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These changesets represents the changes on the squid/ssl-2_5 development branch of Squid. If there is any questions please contact squid-dev@squid-cache.org.

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2006/05/15 23:41:11hno+7 -3Back out unrelated change (elemination of err->port)
2006/05/15 23:07:40hno+4 -4Fix %USER_CERT_xxx and %CA_CERT_xxx directives.
2006/05/15 11:53:40hno+55 -61Indent
2006/04/28 09:44:11hno+7 -19Fix merge conflicts with other Squid-2.5 patches.
2005/11/10 23:59:53hno+18 -6Cleanup SSL error management, fixing among other things uploads while
2005/10/23 15:55:11hno+5 -1Extend PEM_write_SSL_SESSION workaround for OpenSSL 0.9.8
2005/05/31 16:17:26hno+8 -1Work around OpenSSL bug affecting the clientca= option
2005/05/31 12:59:57hno+1 -2Remove unused variable (merge conflict)
2005/05/17 16:27:18hno+44 -21Embryonic proof of concept implementation of interception of CONNECT
2005/03/18 16:45:35hno+14 -6Plug memory leaks in certificate based ACLs
2005/03/18 14:59:16hno+2 -2cachemgr config dump of external_acl_type using %USER_CERTCHAIN
2005/02/12 11:16:57hno+54 -18SSL shutdown notification support cleaned up
2004/12/02 01:07:13hno+3 -3Give SSL certificates a low priority in access.log
2004/12/02 00:53:40hno+219 -77Basic support for CRL lists and client certificate chains
2004/10/22 13:52:33hno+128 -34Merged latest SSL changes from MARA Systems eMARA product
2004/09/06 15:59:21hno+2 -2Fix user_cert and ca_cert acls.. was mixed up making user_cert match what
2004/07/18 06:55:08hno+45 -2sslpassword_program directive for specifying external program querying
2004/07/14 22:24:32hno+2 -1Fix filedescriptor leak on SSL_new allocation error
2004/06/09 14:20:03hno+45 -16sslcontext= option
2004/04/18 00:09:07hno+95 -18SSL update
2003/11/19 12:46:11hno+2 -2Bugfix in write_pending flag
2003/11/19 12:38:39hno+2 -2https_port key=.. cachemgr config dump bugfix (was giving the cert path)
2003/10/27 16:56:30hno+34 -63Some minor corrections to the "pending" I/O operations machinery.
2003/10/25 15:32:23hno+200 -31Add primitive support for SSL_read/write indicating they need to do
2003/08/18 12:13:30hno+10 -2SSL session reuse
2003/08/07 14:45:37hno+10 -14Fix merge conflict
2003/04/17 15:24:24hno+39 -8dhparams=/path/to/file.pem https_port option to specify DH parameters
2002/12/09 16:58:26hno+3 -1MFC: Fix a compile error when building without ssl support
2002/12/09 16:57:53hno+5 -3MFC: Complain loudly about certificate errors
2002/11/29 21:49:19hno+2 -2Oops.. allocated the wrong datatype for acl cert data
2002/11/29 17:49:17hno+1013 -85Imported SSL update patch

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