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These changesets represents the changes on the squid/raid development branch of Squid. If there is any questions please contact squid-dev@squid-cache.org.

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2000/12/22 13:03:05nikitadanilov+600 -0abend.c contains functions to handle abnormal program termination.
2000/12/22 12:55:03nikitadanilov+19 -22StoreEntry->key converted to StoreEntry->hash.key. Unused errmsg removed from storeBfDirInit().
2000/12/22 12:52:24nikitadanilov+21 -6Errno monitoring commented out. fd checks added. findFirstOnlineSD() have
2000/12/22 12:50:18nikitadanilov+30 -1Added propotypes for initCommCio2() and abend.c functions
2000/12/22 12:49:29nikitadanilov+9 -1funJust{Before|After}Main() stub added (required by stack backtrace to work reliably when non-gcc compiler is used).
2000/12/22 12:47:53nikitadanilov+12 -1Ciociosan initialized in two stages.
2000/12/22 12:45:44nikitadanilov+6 -3addred #if defined( DISK_REPL ) around of initialization of fde.swap_dir field.
2000/12/22 12:44:42nikitadanilov+4 -1macro CHECK_FD to check file descriptor has reasonable number (valid index for fd_table)
2000/12/22 12:43:01nikitadanilov+6 -6Call abend() (from abend.c) in stead of abort() or exit()
2000/12/22 12:41:25nikitadanilov+62 -21Ciociosan initialization separated into two pieces.
2000/12/22 11:39:08nikitadanilov+11 -7Comment out software crash emulation. Add checks for fd validness into syscall-hooks
2000/12/22 11:33:28nikitadanilov+3 -1Put #if defined( DISK_REPL ) around initilization of swap->n_offline
2000/12/22 11:30:33nikitadanilov+3 -1omit log initialization if Config.Log.access == "none" (by Sizif?)
2000/12/22 11:29:00nikitadanilov+2 -2Compile with optimization by default
2000/12/17 14:36:23hno+1772 -327Imported raid from squidng

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hno1+1772 -327
nikitadanilov14+788 -73
total15+2560 -400