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These changesets represents the changes on the squid3/ecap development branch of Squid. If there is any questions please contact squid-dev@squid-cache.org.

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2007/11/20 15:40:34rousskov+1286 -0Added sketches of eCAP service and transaction classes using
2007/11/20 15:30:21rousskov+13 -2When USE_ECAP_AS_ICAP_HACK macro is defined, enable a temporary hack that uses
2007/11/20 15:28:54rousskov+12 -8When eCAP is enabled, to support USE_ECAP_AS_ICAP_HACK, ignore ICAP files that
2007/11/20 15:26:51rousskov+69 -11Added --enable-ecap option to control eCAP support explicitly. Added
2007/11/16 22:39:27rousskov+37 -4Enable eCAP support if loadable module support is enabled.
2007/10/19 16:36:56rousskov+10 -0Added .cvsignore to ignore configure-generated files.
2007/10/19 16:33:48rousskov+11 -3Added libLtdl to SUBDIRS if USE_LOADABLE_MODULES.
2007/10/19 16:30:47rousskov+12064 -0Added libLtdl directory. Ltdl files are generated by lobtoolize and then
2007/10/18 19:04:12rousskov+53 -41Moved Libtool libltdl directory to lib/libLtdl to keep all 3rd-party libs
2007/10/18 17:11:40rousskov+108 -8Added basic support for Libtool ltdl. Libltdl directory is not committed
2007/10/11 16:11:25rousskov+4 -0Added eCAP sponsor.
2007/10/11 16:11:25rousskov+4 -0Added eCAP sponsor.

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