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These changesets represents the changes on the squid/pinning development branch of Squid. If there is any questions please contact squid-dev@squid-cache.org.

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2006/06/06 04:38:45hno+2 -1Fix filter of connection-auth headers when not possible to use them
2006/06/06 04:20:19hno+3 -1Close a race window if the client connection goes away first
2006/06/06 04:14:31hno+52 -21Fine tune connection management
2006/06/06 03:35:23hno+80 -43Fix race conditions and optimize connection usage
2005/11/05 22:56:39hno+10 -6Typos
2005/11/05 22:50:13hno+71 -24Plug some races in dealing with aborted connections.
2005/10/23 14:58:22hno+3 -1Need to close server side when client goes away..
2005/10/23 14:33:02hno+84 -13First stab at connection pinning. Actually seems to work, but needs to

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total8+305 -110