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These changesets represents the changes on the squid/parserwork development branch of Squid. If there is any questions please contact squid-dev@squid-cache.org.

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2006/11/30 13:04:39adri+1 -5Fix merging issue.
2006/11/30 13:03:28adri+1 -9Fix merge issue.
2006/09/01 14:33:48adri+3 -9Start removing the older client-side request parser code.
2006/08/31 06:03:33adri+25 -11Optimise out a strdup/free.
2006/08/31 05:33:12adri+6 -6This change (mime[e]; -> *mime; mime++;) seems to speed things up.
2006/08/31 05:32:02adri+1 -2Remove debugging message.
2006/08/31 04:52:25adri+98 -63Flesh out the rest of the stuff required for HTTP/0.9 parsing
2006/08/30 07:47:42adri+26 -15Add in a fd_note type method to reference constant strings.
2006/08/29 08:40:51adri+32 -29* Replace the single linked list clientHttpRequest list with a normal
2006/08/29 04:17:36adri+3 -5* Add missing declaration
2006/08/28 09:39:49adri+31 -8Save on calling headersEnd() twice in the client-side reply path -
2006/08/28 08:26:07adri+5 -6Remove the need to recalculate the string buffer length when its known.
2006/08/27 02:16:37adri+79 -67First cut of the replacement parser.
2006/08/25 09:35:32adri+2 -25Remove dead code that should never, ever be called in the name of
2006/08/25 09:24:11adri+8 -17Oops, up until now the header parsing has been performed with a rather
2006/08/25 09:12:40adri+45 -20Move the conn->in buffer management stuff out of clientParseRequest() so it
2006/08/25 08:52:19adri+70 -15* Few semantic changes to the new request parser
2006/08/24 13:30:30adri+121 -101* Shift ClientCheckHeaderStateData into the global structure/typedef
2006/08/23 14:50:52adri+116 -4Add in the beginning of a replacement http parser.
2006/08/23 14:36:54adri+5 -1Comment out the http header stats calls; its spending a lot of time
2006/08/19 16:52:47adri+79 -31Bring over some work to reduce the amount of re-parsing done in the
2006/08/19 16:47:15adri+10 -46Remove the extra buffer being allocated/deallocated as scratch space

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