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These changesets represents the changes on the squid/sfs development branch of Squid. If there is any questions please contact squid-dev@squid-cache.org.

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2001/04/29 10:50:11darius+142 -52Batch of changes - starting to convert the structures across, and look more
2001/04/22 08:57:45darius+160 -2More code, for the trivial bits - close and unlink. Read and write next,
2001/04/14 09:46:36darius+1580 -316This is a bulk commit of the new fs code I'm working on - note, it's _very_
2001/02/07 10:41:49adri+3 -3Don't squeeze 500 bytes into 80
2001/02/07 10:18:08adri+2 -1prototype storeSfsDirCallback..
2001/02/07 09:49:06adri+1 -1Revert the previous change, which is wrong - request_queue is not part
2001/02/07 09:46:28adri+6 -3More fixes
2001/02/07 09:42:35adri+1 -1Don't pass the value of request_queue, pass the *pointer* to it.
2001/02/07 09:09:05adri+3 -3oops:
2001/02/07 09:01:15adri+57 -1sfs_read is kind of like sfs_test, but it takes a mountpoint and an inode
2001/02/06 16:07:37adri+6 -2Don't rebuild from swaplog. I forgot to return; after storeRebuildComplete().
2001/02/06 15:57:40adri+6 -0Allow async sfs_unlink() calls to not take a dataptr. They won't have
2001/02/06 15:43:36adri+63 -17a multitude of fixes:
2001/02/04 01:16:04darius+207 -178A few changes at once:
2001/01/31 15:12:01darius+7 -1fixed so rebuild returns instantly (faked - zero responses. Working
2001/01/31 15:09:34adri+16 -12* fix some missing declarations
2001/01/31 05:49:37darius+56 -14Part-way through fixes for rebuilding from dir - committing in case Adrian
2001/01/31 04:17:18darius+7 -8Fix for file_close errors - sfs deals with whether a file's been closed
2001/01/30 14:35:20darius+59 -43Wrapped various bits in cbdataLock/cbdataUnlock calls, to deal with potential
2001/01/30 13:25:33adri+7 -5I should allocate the sio before using it. Really.
2001/01/29 14:09:30darius+22 -11Fixes for the problem that was causing it to freeze up on ./squid -N
2001/01/28 21:54:45adri+19 -11* use sync calls to sfs_open() / sfs_close() - this is going to help whilst
2001/01/28 18:48:48adri+201 -69Implement the squid side of the sfs IO operations.
2001/01/28 15:37:55adri+10 -14Modify sfs_open() to take a sfs fs and inode number rather than a string.
2001/01/27 10:20:44darius+36 -50code cleanups, streamlining - mostly more comments ;) Readability etc.
2001/01/27 10:19:23darius+72 -45Mostly work on read and write routines - making the code easier to read,
2001/01/27 10:17:15darius+26 -22supporting changes for the new sync flag
2001/01/27 10:16:34darius+26 -14Have modified the various sfs_interface functions to take an io_type
2001/01/27 01:24:20adri+7 -0add xassert() which is required for sfs_test to compile and link.
2001/01/27 01:22:23adri+2 -2oops, compile sfs_shim properly
2001/01/27 01:21:19adri+3 -2Make sfs_test *nearly* compile - use LDFLAGS rather than -lpthread which
2001/01/27 01:14:32adri+47 -3* add a sfsid to sfsinfo_t
2001/01/27 00:36:12darius+41 -0shim file - contains dlink* definitions, just to get the test thing working
2001/01/26 19:52:04adri+6 -3modify sfs_waitfor_request() and sfs_done_request() to only do the
2001/01/26 19:50:03adri+17 -9Add an IO type to sfs_create_requestor() - _SFS_IO_SYNC or _SFS_IO_ASYNC.
2001/01/26 19:28:21darius+47 -42Various fixes for the basic sfs_test case (incidentally, I'm cheating for
2001/01/26 15:43:41adri+43 -14Initial commit of the done queue information.
2001/01/26 13:49:13adri+1 -2removing a pointer size #define. Hrm..
2001/01/26 13:46:11adri+3 -2Fix the ordering of the Makefile entries. Kevin's last commit
2001/01/26 12:34:58darius+14 -9Fixes for sfs_test - missing dlink* and squid_curtime now, otherwise it
2001/01/26 12:31:18darius+50 -48tweaking comments and small changes - getting familiar with the code again.
2001/01/25 16:08:54darius+9 -6signalling that mount is ready to use from here - tiny race (see
2001/01/25 16:08:11darius+3 -3removing big race condition, replacing it with a much much smaller one
2001/01/25 16:06:34darius+10 -24various comment tweaks, and removed orphan request support
2001/01/25 15:15:19adri+3 -2Add the debug section '82' for SFS
2001/01/25 12:10:45adri+49 -82Tidy up the request list code.
2001/01/24 16:40:01adri+1 -0call sched_yield() to let the thread loop have time to create so
2001/01/24 16:06:38adri+57 -63* move sfsid_t to be a signed int. It limits us to 127 filesystems, but
2001/01/24 15:34:16adri+6 -13tidy up some of the include magick
2001/01/24 14:50:46adri+0 -260This isn't needed anymore, as it was lifted from squid whilst
2001/01/24 14:35:31adri+0 -3Remove the squid_curtime #define, we're linking into squid now.
2001/01/24 14:11:54adri+4482 -0Add the initial port of the sfs-0.3 code into the source tree.

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