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These changesets represents the changes on the squid/push development branch of Squid. If there is any questions please contact squid-dev@squid-cache.org.

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2002/05/21 02:46:41jkay+2729 -3654Version of push that passes 'put' test scripts
2001/12/22 16:34:33jkay+169 -189Basic push that passes test scripts.
2001/12/22 16:31:33jkay+754 -0Error message for pushing stale content.
2001/12/14 08:00:36jkay+173 -93Version in which basic push works. Usually.
2001/12/10 22:24:44jkay+5 -5Made numbers of storeLock() and storeUnlock() calls on PUT entry match
2001/12/10 22:22:24jkay+414 -0Created out of satcuttlefish/icp.c diffs.
2001/12/07 23:25:31jkay+745 -133Initial port of diffs from Cuttlefish.
2001/11/24 05:51:40jkay+448 -26Push branch.
2001/11/21 01:06:51jkay+134 -0Description of how to use push.
2001/11/20 23:04:51jkay+265 -0Utility to invoke push to a cache from a script or the shell.
2001/11/20 23:03:30jkay+25 -0Added webpush.
2001/11/20 22:55:51jkay+157 -0update forwarding support.
2001/11/20 22:54:48jkay+412 -0PUT message support.
2001/11/20 06:59:14jkay+2419 -0Greg Plaxton's algorithm for widely distributing hint cache
2001/11/20 06:56:54jkay+481 -0Hint cache low-level gunk.
2001/11/20 06:54:24jkay+1072 -0Handle hint cache nodes and interface with Plaxton algorithm.
2001/11/20 06:53:20jkay+560 -0Handle hint cache messages
2001/11/20 06:52:17jkay+97 -0Endian conversion routines for inter-hint-cache messages.
2001/11/20 06:50:12jkay+1567 -0Track hint cache hierarchy.
2001/11/20 06:48:42jkay+828 -0Hint cache handling of on-disk hint cache.
2001/11/20 06:47:11jkay+450 -0Hint cache interface to the rest of Squid.

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jkay21+13904 -4100
total21+13904 -4100