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These changesets represents the changes on the squid3/negotiate development branch of Squid. If there is any questions please contact squid-dev@squid-cache.org.

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2005/10/23 11:43:32hno+5 -13Fix the NTLM scheme mismatch from porting from Negotiate, and reduce the
2005/10/23 11:24:31hno+2 -2Use a simpler request to no give as much "garbage" returned
2005/10/23 11:23:25hno+80 -0Some simple scripts for verifying stateful authentication schemes
2005/10/23 11:19:26hno+3 -3Bug #1391: FATAL: Incorrect scheme in auth header
2005/10/23 09:46:34hno+248 -627Port of the Negotiate module over to NTLM
2005/10/23 09:46:01hno+15 -7One more missing server->client blob..
2005/10/23 09:21:53serassio+14 -4Port of keep_alive option to negotiate
2005/10/23 09:16:20serassio+11 -9Port of keep_alive option to negotiate
2005/10/23 08:54:21hno+3 -1Forgot to set the header type...
2005/10/23 08:48:50hno+21 -1Add that missing header on the final response after successful/failed
2005/10/23 08:46:18serassio+5 -1Port of patch from Bug #1327 to negotiate
2005/10/22 18:30:58hno+1194 -294Import of the Squid-3 Negotiate branch from baz

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hno9+1571 -948
serassio3+30 -14
total12+1601 -962