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These changesets represents the changes on the squid3/follow_xff development branch of Squid. If there is any questions please contact squid-dev@squid-cache.org.

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2003/03/30 14:57:29apbarrett+2 -2Change foo.com to example.com in an example.
2003/02/22 16:44:42apbarrett+17 -18Make this compile again: Fixed one merge error; adjusted uses of
2003/02/22 15:34:16apbarrett+6 -1Minor fallout from recent merge from HEAD: Our check for
2002/12/20 07:59:42apbarrett+2 -2Fix unguarded http->conn reference in clientFollowXForwardedForDone()
2002/12/12 09:15:11apbarrett+15 -16Passing answer=-1 to clientFollowXForwardedForDone() was useful only
2002/12/12 07:45:53apbarrett+8 -4Clarify a comment.
2002/12/11 11:07:35apbarrett+2 -3Fix an assertion failure: clientFollowXForwardedForDone() should not
2002/12/11 11:03:45apbarrett+19 -1Add a comment about whose job it is to call aclChecklistFree().
2002/12/10 13:18:34apbarrett+24 -56Check the acl_uses_indirect_client flag in aclMatchAclList(),
2002/12/10 10:36:01apbarrett+2 -2Make this compile again.
2002/12/10 10:30:36apbarrett+16 -1Add a comment near the src_addr field of struct _aclCheck_t explaining
2002/12/10 10:21:45apbarrett+41 -4Several more places that need to pay attention to the
2002/12/09 18:49:34apbarrett+2 -2In delayClient(), when comparing the client address
2002/12/09 18:28:34apbarrett+2 -2Typo in comment: s/it's/its/.
2002/12/09 18:17:24apbarrett+6 -1Implement the delay_pool_uses_indirect_client functionality.
2002/12/09 18:13:58apbarrett+6 -1Implement the acl_uses_indirect_client functionality.
2002/12/09 18:06:26apbarrett+19 -2Implement the log_uses_indirect_client functionality. We were already
2002/12/09 17:44:31apbarrett+191 -2* Add new clientFollowXForwardedForStart/Next/Done() functions,
2002/12/09 14:51:51apbarrett+19 -4Add an indirect_client_addr member to struct _request_t, and ensure that
2002/12/09 14:23:57apbarrett+96 -2Add the Config.accessList.followXFF access list, set using
2002/12/09 14:14:06apbarrett+20 -2Add --disable/--enable-follow-x-forwarded-for configure option (enabled

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