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These changesets represents the changes on the squid/squid-amake development branch of Squid. If there is any questions please contact squid-dev@squid-cache.org.

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2001/09/02 01:09:58rbcollins+1 -1fix type
2001/08/31 10:49:34rbcollins+0 -0oops, needed these stubs
2001/08/31 10:41:11rbcollins+2 -1Don't recurse into lru or heap
2001/08/31 09:30:09rbcollins+1 -1add AIO_LIB support
2001/08/23 13:33:26rbcollins+2 -3remove duplicage cfgaux call
2001/08/23 12:01:31rbcollins+4 -1add header files sources
2001/08/22 13:42:55rbcollins+2 -0add pinger_SOURCES
2001/08/22 13:39:55rbcollins+1 -0allow creation of bzip2 dist archives
2001/08/22 12:32:53rbcollins+3 -2replace cfgaux which somehow got rm'd!
2001/08/20 03:41:08rbcollins+20 -22correct AM_CONDITIONAL use (ensure that false is called for everything) and fix store modules compilation
2001/08/20 03:29:58rbcollins+0 -2997remove autotool support files as per squid sourceforge repository policy
2001/08/19 23:13:55rbcollins+12 -3cleanup slightly, handle make in subdirs
2001/08/19 23:11:28rbcollins+6 -0provide fake targets for building in the fs dir
2001/08/19 23:11:06rbcollins+1 -1Provide absolute library path
2001/08/19 23:05:25rbcollins+2 -0provide fake targets for building in the fs dir
2001/08/13 12:31:51rbcollins+1 -1Clean stamp-h* files in include/
2001/08/13 12:04:24rbcollins+13 -0Add else clauses for automake if clauses
2001/08/13 09:26:48rbcollins+2 -1Manual merge of Makefile changes from HEAD
2001/05/21 10:57:10rbcollins+19 -19support DESTDIR for the custom targets
2001/05/16 00:52:37rbcollins+26 -22fixup from merge and remove duplicate version location
2001/05/15 00:36:21rbcollins+29 -22make distcheck works
2001/04/21 02:23:15rbcollins+2 -1Use LIBOBJS for convenience libraries
2001/04/21 00:20:19rbcollins+3 -3Use AM_PROG_CC_C_O not AC_PROG_CC_C_O
2001/04/20 23:43:29rbcollins+29 -25better cleanup on uninstall, bugfix for cygwin CC detection
2001/04/20 10:49:13rbcollins+12 -71remove obsolete targets, general cleanup
2001/04/20 09:58:54rbcollins+1 -0bugfix: create errors directory
2001/04/20 01:08:22rbcollins+2 -143tidied up file - removed old targets
2001/04/19 23:56:52rbcollins+1 -2minor fixes for automake HEAD
2001/04/17 07:38:57rbcollins+3 -2added explicit dependency for cf_gen.o on cf_gen_defines.h
2001/04/16 13:47:17rbcollins+1 -1added ssl support
2001/04/16 13:32:43rbcollins+2 -0missed the diskd entry
2001/04/16 13:26:34rbcollins+10 -6added ssl support
2001/04/16 09:10:02rbcollins+0 -82remove crud
2001/04/11 08:43:10rbcollins+1 -1cf.data.pre is not a dependency of cf_gen, but rather of cf_gen_defines.h
2001/04/09 22:29:02rbcollins+2 -2install_file wasn't defined. Use install_data instead
2001/04/09 09:02:49rbcollins+2 -2corrected squid.conf.default references
2001/04/08 22:09:26rbcollins+2 -1extract icons to the build dir
2001/04/07 06:41:47rbcollins+1 -1distribute icons.shar as well as the .gifs
2001/04/07 06:21:08rbcollins+1 -1added mime.conf.default to extra dist
2001/04/07 06:01:06rbcollins+1 -1added mib.txt to extraqdist
2001/04/07 05:41:04rbcollins+5 -5add headers to sources
2001/04/07 05:24:01rbcollins+3 -3add squid.h to sources
2001/04/07 03:27:01rbcollins+3 -2backout experimental DEFAULTS change
2001/04/07 03:16:25rbcollins+2 -2*** empty log message ***
2001/04/07 02:58:03rbcollins+1 -1backout partial experimental change
2001/04/07 02:51:47rbcollins+8 -3build location for globals.c & string arrays
2001/04/07 02:36:17rbcollins+3 -1extra dist dirs added
2001/04/07 01:05:21rbcollins+11 -105fixup more nodist_ entries and dependencies
2001/04/07 00:47:24rbcollins+1 -1cf_gen_defines.h location
2001/04/07 00:30:00rbcollins+11 -0build diskd
2001/04/07 00:29:25rbcollins+3 -2cf_gen_defines.h doesn't get dist'd
2001/04/06 23:55:31rbcollins+2 -1cf.data.pre gets distributed
2001/04/06 23:28:55rbcollins+1 -1typo in cache_cf dependency
2001/04/06 23:11:29rbcollins+4 -1cf_gen_defines is distributed
2001/04/06 22:49:17rbcollins+1 -1cf_parser.h is not distributed
2001/04/06 22:20:22rbcollins+135 -135move mime.conf to mime.conf.default
2001/04/06 22:19:18rbcollins+2 -2mime.conf.default is our souce file now
2001/04/06 22:11:09rbcollins+56 -0Moving Changelog to ChangeLog
2001/04/06 14:12:32rbcollins+1 -1cfgen should use default libs
2001/04/06 14:08:02rbcollins+55 -0missed a makefile
2001/04/06 13:59:47rbcollins+1 -1autoheader comes before automake
2001/04/06 13:42:26rbcollins+0 -56Moving Changelog to ChangeLog
2001/04/06 13:04:22rbcollins+0 -18365remove makefile.in files - they are now built sources
2001/04/06 12:55:39rbcollins+211 -672removed obsolete files.
2001/04/06 12:45:33rbcollins+6 -4bugfix in root for include dist-hook
2001/04/06 12:40:25rbcollins+20807 -2613Added .am files

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