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These changesets represents the changes on the squid/tidyup_deferred_reads development branch of Squid. If there is any questions please contact squid-dev@squid-cache.org.

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2005/12/13 07:16:04adri+9 -3* start explicitly killing off the callback when the server side goes
2005/11/04 03:49:10adri+65 -66* Create a "HAVE_SELECT" define to be used in comm_select.c
2005/11/03 09:14:53adri+415 -19Bring over Stevens' epoll code, sans the deferred stuff.
2005/11/02 02:33:44adri+2 -2We don't need to know about this debugging anymore.
2005/11/02 02:27:51adri+2 -11Remove commSetDefer()
2005/11/02 02:25:33adri+2 -121* Remove the deferred read checking code for both poll and select.
2005/11/02 02:12:22adri+1 -3Keep removing the deferred reads stuff
2005/11/02 02:11:12adri+1 -3Start stripping out the deferred handler check.
2005/10/28 10:24:31adri+15 -1The FTP data code does close the FD when the data connection is closed,
2005/10/26 09:49:59adri+4 -4Reverse some not-needed changes
2005/10/26 05:08:07adri+7 -22Reverse more unneeded changes!
2005/10/26 04:49:31adri+3 -99remove the comm_read() stuff, I didn't have to use it!
2005/10/26 03:46:26adri+11 -3Hah, this was easier than I thought. Just check in clientReadRequest()
2005/10/26 03:00:13adri+4 -1Pre-declarations, for Cygwin
2005/10/26 02:55:34adri+19 -8refactor the client side read IO scheduling stuff slightly in
2005/10/25 09:23:37adri+6 -6Oops! I had my logic reversed.
2005/10/25 09:09:20adri+14 -13Replace the accept defer handler with a 1 second rescheduling.
2005/10/25 08:50:59adri+1 -4remove unneeded static decl
2005/10/25 08:40:57adri+6 -34Back out my changes to the ssl code and remove the comm defer handler.
2005/10/23 14:55:57adri+17 -6Exam avoidance!
2005/10/15 04:34:20adri+4 -23Replace the transitory function calls with direct calls to our new
2005/10/13 09:14:35adri+76 -19An evil reworking of the half-closed connection support stuff.
2005/10/12 08:19:14adri+26 -7Refactor out the stuff playing with client side defers.
2005/10/12 08:18:01adri+2 -6Remove commSetDefer()s
2005/10/12 07:53:33adri+12 -53* make storeCheckDefer() global - its useful in some places
2005/10/12 07:52:55adri+1 -2Oops, remove call to fwdCheckDefer - we do'nt need it now
2005/10/12 07:39:16adri+49 -12Bring the WAIS code into the kicked IO framework
2005/10/12 07:38:28adri+2 -1.. and make sure the pending read is 0 when we start
2005/10/12 07:37:09adri+2 -1Just to bring it in line with http.c/ftp.c - preinitialise the IO
2005/10/12 07:32:05adri+2 -1Clear pending_read flag
2005/10/12 07:21:37adri+45 -7Modify gopher to use kicked io
2005/10/12 07:20:55adri+1 -2Take out an unused commSetDefer() call
2005/10/12 05:31:01adri+11 -8* add in some extra debugging
2005/10/12 04:23:06adri+41 -2more work towards bringing the FTP code into the new world order.
2005/10/10 14:09:28adri+20 -23Start breaking out the data IO path into our little hinting framework.
2005/10/09 16:02:10adri+7 -1A little paranoia: if the callback for a memobject changes, generally
2005/10/09 15:47:14adri+17 -3After wondering why the fetches were happening at full speed when
2005/10/09 15:43:54adri+3 -3change hex address debugging to be in line with the rest o'squid
2005/10/09 10:18:35adri+9 -2Modify the client to allow me to 'sleep(1)' before each read.
2005/10/09 07:18:14adri+17 -12* just so I can see whether I've 'messed up' my server-side code,
2005/10/09 07:05:00adri+5 -4* tweak the debugging a little
2005/10/07 03:23:11adri+42 -25* extend the STKICK callback now to take a kick type, allowing us to
2005/10/06 03:14:58adri+70 -11* disable some of the paranoia checking in my new code as I'm changing
2005/10/05 14:54:00adri+23 -7Break out the read scheduling and cancelling. This will become more
2005/10/05 14:48:14adri+141 -174Reverse my changes for now. They'll come back, but after my next move.
2005/10/05 13:50:43adri+131 -127* add a comment to point out what the code is doing
2005/10/05 13:31:02adri+1 -2more unused variables.
2005/10/05 13:25:23adri+1 -3Start removing unneeded variables.
2005/10/05 12:14:48adri+87 -82Attempt to refactor this code a little. All the code paths inside
2005/10/05 07:44:30adri+2 -1Add back missing return. The code now should do exactly what the
2005/10/05 07:40:49adri+16 -8Break out the code which skips whitespace in between http requests.
2005/10/05 06:55:30adri+33 -15Start refactoring the IO part of httpReadReply() so its not to
2005/10/02 10:35:45adri+24 -1Commit a little documentation - something i need to think about as
2005/10/02 09:45:28adri+79 -4(no idea why everything seems touched)
2005/09/27 08:10:16adri+99 -3Begin implementing a comm_read() to complement comm_write(). its not
2005/09/27 06:32:20adri+37 -38Stop wasting a call to mempoolalloc/free when the structure is only

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