 -222This patch adds the required changes to suppport
2007/06/18 20:59:33chtsanti+300 -222This patch adds the required changes to suppport
2007/05/01 21:07:50dwsquid+9 -13Make both FtpStateData.ctrl.offset and ctrl.size of type size_t. These
2007/05/01 20:52:57dwsquid+4 -4Use int64_t for file sizes in when parsing FTP directory listings.
2007/05/01 16:49:31dwsquid+2 -2remove (int) cast of content-length arg to HttpReply::setHeaders()
2007/05/01 16:31:53Tsantilas Christos+8 -8Convert fde::bytes_written and fde::bytes_read to int64_t
2007/04/20 23:54:19dwsquid+1 -3I did not intend for these assertions to be committed
2007/04/20 23:07:31dwsquid+2 -2leftover merge bug from objectification of StoreEntry::swapOut()
2007/04/20 22:31:18dwsquid+100 -94This patch was developed on Linux to support proxying of large objects
2007/04/20 05:49:07dwsquid+6 -7renamed xofftoa to xint64toa
2007/04/20 05:47:17dwsquid+25 -25Renamed HttpHeader methods getOffset and putOffset to getInt64 and putInt64.
2007/04/20 05:35:37dwsquid+6 -1PRId64 is not automatically defined on Linux. According to inttypes.h
2007/04/19 17:24:26dwsquid+4 -5ClientHttpRequest->out.size is now defined as int64_t, so it should
2007/04/19 16:34:58dwsquid+8 -8Use %"PRId64" instead of %lld in printf statements until we can get
2007/04/19 05:05:11dwsquid+9 -5Couple of fixes to compile successfully on Linux
2007/04/19 04:43:25dwsquid+81 -81off_t is not a good choice for representing the size of large
2007/04/18 05:02:03dwsquid+206 -129An initial patch that supports proxying large objects.

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