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These changesets represents the changes on the squid/rbcollins_filters development branch of Squid. If there is any questions please contact squid-dev@squid-cache.org.

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2001/05/01 23:24:28rbcollins+3 -3fix chunky bug
2001/05/01 23:18:36rbcollins+5 -0fix chunky bug
2001/04/28 13:05:19adri+199 -136Some style changes to filters.c .. I haven't modified any of the code,
2001/04/27 14:53:50rbcollins+13 -47doh! missed a compile bug
2001/04/27 14:03:09rbcollins+157 -30Headers in different stream to body
2001/04/05 06:07:46rbcollins+2 -2reexportparse_directive
2001/04/04 22:30:16rbcollins+23 -6new parser type rfc1738string - a rfc1738 encoded string
2001/03/31 14:08:58rbcollins+202 -79merged in declaritive parsing code - fully functional
2001/03/31 11:12:14rbcollins+71 -30partial update to new configure code
2001/03/31 09:11:45rbcollins+1 -10Missed a merge conflict.
2001/03/21 11:04:04rbcollins+2 -1bugfix: lock auth_user_request on copy
2001/02/19 10:29:41rbcollins+2 -22fixups
2001/02/18 11:42:43rbcollins+5 -111fixups
2001/02/18 08:29:57rbcollins+2 -41merge module code from generic_modules
2001/02/18 08:13:44rbcollins+462 -133merge module code from generic_modules
2001/02/18 08:13:44rbcollins+0 -45merge module code from generic_modules
2001/02/18 05:16:20rbcollins+3 -3preparation for move to content_processing branch
2001/02/18 05:13:47rbcollins+8 -8tidy up in preparation for move to content_processing branch
2001/02/12 13:31:24rbcollins+172 -192store side changes to inform store clients of current store status allowing all-in-one close and writes from server side
2001/02/08 08:18:21rbcollins+261 -264 storeAppend now accepts flags
2001/02/07 02:23:41rbcollins+5 -2 bugfix: don't write null buffers :]
2001/02/06 14:10:41rbcollins+168 -89 bugfixes: empty bodies with TE no longer sigsegv in http, internally generated pages no longer skip the filter chain wi
2001/02/05 14:01:01rbcollins+3 -2better keepalive logic
2001/02/05 13:52:12rbcollins+6 -4touchup after merge
2001/02/05 12:10:13rbcollins+20 -11new API to make state to allow grabbing clientHttpState/HttpReply/Request_t structure for the filters
2001/02/05 11:49:07rbcollins+13 -15http_response filters implemented
2001/02/04 22:13:48rbcollins+17 -17fix for EOF detection on unknown length objects
2001/02/04 12:47:34rbcollins+75 -105moved more filter support code to filters.c
2001/02/03 14:23:20rbcollins+99 -108list instead of array for FILTER_instance config entries.
2001/02/03 00:45:12rbcollins+3 -7forgot to rename mod_install_
2001/02/02 13:22:26rbcollins+297 -0Moez's htmldemo filter
2001/02/01 23:13:14rbcollins+28 -46bugfixes and tidyup. Bugfix in textreplace filter: wasn't filtering out the EOF flag for partial writes
2001/02/01 13:59:50rbcollins+2 -2\n on debug statement
2001/02/01 13:37:47rbcollins+248 -213FILTER_EOF fully implemented
2001/02/01 07:36:16rbcollins+59 -23 more hooks
2001/01/31 21:07:43rbcollins+224 -7added spy filter, partial fix for no terminal call to the filter chain
2001/01/31 12:41:51rbcollins+235 -38mod_register configure option: used to tell squid about a module. syntax is in squid.conf.default
2001/01/30 15:24:25rbcollins+196 -154 minor tidyup
2001/01/30 11:33:01rbcollins+3 -7bugfix on replacetext to allow for strlen(search)!=strlen(replace)
2001/01/30 11:00:01rbcollins+14 -5allow 304 responses always - they have no content-type header
2001/01/30 09:41:59rbcollins+4 -4appropriate static/non static function declarations
2001/01/30 09:32:52rbcollins+3 -1 bounds check on parse_eol
2001/01/30 08:57:18rbcollins+379 -224textreplace filter now a external configurable module
2001/01/30 04:57:21rbcollins+37 -7module configure option added
2001/01/30 04:28:30rbcollins+472 -348reply_filter_access running smoothly
2001/01/30 02:11:04rbcollins+206 -203config parsing for filter_add and filter_config in place - next step the access list tie in
2001/01/30 00:53:04rbcollins+323 -54plugin authenticate parameters and filter module registration
2001/01/29 20:35:27rbcollins+9 -4dynamic multi instance filters test base in place and compiles
2001/01/29 20:15:33rbcollins+48 -18dynamic multi instance filters test base in place and compiles
2001/01/29 13:35:42rbcollins+173 -15dynmic multi instance configuration partially done. Gotta sleep though. This code will not compile and run
2001/01/28 20:54:59rbcollins+35 -7couple of bugfixes on reply body acls
2001/01/28 13:24:14rbcollins+1 -1reply access lists working well
2001/01/28 13:24:13rbcollins+155 -13reply access lists working well
2001/01/28 10:37:35rbcollins+128 -121content filter framework shaping up: modular framework shaping up
2001/01/27 02:38:58rbcollins+107 -2sample filter working
2001/01/26 13:18:32rbcollins+387 -98client side data filters in place and working.
2001/01/17 21:58:04rbcollins+8 -2starting client_side
2001/01/17 01:52:25rbcollins+64 -61more stable now, also using dlink_list functions
2001/01/16 16:44:05rbcollins+3 -8doesn't work with two local proxies, does with parent on another n=machine... weird race? cygwin?
2001/01/16 15:31:59rbcollins+270 -67got it going then broke it :-[

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total60+6120 -3255