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These changesets represents the changes on the squid3/prefetching development branch of Squid. If there is any questions please contact squid-dev@squid-cache.org.

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2006/01/22 07:11:16nlewycky+54 -146Taking copy from HEAD. Not sure why it didn't merge.
2005/12/17 15:10:32nlewycky+3 -4Fixed bug where we shows 0 bytes for all prefetches in the access.log.
2005/11/05 15:07:26nlewycky+10 -10Minimize my diff by removing accidental whitespace changes.
2005/10/29 20:18:59nlewycky+2 -1Fix compile error; "MemBuf" may not be an incomplete type here.
2005/10/14 03:09:37nlewycky+2 -2Fix for GCC 4.
2005/08/20 21:49:35nlewycky+1 -3Urp, remove debugging printf.
2005/08/20 21:46:31nlewycky+9 -1Fix infinite loop in URL resolver where base URL has no trailing / after
2005/06/18 21:42:15nlewycky+7 -6Reorder tests so that the expensive and unrewarding cache miss test
2005/06/13 13:39:43nlewycky+4 -2Fix a leak of the URL in certain cases. (Thanks valgrind!)
2005/06/08 21:52:53nlewycky+3 -2There's no need to analyze objects that came from the cache.
2005/06/07 19:01:53nlewycky+2 -2Oops, fix build error.
2005/06/07 17:26:25nlewycky+8 -5Fix up makefile template for automake-1.6; avoids variable "redeclaration".
2005/05/24 01:22:11nlewycky+10 -10Fix for brokenness like "<img src>".
2005/05/11 16:33:46nlewycky+2 -1Free the parser. This should plug a memory leak.
2005/05/11 16:33:15nlewycky+2 -2Increase the recursion depth limit from 3 to 5 to account for sites with
2005/05/11 16:32:22nlewycky+9 -1Be a bit smarter about what HTTP Headers we copy from fetch to prefetch.
2005/05/09 02:53:01nlewycky+2 -3Remove broken test that resulted in infinite loops on certain URLs.
2005/05/05 18:24:13nlewycky+49 -22Added recursion limits:
2005/03/26 23:43:53nlewycky+34 -33Update debug statements.
2005/03/24 13:11:13nlewycky+13 -2Apply patch from bug 1229.
2005/03/11 23:59:02nlewycky+78 -78Remove lingering whitespace damage from when I ran the C indenter on
2005/02/25 05:43:31nlewycky+82 -55* Make address check test on client's IP address when prefetching.
2005/02/23 15:57:03nlewycky+15 -15Allocate enough bytes for the string and its terminating null this time.
2005/02/23 14:04:48nlewycky+2 -4Revert bogus "leak fix".
2005/02/23 03:10:48nlewycky+4 -2Fix a leak that may be responsible for a hang later in operation.
2005/01/28 19:47:19nlewycky+2 -2Fix logical not by substitution "is this a partial chunk" flag for the
2005/01/26 19:51:33nlewycky+485 -441Moved analyzer out of HttpStateData into a clientStream in
2005/01/13 03:53:04nlewycky+656 -3Refactor the stream responsible for fetching into a separate file.
2005/01/12 21:58:24nlewycky+584 -102Initiali commit, applying patch in bug 1160.

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total29+2134 -960