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These changesets represents the changes on the squid/rbcollins_cxxtest development branch of Squid. If there is any questions please contact squid-dev@squid-cache.org.

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2002/10/12 13:42:27rbcollins+2 -2Output occurs
2002/10/12 13:08:59rbcollins+8 -2fix multi-part receipt of headers
2002/10/12 12:21:42rbcollins+7355 -7456store modules to .cc
2002/10/12 03:01:00rbcollins+835 -833repl policies
2002/10/11 23:20:20rbcollins+2175 -2174and the last 4 are done
2002/10/11 15:40:40rbcollins+14304 -14299more conversions
2002/10/09 14:36:40rbcollins+1840 -1833and more
2002/10/09 14:14:15rbcollins+3439 -3436more .c->.cc, and correct a nastly signedness bug with the CBCB callback
2002/10/09 12:51:54rbcollins+591 -590update to current hash calls, and .ccify
2002/10/09 05:55:49rbcollins+2525 -2514tada, some more
2002/10/09 05:21:28rbcollins+2049 -2049still more -> .cc
2002/10/09 05:10:31rbcollins+2 -2type safeness for windows
2002/10/09 05:09:23rbcollins+2 -2type format correction
2002/10/09 04:52:02rbcollins+674 -674and more
2002/10/09 04:39:55rbcollins+1804 -1803and more
2002/10/09 00:53:35rbcollins+39 -25pre merge changes from HEAD
2002/10/09 00:41:22rbcollins+151 -304dnsserver specifiics
2002/10/09 00:23:15rbcollins+5535 -5508and more
2002/10/08 14:57:57rbcollins+3532 -3538and more. acl.c (whew)
2002/10/08 12:27:48rbcollins+492 -492and more
2002/10/08 12:20:43rbcollins+447 -447and more
2002/10/08 11:11:33rbcollins+2917 -2886and more
2002/10/08 04:06:34rbcollins+799 -749more conversions
2002/10/08 03:28:47rbcollins+46 -23async lookup for icpv2 queries
2002/10/08 03:15:50rbcollins+48 -56extract reply hanlding method
2002/10/08 02:48:42rbcollins+74 -43extract header initalisation
2002/10/08 02:25:37rbcollins+89 -34extract ICP types to ICP.h
2002/10/08 02:11:22rbcollins+24 -21extact method - icpGetRequest
2002/10/08 01:46:15rbcollins+17 -19extract method - icpAccessAllowed
2002/10/08 00:51:35rbcollins+22 -25extract method - icpDenyAccess
2002/10/08 00:40:42rbcollins+13 -13rename icpReallyCreateAndSend to icpCreateAndSend
2002/10/08 00:19:22rbcollins+13 -31inline method icpCreateAndSend
2002/10/08 00:12:18rbcollins+17 -9extract method - icp miss_nofetch detection
2002/10/07 15:44:20rbcollins+27 -17simplify conditional
2002/10/07 15:34:48rbcollins+3 -5simplify conditional
2002/10/07 15:33:27rbcollins+44 -35extract method on icp sending code
2002/10/07 15:09:28rbcollins+107 -88extract method on icp v2
2002/10/07 14:35:34rbcollins+35 -25extract common sending logic from icp
2002/10/07 09:42:48rbcollins+38 -12async storeget for icp
2002/10/07 09:22:17rbcollins+1 -3tidyup icp_request use
2002/10/07 09:21:04rbcollins+742 -571icp -> .cc and extract method on query handling
2002/10/07 08:27:55rbcollins+48 -23async storegetpublic for loading icons
2002/10/07 07:19:13rbcollins+45 -9introduce MimeIcon class
2002/10/07 06:33:14rbcollins+9 -8async lookup in urn
2002/10/07 03:29:31rbcollins+63 -24refactor urn somewhat
2002/10/07 02:04:10rbcollins+958 -915more files
2002/10/06 12:31:51rbcollins+1540 -1540stat converted
2002/10/06 06:07:43rbcollins+9 -4post merge updates
2002/10/06 04:10:21rbcollins+2 -2update prototype on new function
2002/10/06 03:52:33rbcollins+24 -23manual updates for merges that will fail
2002/10/05 13:10:18rbcollins+77 -33client_side_reply uses async getPutlibByRequest
2002/10/05 10:36:03rbcollins+1550 -1462start on storeGetPublicByRequest
2002/10/05 06:39:11rbcollins+1536 -1511more updates
2002/10/04 22:35:17rbcollins+66 -24reduce HttpStateData coupling
2002/10/04 21:57:51rbcollins+33 -31(un)signed and type safety
2002/10/04 21:22:09rbcollins+55 -26finished GetPUbliByRequest in client_side_reply.c
2002/10/04 13:12:28rbcollins+1704 -1657refactoring Purge request handling
2002/10/04 11:09:07rbcollins+129 -30convert client_side_reply.c->cc
2002/10/04 07:07:18rbcollins+1678 -1556convert store.c
2002/10/03 14:33:22rbcollins+852 -852external_acl
2002/10/03 01:04:29rbcollins+12531 -12274current state

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