squid3/esi changes

These changesets represents the changes on the squid3/esi development branch of Squid. If there is any questions please contact squid-dev@squid-cache.org.

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2003/01/23 08:49:30rbcollins+5 -5type safety
2003/01/16 21:12:46rbcollins+59 -56fix partial merge
2002/12/25 00:30:32rbcollins+13 -6more tweaks
2002/12/24 22:20:23rbcollins+19 -3consolidate buffers
2002/12/24 22:07:55rbcollins+24 -7extract method
2002/12/24 21:53:46rbcollins+16 -8extract method
2002/12/24 21:32:48rbcollins+3 -14remove redundant code
2002/12/24 21:29:56rbcollins+8 -9more minor tweaks
2002/12/24 21:25:34rbcollins+29 -35tidyups
2002/12/24 21:04:47rbcollins+28 -13extract method
2002/12/24 20:51:17rbcollins+2 -4get rid of refcount debugging in ESI code
2002/12/24 20:49:24rbcollins+31 -14fully working AST Cache
2002/12/24 11:23:09rbcollins+11 -6esiWhen cached entries
2002/12/24 11:04:13rbcollins+53 -5esichoose ast cache hits
2002/12/24 10:28:25rbcollins+42 -67use ELementList for esiSequence
2002/12/24 09:53:35rbcollins+85 -36extract array management code
2002/12/24 09:04:02rbcollins+166 -17initial cache use
2002/12/24 04:21:23rbcollins+16 -5generate AST caches correctly
2002/12/24 01:48:49rbcollins+19 -8start caching AST trees
2002/12/24 01:46:07rbcollins+15 -6only set Release flag in one place
2002/12/24 01:43:41rbcollins+2 -2clearer debug
2002/12/24 01:36:57rbcollins+51 -35process surrogate control before cache control
2002/12/24 01:07:40rbcollins+6 -5make ignoring cache control a member variable
2002/12/23 23:27:33rbcollins+3 -2prevent refcounted lists deallocating during traversal
2002/12/23 23:17:49rbcollins+216 -202esi segments are now refcounted, and no known mem leaks
2002/12/22 07:41:16rbcollins+121 -103got semantics right
2002/12/22 06:26:40rbcollins+71 -24create new file for esiContext logic
2002/12/22 05:35:55rbcollins+149 -107extract Context header
2002/12/22 05:10:31rbcollins+111 -13and the rest of the leaks
2002/12/21 21:02:33rbcollins+24 -3and more
2002/12/21 20:40:23rbcollins+27 -2free unselected paths when process esiChoose
2002/12/21 14:09:15rbcollins+16 -18more free behaviour tidyups
2002/12/21 13:06:08rbcollins+14 -4debug refcounting when needed
2002/12/21 13:01:45rbcollins+37 -15start plugging leaks
2002/12/21 00:21:43rbcollins+16 -4and try is done
2002/12/21 00:12:01rbcollins+13 -3include
2002/12/21 00:00:08rbcollins+2 -3and esiRemove
2002/12/20 23:58:28rbcollins+42 -9and esiWhen
2002/12/20 23:22:33rbcollins+18 -3some choose makecacheable logic
2002/12/20 22:36:54rbcollins+91 -2prepare caching for sequences, literals and comments
2002/12/20 21:55:54rbcollins+15 -8provide an ESI extension to StoreEntry
2002/12/20 21:24:46rbcollins+5 -9use Segment::append, and simplify logic a little
2002/12/20 20:18:44rbcollins+10 -7more separation
2002/12/20 20:08:07rbcollins+3 -2bugfix early lastblock flag
2002/12/20 20:02:39rbcollins+34 -28extract method
2002/12/20 19:52:26rbcollins+44 -17extract some methods
2002/12/20 19:42:23rbcollins+34 -24split out parsing
2002/12/20 19:31:54rbcollins+46 -44esiProcess -> method
2002/12/20 12:02:36rbcollins+7 -9plug introduced mem leak
2002/12/20 11:57:53rbcollins+23 -9introduce min template
2002/12/20 09:16:45rbcollins+7 -9make incremental data policy
2002/12/20 08:58:00rbcollins+34 -24extract method
2002/12/20 08:36:10rbcollins+32 -14some tidyups
2002/12/20 07:29:40rbcollins+2 -8extract method
2002/12/20 07:20:47rbcollins+15 -9extract method
2002/12/20 07:12:52rbcollins+134 -133rename esiSegment to ESISegment
2002/12/20 07:06:44rbcollins+8 -7remove assignment to parameter
2002/12/20 07:00:10rbcollins+6 -9minor tweaks
2002/12/20 06:45:17rbcollins+30 -21convert to tested cbdata+refcount for esiContext, and extract method
2002/12/20 06:07:34rbcollins+4 -3handle async errors occuring during kick()
2002/12/20 06:02:15rbcollins+3 -2prevent http->conn dereferences on internal requests
2002/12/20 05:36:29rbcollins+76 -75update to HEAD
2002/11/12 00:29:43rbcollins+209 -115nearly fully callback based behaviour
2002/11/07 13:58:07rbcollins+27 -4prevent double reads with more aggressive code.
2002/11/07 11:14:24rbcollins+427 -320more incrementals, and convert to true refcounted implementation
2002/11/04 13:04:04rbcollins+18 -10step towards three-step processing
2002/11/04 12:26:01rbcollins+5 -5step towards three-step processing
2002/11/04 11:44:24rbcollins+41 -41step towards three-step processing
2002/11/04 10:42:16rbcollins+224 -108step towards three-step processing
2002/11/03 06:15:16rbcollins+13 -3create a copy method for segments
2002/11/02 23:14:09rbcollins+336 -214start putting one class per file
2002/11/02 12:53:57rbcollins+10 -9start refactoring esiVarState
2002/11/02 12:21:47rbcollins+35 -30start refactoring esiVarState
2002/11/02 11:40:56rbcollins+22 -23more method creation
2002/11/02 10:34:58rbcollins+15 -14more method creation
2002/11/02 10:27:23rbcollins+78 -55more method creation
2002/11/02 10:02:56rbcollins+63 -62more method creation
2002/11/01 21:53:42rbcollins+30 -33more method conversions
2002/11/01 21:41:22rbcollins+9 -10introduce more methods
2002/11/01 21:37:55rbcollins+50 -47introduce more methods
2002/11/01 17:46:55rbcollins+6 -13introduce method step 2
2002/11/01 17:43:35rbcollins+36 -30introduce method
2002/11/01 12:11:43rbcollins+161 -53finish type cleanups
2002/11/01 09:49:10rbcollins+6 -10start removing Vptr
2002/11/01 09:28:37rbcollins+7 -7removing process macro
2002/11/01 09:22:07rbcollins+47 -55removing process macro
2002/11/01 09:01:55rbcollins+11 -13removing process macro
2002/11/01 08:55:54rbcollins+20 -24removing process macro
2002/11/01 08:29:15rbcollins+15 -30eliminate ADDELEMENT macro
2002/11/01 08:21:52rbcollins+20 -14esiChooseAdd->esiChoose->addElement()
2002/11/01 02:48:38rbcollins+13 -14esiTryAdd->esiTry::addElement
2002/11/01 02:43:05rbcollins+5 -6esiRemoveAdd->esiRemove::addElement
2002/11/01 02:35:33rbcollins+19 -21esiSequenceAdd ->esiSequence::addElement
2002/11/01 02:27:27rbcollins+37 -33change the add prototype from int to bool for clarity
2002/11/01 02:07:41rbcollins+7 -7make add operation typesafe
2002/11/01 02:01:13rbcollins+20 -33render fully c++
2002/11/01 01:52:50rbcollins+830 -14Add error files, and more render work
2002/11/01 01:15:12rbcollins+45 -18towards C++ for render()
2002/11/01 00:55:41rbcollins+40 -11towards C++ for render()
2002/11/01 00:40:49rbcollins+6 -13towards C++ for render()
2002/11/01 00:34:41rbcollins+101 -53towards C++ for render()
2002/10/31 23:53:23rbcollins+6 -6generic render method
2002/10/31 22:57:18rbcollins+504 -141really create the squid 3 esi branch

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