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These changesets represents the changes on the squid/s2_delaywork development branch of Squid. If there is any questions please contact squid-dev@squid-cache.org.

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2008/04/05 09:53:25adri+2 -2Strategic blank line.
2008/04/05 09:51:19adri+135 -66Statistics modification, part #2.
2008/04/05 07:41:52adri+54 -14Play around with a "new" delay pools stats reporting style, inteded to
2008/04/01 12:24:00adri+11 -11Use PRIu64 (instead of maxint_t + %ju) which seems to be defined as an unsigned 64 bit integer.
2008/04/01 12:22:56adri+24 -23Shift the configuration section to live with the rest of the delay pools.
2008/04/01 12:22:02adri+4 -10Fiddle the description to match the code.
2008/03/30 15:13:24adri+11 -11Use uintmax_t for printing 64 bit values. I wish there were a nicer way
2008/03/30 13:49:01adri+6 -3* remove the default rule for the body size delay pool statement - not needed
2008/03/30 13:41:02adri+20 -6Make the new delay pools stuff dependant on #if DELAY_POOLS being defined.
2008/03/30 11:22:56adri+7 -7Include statistics for class 3 delay pools.
2008/03/27 12:47:16adri+26 -9* Transfer statistics per delay pool
2008/03/25 11:33:28adri+185 -14Bring over kikov's initial work. This includes an ACL based delay pools

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