squid/ntlm changes

These changesets represents the changes on the squid/ntlm development branch of Squid. If there is any questions please contact squid-dev@squid-cache.org.

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2002/06/12 09:56:13rbcollins+2 -4ensure a zero struct
2002/02/28 10:42:36kinkie+344 -268Merged in changes from Andrew Bartlet <abartlet at samba org>
2002/02/28 10:30:23kinkie+284 -279Merged in changes from Andrew Bartlet <abartlet at samba org>
2002/02/28 10:27:07kinkie+2 -2Added math library to prevent link failure
2002/02/28 08:28:49kinkie+2 -2ICC (Intel's C compiler) understands gcc-isms too (or maybe it just uses gcc's
2002/01/29 21:15:59kinkie+9 -3Synced up to samba 3.0alpha14 (yet to be released, but still...)
2002/01/24 00:25:03kinkie+14 -0Added winbind protocol version "negotiation".
2002/01/24 00:02:49kinkie+134 -51Synced with samba.
2002/01/23 23:36:40kinkie+19 -18Minor style cleanups.
2002/01/20 23:30:05kinkie+40 -4Added command line options management function.
2002/01/20 23:12:38kinkie+0 -1Removed an unnecessary #include
2002/01/20 23:00:45kinkie+20 -0Apply to winbind_nss_config from Samba.
2002/01/20 22:59:46kinkie+46 -1Synced from samba
2002/01/20 22:50:24kinkie+11 -0Patch to be applied to wb_common.c from the Samba sources.
2002/01/20 22:18:30kinkie+1 -4Made the explicit empty-password detection code depend on a
2002/01/13 10:28:13kinkie+41 -13Prepared for squid-helper-protocol "NA" change.
2002/01/12 23:55:56kinkie+128 -93Updated to the new API introduced in samba 3.0alpha13 an streamlined.
2002/01/11 14:27:11kinkie+20 -6Added code to prevent possible buffer overruns.
2002/01/04 10:24:57kinkie+2 -1Fixed unclear comment
2002/01/03 11:29:48kinkie+3 -2Fixed possible buffer overrun bug.
2002/01/03 11:11:04kinkie+991 -0Winbind-based basic-auth helper. Requirements are the same as for the
2002/01/03 11:09:28kinkie+4 -4Fixed CVS cross-wiring between NTLM and basic auth-helpers
2002/01/03 11:08:51kinkie+264 -120Reinstated mistakenly removed file.
2001/12/04 17:45:16kinkie+137 -16Completed and tested.
2001/12/04 17:44:27kinkie+0 -236Moved to wb_basic_auth.c
2001/11/28 07:48:10rbcollins+0 -451remove Makefile.in
2001/11/27 15:59:20kinkie+1 -1Enlarged the read-buffer.
2001/11/27 15:58:58kinkie+7 -4Fixlets.
2001/11/26 17:44:05kinkie+1 -1Modified copyright comments.
2001/11/23 11:22:19kinkie+3 -1Fixlet
2001/11/23 11:13:11kinkie+1 -0Added autoconf-header inclusion.
2001/11/23 10:55:07kinkie+2 -1Added needed libraries.
2001/11/23 10:54:13kinkie+23 -2Added checks for Unix sockets
2001/11/23 10:53:40kinkie+6 -1Added define for Unix sockets
2001/11/22 23:03:06kinkie+4 -0Fixlet for a missing #include.
2001/11/22 18:08:27kinkie+5 -2Added stuff to have ntlm/winbind helper compiled.
2001/11/22 18:07:41kinkie+335 -0Added from the Samba sources.
2001/11/22 18:05:43kinkie+54 -19Completed. Now it compiles.
2001/11/22 18:05:12kinkie+374 -0From the Samba sources.
2001/11/22 18:04:34kinkie+60 -0nsswitch/nss.h from the samba sources.
2001/11/22 18:03:48kinkie+4 -9Fixed.
2001/11/22 17:58:46kinkie+26 -8Speeded up checks by precomputing hashes.
2001/11/22 17:57:58kinkie+1 -1Added reference to the winbind helper
2001/11/22 14:11:24kinkie+1 -1Fixed so that the DC doesn't drop the line that easily on us.
2001/11/22 07:49:40kinkie+508 -21Added run-time debug-enabling flag.
2001/11/21 21:54:31kinkie+300 -0First added.
2001/09/11 13:18:40rbcollins+2 -1Big oops. Free auth_user_request structs from MemPools\!
2001/09/04 11:30:55rbcollins+5 -1Added TODO's for the case when a stateful helper dies unexpectedly
2001/09/04 10:31:52rbcollins+1 -0handle errors in new state code
2001/09/04 09:27:36rbcollins+0 -3fix merge hiccup with credentials_ok
2001/09/04 08:08:22rbcollins+33 -49optimise out credentials_ok
2001/09/02 13:00:38rbcollins+13 -14Move the credentials_ok flag to a per request flag
2001/09/02 09:50:23rbcollins+53 -40remove the global credentials_ok flag from auth_user_t
2001/08/31 09:07:06rbcollins+4 -28treat helpers as normal - no special cross config persistence
2001/08/30 11:12:05rbcollins+2 -2up the debug level for duplicate NTLM auth attempts - it's known and handled behaviour
2001/08/29 23:45:23rbcollins+17 -12hopefully cleanly allow reconfigure to remove acls out from under ntlm authentication
2001/08/29 14:08:24rbcollins+19 -24fix formatting changes
2001/08/29 13:59:44rbcollins+157 -180fix formatting changes and remove printf bomb code
2001/08/29 12:51:40rbcollins+29 -13Prevent leaving stateful helpers hung, and track the conn a given ntlm credential set is associated with
2001/08/29 09:24:52kinkie+7 -2Closed potential race window with timeouts.
2001/08/22 10:43:12rbcollins+7 -3Fix early death of NTLM helpers on rotate/reconfigure
2001/08/21 14:36:49rbcollins+3 -3clearer debug details
2001/08/21 14:30:56rbcollins+10 -1Honour the --enable-fail-open configure define
2001/08/21 13:50:14rbcollins+2 -1Handle BH responses that leave the user not logged in correctly
2001/08/21 13:49:32rbcollins+2 -6Code block reorganisation
2001/08/21 13:34:51rbcollins+5 -1extra sanity
2001/08/21 13:25:57rbcollins+169 -166code block rearrangement
2001/08/20 13:46:41rbcollins+24 -0paranoid debugging
2001/08/20 11:53:04rbcollins+9 -1With BH responses to YR resubmit the request
2001/08/20 11:50:30rbcollins+2 -3Fix race with SEND macros
2001/08/14 13:31:36asd+7 -7Fix my name/address.
2001/08/13 23:50:30rbcollins+1 -1higher log numbers for common occurences
2001/08/10 14:41:43rbcollins+5 -2minor tidyups
2001/08/10 14:39:03rbcollins+5 -4minor tidyups
2001/08/10 13:35:16rbcollins+2 -2return the pid of the created helper
2001/08/10 12:43:20kinkie+16 -1Added code to timeout the authentication.
2001/08/09 10:43:29kinkie+128 -138Fixed deadlock race in the dead-DC-revival code.
2001/08/09 10:42:49kinkie+3 -5Fixed deadlock race in the dead-DC-revival code.
2001/08/09 10:41:36kinkie+53 -49Ran through indent.
2001/08/09 10:00:02rbcollins+8 -4display the pid when showing stateful helper statistics
2001/08/06 08:47:19rbcollins+6 -1SetIpFix
2001/08/06 08:44:17rbcollins+4 -2Placeholder stats
2001/08/03 12:58:35rbcollins+1 -0attempt to fix build error on BSDi
2001/08/02 10:52:41rbcollins+7 -12remove helper excess debugging code
2001/08/02 10:39:50rbcollins+8 -46remove old debug code, remove KINKIES_407_AHCK
2001/08/01 15:00:44rbcollins+12 -3different solution to current race
2001/08/01 14:38:31rbcollins+1 -1more race fixes
2001/08/01 14:31:54rbcollins+11 -1consistency check on defered count
2001/08/01 14:23:59rbcollins+23 -15debuging, race fix and code tidyup
2001/08/01 12:29:59rbcollins+3 -3fix faulty logic in S_HELPER_RELEASE code
2001/08/01 12:21:43rbcollins+2 -2fix bugcheck for deferred helper logic
2001/08/01 11:46:13rbcollins+2 -1add bugcheck for deferred helper logic
2001/08/01 11:41:05rbcollins+16 -2extra stats for stateful helpers
2001/08/01 10:56:28rbcollins+27 -9fixed up the auth API to allow duplicate conn based auth checking
2001/08/01 10:20:59rbcollins+1 -5fix typo in NTLMHandleplaceholder
2001/08/01 09:52:28rbcollins+4 -0potential fix for NTLM helper race
2001/07/31 14:13:20rbcollins+195 -192code shifting to tidy up authenticate API and some minor ntlm code notes
2001/07/31 13:44:43rbcollins+2 -1bugfix on shutdown
2001/07/31 13:34:23rbcollins+2 -2more debugging
2001/07/31 09:09:24rbcollins+13 -7finalising user ip acl code
2001/07/31 08:48:27rbcollins+7 -3yet more debugging
2001/07/27 14:23:49rbcollins+217 -86working max_user_ip acl code
2001/07/26 14:58:50rbcollins+49 -40preparing for user_max_ip implementation
2001/07/26 14:58:13rbcollins+2 -1more debugging
2001/07/26 14:36:23rbcollins+82 -29more refactoring of auth code; addition of max_user_ip acl
2001/07/26 14:21:56kinkie+14 -0Readded EXTRA_DEBUG-delimited asserts.
2001/07/26 14:03:37kinkie+1 -33Removed some extra debug logging and asserts.
2001/07/25 10:25:23rbcollins+178 -134Refactor MatchProxyAuth into an authenticate component and an authorise component
2001/07/20 13:11:16rbcollins+9 -2more debugging code - tracking a off by one error
2001/07/20 12:32:19rbcollins+3 -3fix compiler warnings
2001/07/12 21:49:58rbcollins+3 -3Set squid 2.4 behaviour for denies due to failed authorisation
2001/07/12 10:12:41rbcollins+3 -6backing out previous change - incorrect fix
2001/07/12 09:28:11rbcollins+6 -3Allow NTLM to send 407 to already authenticated connections
2001/07/04 12:41:13uid30507+12 -0Added some extra debugging for state transitions.
2001/07/04 12:35:31uid29592+2 -1assert on deferred request rollover - shouldn't ever happen
2001/06/28 13:57:00kinkie+4 -2Added a couple of integer-size-related checks.
2001/06/28 13:54:21kinkie+3 -4Fixed a couple of bugs.
2001/06/28 13:53:59kinkie+6 -9Robustness improvements.
2001/06/25 14:39:27rbcollins+31 -2attempt to support cross-rotate persistent helpers
2001/06/12 13:22:09kinkie+5 -5Fixed nasty bug that would corrupt the user-cache hash-tables.
2001/06/11 12:34:50rbcollins+8 -6only copy auth_user_request when it is present
2001/05/18 09:49:19rbcollins+3 -4fix race with client aborted connections
2001/05/18 01:09:28rbcollins+1 -0assert on authentication races
2001/05/17 23:43:55rbcollins+9 -30Releasehelper to ReleaseServer - NTLM helper protocol V3 change
2001/05/17 23:28:34rbcollins+25 -21 authhelper->authserver due to the NTLM helper protocol 3 changes
2001/05/17 23:23:16rbcollins+20 -19better code comments
2001/05/17 23:22:33rbcollins+2 -2less noisy debug for Validate User
2001/05/16 08:34:42rbcollins+10 -0work around for pipeline race with NTLM
2001/05/09 13:11:25rbcollins+1 -5remove scheme data test - to restrictive, and should be in a per module test
2001/05/08 13:50:50rbcollins+3 -2fix basic auth
2001/05/08 12:35:02rbcollins+13 -10fix for problems with basic auth to remote sites when ntlm is enabled
2001/04/23 09:06:20rbcollins+5 -2more debug tests
2001/04/23 08:50:09rbcollins+3 -3Paranoid value set on cbdata alloc
2001/04/23 08:48:39rbcollins+5 -2Paranoid value set on cbdata alloc
2001/04/20 10:27:55rbcollins+2 -2bugfix for reauth code
2001/04/20 10:07:10rbcollins+3 -1bugfix for reauth code
2001/04/20 09:46:40rbcollins+3 -1add consistency check to reauth code
2001/04/20 09:43:34rbcollins+9 -3allow previously authenticated conns to reauthenticate
2001/04/20 09:36:18rbcollins+3 -4allow duplicate requests to be serviced
2001/04/20 07:29:43kinkie+3 -2Disabled debugging by default.
2001/04/20 07:27:10kinkie+1 -1Changed my email address
2001/04/19 13:54:06rbcollins+2 -2better message for duplicate auths
2001/04/19 13:02:43rbcollins+1 -0force a connection drop on KINKIES_407 error-fix_header
2001/04/19 13:01:28rbcollins+2 -0force a connection drop on KINKIES_407 error-fix_header
2001/04/19 12:59:33rbcollins+4 -1force a connection drop on KINKIES_407 error-fix_header
2001/04/19 12:31:18rbcollins+2 -2bugfix the bughunting code\!
2001/04/19 12:08:37rbcollins+14 -3bugfix the bughunting code\!
2001/04/16 08:57:19rbcollins+13 -1Check for spurious authentication attempts on already authenticated headers
2001/04/16 08:46:24rbcollins+29 -1extra asserts to assist in chasing kinkie production bug
2001/04/16 08:22:34rbcollins+10 -1extra validation checks
2001/04/13 10:34:50rbcollins+1 -1fix typo
2001/04/13 10:22:56rbcollins+3 -0handle_reply: extra debugging line for bug tracking
2001/03/27 08:17:45rbcollins+3 -1bugfix: clear auth_user_request on broken connection auth
2001/03/21 15:48:49kinkie+1 -1Fixed typo in today's patch
2001/03/21 09:02:46kinkie+1 -1Fixed a fatal bug which would trigger when LD was disabled.
2001/03/09 08:01:32kinkie+13 -10Types and includes saneify-zation for portability purposes.
2001/03/09 08:00:34kinkie+9 -3Added some more debugging output.
2001/03/09 07:59:44kinkie+2 -2const char * -> char * in make_challenge
2001/02/22 08:04:14kinkie+0 -2Removed a couple of c++-style comments (portability)
2001/02/22 08:03:22kinkie+5 -94Indentified.
2001/02/22 08:02:00kinkie+6 -1Fixed compilation bug with non-GNU cpp.
2001/02/21 09:43:46rbcollins+42 -39fix a potential null reference
2001/02/21 08:59:11rbcollins+3 -2don't assert on authenticate test for invalid auth_user_requests
2001/02/14 09:24:22kinkie+12 -3Officialized KINKIE_407_HACK as #define to be used to report
2001/02/12 13:05:27kinkie+10 -3Re-fixed authenticateNTLMChangeChallenge after CVS mess
2001/02/12 12:45:34rbcollins+0 -1remove a erroneous abort.
2001/02/12 11:38:44rbcollins+35 -58fix a bad merge
2001/02/06 11:05:41kinkie+1 -1I need access to some internal data.
2001/02/06 10:49:41kinkie+102 -4Improved error handling A LOT.
2001/02/03 20:58:57kinkie+1 -1My name was spelled backwards.
2001/01/30 12:07:05rbcollins+24 -8addition of LD: return code from helpers, which allows a helper to fail open - indicating a problem with the authenticat
2001/01/07 01:56:33rbcollins+7 -27tidyup for merging
2001/01/07 01:31:04rbcollins+1 -0cbdata changes & dump function
2001/01/03 04:46:23rbcollins+82 -59update to support auth_param and struct split changes
2000/12/01 00:30:47rbcollins+13 -10fix to build on *BSD
2000/11/30 17:25:08kinkie+306 -217Moved low-level functions used to manipulate NTLM signature packets from
2000/11/27 16:52:48kinkie+18 -1Added code to retry the authentication in case of certain errors
2000/11/17 07:28:48rbcollins+1 -1fixed my log fix :-[
2000/11/17 07:20:15rbcollins+1 -2broke access_log when merging
2000/11/16 15:49:59kinkie+48 -37Implemented "Ignorance is Bliss" by removing some checks.
2000/11/16 11:51:53rbcollins+2 -1removed a inappropriate error message
2000/10/23 09:51:07rbcollins+59 -24working multiplexing ntlm auth code
2000/10/23 07:26:57rbcollins+65 -13local queues for stateful helpers to allow multiplxed requests
2000/10/22 11:57:22rbcollins+502 -402indented the source.
2000/10/22 07:44:31rbcollins+20 -59doh doh doh. Checked in experimental code not related to NTLM in previous commit.
2000/10/22 07:36:54rbcollins+42 -18minor tidyup
2000/10/19 21:57:52rbcollins+7 -7fix for dropping permissions after a acl deny
2000/10/18 04:26:30hno+1 -2Removed a old no longer used variable
2000/10/15 06:06:37rbcollins+137 -58Fixed some nasty bugs. helpers are no longer referenced after authentication completes. No more stuck helpers! experimen
2000/10/13 12:45:35rbcollins+198 -29tidy up of #defines to compile with uncommon combinations
2000/10/12 14:04:45rbcollins+25 -45slightly cleaner hashing code
2000/10/10 17:00:58kinkie+102 -44Fixed DC load-balancing (it could infinite-loop due to a typo)
2000/10/10 16:53:56kinkie+13 -4Moved the struct dc definition here, and added a status flag.
2000/10/10 16:49:46kinkie+12 -0Added is_dc_ok, meant to check whether a domain controller is alive.
2000/10/10 10:12:33kinkie+314 -148Added cache expiration, challenge hash renewal, PDC disconnect for
2000/10/10 10:08:18kinkie+61 -25Added support for multiple domain controllers, disconnection, reconnection.
2000/10/09 22:33:45rbcollins+36 -8found a oversight in authenticate's helper code. Fixes SEGV on shutdown
2000/10/09 22:15:58rbcollins+1 -3removed reference to SpawnServers - part of experimental code
2000/09/19 23:10:28rbcollins+8 -3couple of bugfixes: wrong helper type in a Stateful routine, acl.c not compiling wihtout basic auth enabled.
2000/08/23 14:09:51kinkie+6 -6Changed some settings to production-level.
2000/08/18 15:03:16kinkie+80 -7Moved from ctime to atime in cache management.
2000/08/18 15:01:12kinkie+31 -3Added configuration #defines.
2000/08/18 14:59:23kinkie+11 -21Removed a bit of cruft
2000/08/17 15:21:07kinkie+102 -4Removed leftover code
2000/08/17 15:18:44kinkie+23 -41Removed leftover code
2000/08/17 15:14:59kinkie+15 -171Removed leftover code
2000/08/11 14:11:08rbcollins+5 -2more debugging
2000/08/11 14:00:56rbcollins+3 -2extra debugging on failed authenticate NTLM requests.
2000/08/11 14:00:19kinkie+1 -0Added a compile-time option to allow reusing over and over the same challenge.
2000/08/11 13:57:49kinkie+50 -31#ifdef-d out a lot of ntlmssp* code, it's not used anymore.
2000/08/10 15:09:25kinkie+12 -1Reimplemented SMB_Get_My_Name, looks saner and seems to work.
2000/08/10 15:08:28kinkie+2 -1Included PID in debugging output.
2000/08/10 15:08:04kinkie+9 -1Force disconnection after issuing results, not just before issuing
2000/08/10 12:39:17rbcollins+4 -5fixed a type in helper.c
2000/08/10 11:54:57kinkie+7 -7Changed the API. The Domain used in SMB_Logon must now be specified.
2000/08/10 11:53:55kinkie+43 -30Moved everything the "fast path": instead of trying to decode everything we
2000/08/10 11:51:38kinkie+4 -2Macro-ized a few ops.
2000/08/10 11:48:20kinkie+78 -26Now it can log onto multiple domains as long as they are trusted
2000/08/10 10:51:09rbcollins+59 -3cache mgr stats for ntlmauthenticator are now active.
2000/08/10 10:06:47rbcollins+73 -38removed all the original NTLM #defines as part of a overall cleanup. #defines moved to enums to ensure no cracks in the
2000/08/08 15:30:15kinkie+53 -11Added command-line arguments support.
2000/08/08 15:22:20kinkie+15 -9Policy change: we reconnect to the DC every time we get a challenge.
2000/08/08 13:21:12kinkie+22 -0Added ward against double-inclusion.
2000/08/08 13:20:40kinkie+7 -29Removed state management code.
2000/08/08 13:19:08kinkie+34 -20Microsoft seems to think that a challenge can be at most 300 bytes... it's
2000/08/08 13:16:56kinkie+102 -73Added some prototypes so the compiler will stop complaining.
2000/08/08 12:43:13rbcollins+11 -3Fixed a error when both NTLM and Basic are compiled in. Added a option for RFC2616 compliant error header ordering.
2000/08/06 01:17:36rbcollins+187 -81general code cleanup. Further partitioning of BASIC and NTLM code. Debugging code on NTLMSSP auth module
2000/08/04 08:11:30rbcollins+1 -1We were resetting the server side connection before authentication
2000/08/04 00:15:24rbcollins+9 -1handle ERR's on the negotiate struct
2000/08/03 23:42:15rbcollins+1 -2fixed a segfault in the library code
2000/08/03 23:39:26rbcollins+3 -5Tidied up dependencies some more
2000/08/03 23:06:30rbcollins+8 -4Fixed a dependency in Makefile; working on bounds checking the library
2000/08/03 22:32:32rbcollins+1 -1fixed a typo
2000/08/03 22:24:34rbcollins+1 -1syncing squid and stateful helpers
2000/08/03 22:23:17rbcollins+2 -2syncing stateful helper with squid.
2000/08/03 13:20:01rbcollins+8 -2Configure now picks up sub-dirs for ntlm_auth_modules automatically.
2000/08/03 12:53:57rbcollins+80 -0Makefile for no_check
2000/08/03 12:46:24kinkie+5010 -0Third-party library, mostly extracted from Samba, with a few minor changes.
2000/08/03 12:41:29kinkie+628 -0First version, almost-working-but-not-quite-there, of the NTLM/NTLMSSP
2000/08/03 11:47:59kinkie+216 -0Dummy NTLM authentication module.
2000/08/02 14:23:35asd+100 -100- Append e-mail address to my name.
2000/08/02 14:20:40rbcollins+489 -0"Fake" ntlm auth helper, will return ok for any username.
2000/08/02 14:16:18rbcollins+0 -100squid no longer needs ntlm.h
2000/08/02 14:13:10rbcollins+1065 -413major rework of NTLM auth process. key points:
2000/07/31 21:57:53hno+2 -6Oops.. there was a minor merge conflict...
2000/07/20 09:11:56kinkie+31 -14Modified NTLM so that now at least it manages to handle the
2000/07/16 00:34:00hno+5 -7merged changes from devel
2000/06/09 20:35:19hno+2 -2Authentication on accelerated requests also needs to know the current
2000/06/09 20:34:31hno+17 -7Generate correct ???-Authenticate header(s) when it is not known what
2000/06/09 19:33:32hno+6 -2Some minor fixes from Tony Gale <gale at syntax.dera.gov.uk> to make
2000/05/03 19:43:20hno+3 -3Syncronized with devel
2000/05/03 19:18:10hno+13857 -6077Syncronized with devel
2000/05/03 11:31:20asd+0 -6330Nuke these.
2000/05/03 11:22:56asd+132 -93I'm commiting what I have, since I'm changing jobs RSN.
2000/04/17 14:37:38asd+641 -0This was missing.
2000/04/17 14:36:46asd+28 -3GPL boilerplate. <shudder>. :)
2000/04/17 13:45:13asd+8 -4- Add authentication states (none/challenge/done).
2000/04/17 13:42:06asd+3 -2Update description of authenticate_ntlm_domain.
2000/04/17 13:38:38asd+5689 -0Regen.
2000/04/17 00:13:07hno+1986 -9173Updated to latest Squid.DEVEL sources
2000/04/15 13:27:06asd+19 -3Add hooks for --enable-ntlm-authentication.
2000/04/15 11:54:27asd+6 -14- Nuke ConnStateData::persistent. It doesn't do anything right now.
2000/04/15 10:52:16asd+2 -2Make this compile.
2000/04/15 10:46:29asd+2 -3Fix pasto. A nit, but should be fixed in other branches too.
2000/04/15 00:54:48hno+2 -2One more fix to the eating of "aborted" requests. That part actually seems
2000/04/15 00:45:02hno+7 -5Fixed the code eating the request entity on "aborted" requests on persistent
2000/04/15 00:06:29hno+2 -3Fixed some patch merge errors
2000/04/14 23:43:29hno+1 -2pump.c is deleted.. no use linking it into the binary then.
2000/04/14 23:37:41hno+2 -1Made authenticate_ntlm_domain conditional on USE_NTLM.
2000/04/14 23:09:53hno+348 -647Merged my old squid-1.2.beta23.request_body_processing.patch to have a saner
2000/02/13 20:59:15asd+75 -0- Move ntlm.h into "include" subdir.
2000/02/13 20:58:24asd+0 -72Move ntlm.h into "include" subdir.
2000/02/12 00:42:52asd+1 -38Dispense with the NTLM_WORKAROUND crud. While it may make things "work", it
2000/02/05 20:14:18hno+522 -31Imported NTLM proxy_auth patch from Andy Doran
2000/02/05 19:38:58hno+2 -2Added -ntlm to the version tag

Release statistics

asd16+6713 -6671
hno17+16765 -15972
kinkie104+12105 -2557
rbcollins137+5054 -3310
uid295921+2 -1
uid305071+12 -0
total276+40651 -28511