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These changesets represents the changes on the squid/rfc2616 development branch of Squid. If there is any questions please contact squid-dev@squid-cache.org.

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2002/09/15 21:26:34rbcollins+2 -1correct merge error
2002/09/09 12:40:04rbcollins+7 -4relax validation rules, and always send new reply rather than considering HEAD updating a GET
2002/09/09 12:36:09rbcollins+4 -5304 minor bugfix
2002/09/09 12:33:14rbcollins+11 -8minor fixes
2002/09/08 10:48:10rbcollins+166 -52forward HEAD requests to the origin when stale
2002/09/08 07:59:40rbcollins+4 -3typo time
2002/09/08 07:38:17rbcollins+22 -21fix Vary
2002/09/05 22:01:49rbcollins+12 -1pre-merge
2002/09/05 13:12:12rbcollins+8 -5update before we use the reply! Vary is currently broken, but all other http routines seem ok
2002/09/05 12:39:24rbcollins+782 -447uppdate metadata from http.c
2002/09/05 10:54:26rbcollins+175 -17client Stream update
2002/09/05 10:52:57rbcollins+373 -239update client streams code
2002/09/05 10:51:09rbcollins+1932 -0oops...missed these
2002/09/05 10:28:18rbcollins+573 -1905reinstate client Via. Begin metadata separation in store interface
2002/09/03 10:29:38rbcollins+18 -2Send warning 113 when appropriate
2002/09/03 08:56:13rbcollins+342 -0It's more useful with the new files
2002/09/01 03:08:01rbcollins+46 -10basic squid.conf choice of versions

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total17+4477 -2720