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These changesets represents the changes on the squid/nt development branch of Squid. If there is any questions please contact squid-dev@squid-cache.org.

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2009/09/20 08:56:58serassio+3 -3Ran indent
2009/09/20 08:50:20serassio+20 -0Updated Visual Studio project
2009/09/20 08:48:16serassio+66 -12Added explicit Global Catalog support
2009/09/17 19:50:00serassio+2 -0Fix missing DEFAULT_NETDB_FILE substitution in Visual Studio Project
2009/09/02 19:25:04serassio+2 -2more debug output
2009/08/16 09:10:18serassio+13 -13Ran Indent
2009/08/16 09:02:00serassio+1 -0Updated mswin_check_ad_group documentation
2009/08/09 16:01:51serassio+0 -1Clean unused const
2009/08/09 15:55:06serassio+13 -8Better error handling
2009/08/02 08:04:25serassio+65 -6Updated autoconf.h for Visual Studio Project
2009/07/22 09:22:13serassio+16 -1Uninitialize COM interface at helper shutdown, better errors handling
2009/07/19 15:13:55serassio+5 -5indent doesn't like L prefix for wide char constant, fixed
2009/07/19 15:08:46serassio+237 -240Ran indent
2009/07/19 15:06:02serassio+468 -101Updated mswin_check_ad_group to version 2.0
2009/03/29 10:30:20serassio+2 -2Fixed wrong regkey index
2009/03/29 10:03:53serassio+3 -2Ran Indent
2009/03/29 09:59:29serassio+19 -3Added support for Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2 and later
2009/03/29 09:26:00serassio+3 -4Fix PSAPI.DLL usage: is always available on Windows NT and later
2009/03/29 09:01:22serassio+3 -5Modified registry key tree
2009/03/29 08:58:48serassio+7 -1Fixed AC_INIT strings import from configure.in
2008/12/08 08:40:29serassio+32 -32Fix Build error using Visual Studio
2008/08/08 18:30:56serassio+7 -2Updated Visual Studio Project
2008/07/12 09:14:33serassio+4 -0Updated Visual Studio Project
2008/06/02 15:47:46serassio+13 -19Ran indent
2008/06/02 13:18:23serassio+38 -4Always shutdown Winsocket at program termination
2008/06/02 12:12:44serassio+71 -41Updated autoconf.h file for Visual Studio Project
2008/05/31 10:20:27serassio+216 -230Ran indent
2008/05/31 10:15:29serassio+329 -326Changed the location of encrypt.c
2008/05/31 09:49:37serassio+2 -1in_addr_t is not defined in Windows
2008/05/17 12:05:01serassio+8 -8Updated mswin_check_ad_group documentation
2008/05/17 09:46:52serassio+3 -2Updated mswin_check_ad_group infos
2008/05/07 19:56:49serassio+2 -1Updated Visual Studio Project
2008/05/06 19:12:43serassio+1 -24Remove no more needed include file
2008/05/05 19:02:38serassio+1 -1Updated Visual Studio Project
2008/05/05 18:50:04serassio+1 -0Updated Visual Studio Project
2008/05/03 12:15:19serassio+137 -1Allow the build of squid_session helper on Windows
2008/05/03 12:05:12serassio+3 -2Forgotten to create Makefile in mswin_ad_group
2008/05/03 09:15:08serassio+27 -28Ran indent
2008/05/03 08:58:25serassio+806 -3Added the new mswin_check_ad_group external acl helper
2008/05/01 18:52:53serassio+1 -0Forgotten do distribute getopt.c
2008/04/27 20:46:38serassio+4 -16Remove the advertisement clause from BSD license, superseeded in the new revised BSD license
2008/04/27 09:36:45serassio+71 -73Ran indent
2008/04/27 09:33:03serassio+140 -512Replaced getopt.c from NetBSD project with original getopt.c from BSD
2008/04/27 09:13:04serassio+153 -1Experimental - allow build of squid_radius_auth on Windows - still NOT TESTED
2008/04/24 19:36:31serassio+1 -2Source cleanup
2008/04/24 19:20:58serassio+191 -238Ran indent
2008/04/24 19:09:18serassio+482 -130Relaced readdir.c from Apache project with dirent.c from MinGW
2008/03/08 22:51:52serassio+14 -14Update Visual Studio Project with new OpenSSL Win32 library names
2008/03/08 22:40:21serassio+2 -1Document the reconfigure action of cachemgr in squid.conf
2008/02/24 10:44:34serassio+6 -0Updated autoconf.h file for Visual Studio Project
2007/12/25 16:04:07serassio+13 -13Ran indent
2007/12/25 16:02:19serassio+37 -16Handle notification of IP address changes for dial-up connections - revised code
2007/12/16 19:32:31serassio+5 -4Fix build error om MinGW
2007/12/16 17:40:57serassio+16 -15Ran indent
2007/12/16 17:39:22serassio+43 -0Handle notification of IP address changes for dial-up connections
2007/12/15 20:10:50serassio+20 -0Updated Visual Studio project
2007/12/15 20:09:57serassio+2 -2Fixed build error
2007/10/08 18:20:28serassio+3 -1syslog facility is not available on all platforms
2007/10/08 18:19:00serassio+4 -0Updated Visual Studio Project
2007/09/21 18:54:57serassio+154 -1Added logfile-daemon to Visual Studio Project
2007/09/21 18:54:57serassio+154 -1Added logfile-daemon to Visual Studio Project
2007/09/21 18:54:57serassio+154 -1Added logfile-daemon to Visual Studio Project
2007/09/06 10:31:45serassio+6 -2Updated Visual Studio Project for new cf_gen syntax
2007/08/13 11:41:01serassio+37 -4Added eDirectory Digest helper to Visual Studio project
2007/08/13 10:27:54serassio+112 -1Added eDirectory Digest helper to Visual Studio project
2007/04/28 17:30:09serassio+3 -6Updated autoconf.h file for Visual Studio Project
2007/04/28 17:30:09serassio+3 -6Updated autoconf.h file for Visual Studio Project
2007/04/28 17:30:09serassio+3 -6Updated autoconf.h file for Visual Studio Project
2007/03/21 12:20:33serassio+1 -4Fixed merge conflict
2007/02/28 19:34:29serassio+0 -4Cleaned wais.c from Visual Studio project
2007/02/01 08:21:57serassio+1 -1No more build .zip source archive
2006/12/27 11:34:11serassio+0 -34Updated .cvsignore files
2006/12/24 11:45:19serassio+1 -4Remove no more needed hack
2006/12/16 11:04:16serassio+3 -15Updated autoconf.h for Visual Studio Environment
2006/12/16 10:55:40serassio+2 -3Fix intermittent build error using Visual Studio
2006/11/05 10:30:33serassio+17 -6Updated Windows release notes
2006/10/31 18:26:32serassio+3 -3Ran indent
2006/10/31 18:17:24serassio+3 -2Fix build error using Visual Studio
2006/10/29 08:12:20serassio+16 -17Ran indent
2006/10/29 08:06:42serassio+20 -5Correctly detect Windows Vista and Windows Server Longhorn
2006/10/24 19:18:36serassio+48 -47Ran indent
2006/10/24 19:15:09serassio+152 -29Completing the Windows COSS support with the addition of the standard I/O fallback for Overlapped I/O
2006/09/30 15:46:41serassio+13 -13Ran indent
2006/09/30 15:22:01serassio+9 -3Fix coss crash during squid shutdown
2006/09/25 20:18:20serassio+0 -1Updated Visualstudio project
2006/09/23 10:39:42serassio+2 -8Fix merge conflict
2006/09/22 11:34:51serassio+8 -6Fix wrong file mode detection
2006/09/22 11:33:35serassio+1 -1Fix comment typo
2006/09/17 09:32:37serassio+1 -1Fix typo
2006/09/17 09:14:37serassio+7 -7coss overlapped I/O is avalaible only on native Windows
2006/09/17 09:06:14serassio+7 -7Ran indent
2006/09/17 09:05:10serassio+15 -6Fix many gcc warnings
2006/09/17 08:51:20serassio+14 -14Ran indent
2006/09/17 08:47:16serassio+37 -18Fix many gcc warnings
2006/09/17 08:44:58serassio+4 -1Updated Visualstudio autoconf.h
2006/09/16 21:17:10serassio+1 -1Fix coss build error
2006/09/16 19:31:36serassio+2 -4Updated .cvsignore file
2006/09/16 19:24:37serassio+9 -10Ran indent
2006/09/16 19:17:19serassio+40 -46Rollback to standard 2.6 aufs code
2006/09/16 18:59:24serassio+4 -8aio_win32.c can be compiled only on MinGW
2006/09/16 17:12:31serassio+3 -3aiops_win32 must compiled only on MinGW
2006/09/16 10:31:42serassio+85 -83Ran indent
2006/09/16 10:21:23serassio+22 -1More coss on Windows work
2006/09/15 19:20:23serassio+179 -37Updated coss support and portability fixes
2006/09/13 10:29:58serassio+10 -8Fix make dist error
2006/09/13 07:07:23serassio+309 -5Preliminary coss support on Windows
2006/09/09 15:31:43serassio+77 -42Updated copyrigth notice
2006/09/09 15:06:14serassio+34 -3Updated aufs copyrigth notice
2006/09/09 15:00:32serassio+5 -1Ran indent
2006/09/09 12:57:08serassio+121 -122Added Windows threads support to aufs, dropped awin store
2006/09/09 12:30:38serassio+1122 -4139Added Windows threads support to aufs, dropped awin store
2006/09/08 20:18:42serassio+1 -9Fix merge conflict
2006/09/08 08:57:20serassio+16 -7Preparing for merge into HEAD
2006/09/03 12:59:39serassio+2 -2Fix make dist
2006/09/03 12:56:02serassio+1 -0don't forget to distribute ipc.c
2006/09/03 12:48:06serassio+23 -23Ran indent
2006/09/03 12:27:53serassio+1 -26Updated Windows release notes
2006/09/03 12:20:09serassio+50 -87Little refactoring of IPC support
2006/09/02 20:40:13serassio+0 -119Removed logfiled
2006/09/02 14:18:14serassio+363 -365Ran indent
2006/09/01 19:46:56serassio+1 -1Updated Visual Studio project
2006/09/01 19:29:44serassio+4 -4Updated psapi.dll reference
2006/09/01 19:24:24serassio+1 -0Added ipc_win32.c to make dist
2006/09/01 19:21:07serassio+757 -614Split Windows IPC code into ipc_win32.c
2006/09/01 13:23:56serassio+9 -4Allow large file support with only __int64 type defined
2006/09/01 12:55:14serassio+50 -23Now integer types are checked/defined during configure
2006/09/01 12:30:53serassio+1 -4Now u_int8_t is checked/defined during configure
2006/08/24 09:58:27serassio+3 -5Code Cleanup
2006/08/20 10:05:01serassio+1 -0Fixed merge error
2006/08/20 09:26:07serassio+31 -34Updated comments
2006/08/20 08:47:17serassio+4 -35Removed not useful self break functionality
2006/08/20 08:13:18serassio+1 -1Rollback an uneeded change
2006/08/20 08:05:42serassio+7 -7Ran indent
2006/08/20 07:49:51serassio+6 -5Fixed build problem
2006/08/19 16:56:53serassio+163 -4Fixed Windows logfile-daemon support
2006/08/12 19:26:38serassio+3 -3Updated Visual Studio Project
2006/08/12 19:24:36serassio+19 -3Added own inet_aton()
2006/08/06 14:38:57serassio+4 -3Updated awin32 with latest aufs changes
2006/07/31 21:36:39serassio+3 -2Updated awin32 with latest aufs changes
2006/07/31 10:48:39serassio+25 -4Updated awin32 with latest aufs changes
2006/07/05 16:45:15serassio+75 -74Ran indent
2006/07/05 16:40:59serassio+9 -77Merged latest aufs changes into awin32
2006/07/05 16:34:09serassio+60 -7Merged latest aufs changes into awin32
2006/06/26 18:29:09serassio+1 -2Fixed make dist
2006/06/25 15:19:17serassio+1 -4Merged all Windows specific release notes into release-2.6.* files
2006/06/25 14:18:55serassio+31 -2Updated Windows specific release notes
2006/06/25 12:00:09serassio+126 -161Merged all Windows specific release notes into release-2.6.* files
2006/06/24 19:25:50serassio+6 -6Fixed build error using OpenSSL
2006/06/24 19:09:15serassio+39 -24Ignore Linker error LNK4089 during Visual Studio Build
2006/06/24 18:47:45serassio+1 -1fixed syntax error
2006/06/24 10:21:07serassio+2 -1010Updated Visual Studio autoconf.h
2006/06/24 10:07:46serassio+2 -2Use Squid_MaxFD instead of SQUID_MAXFD
2006/06/24 09:55:08serassio+1 -0Added ncsa_auth man page to build process
2006/06/24 09:33:32serassio+2 -0Updated .cvsignore files
2006/06/24 09:33:16serassio+2 -5Use PACKAGE_NAME for Windows service name, changed default service name to Squid
2006/06/18 14:24:29serassio+26 -13Updated autoconf.h for Visual Studio
2006/06/18 13:35:46serassio+40 -15Updated .cvsignore files
2006/06/18 12:28:16serassio+6 -4Updated .cvsignore files
2006/06/18 12:21:46serassio+280 -3Added digest helpers to Visual Studio project
2006/06/18 10:44:57serassio+57 -32Updated .cvsignore files
2006/06/18 10:20:57serassio+11 -2Updated .cvsignore files
2006/06/16 17:47:25serassio+9 -1Updated Visual Studio project for new ncsa_auth support
2006/06/13 20:04:19serassio+3 -2Updated Visual Studio Project
2006/06/11 17:08:19serassio+7 -9Cosmetic changes to avoid merge conflicts
2006/06/10 19:50:46serassio+2 -2Updated native Windows defaults
2006/06/10 16:23:08serassio+6 -11Code cleanup and some optimization
2006/06/10 16:05:15serassio+15 -15Ran indent
2006/06/10 15:58:43serassio+1 -13Removed old Cygwin blocking workaround
2006/06/10 15:57:36serassio+65 -59Now select() on Windows works again
2006/06/09 19:47:12serassio+5 -11Fixed merge error
2006/06/04 14:12:15serassio+16 -15Use __WSAFDIsSet instead of FD_ISSET
2006/06/02 15:09:39serassio+3 -3Updated Visual Studio project
2006/06/02 13:06:59serassio+2 -1Derive all package version/info automatically from configure
2006/06/02 13:05:19serassio+15 -1Synced with latest comm_select.c changes
2006/06/02 11:57:46serassio+76 -41Derive all package version/info automatically from configure
2006/05/31 10:19:59serassio+357 -121Manually merge with HEAD after a Sourgeforce problem durin latest
2006/05/30 20:45:43serassio+2 -2Updated comment
2006/05/30 20:32:32serassio+2 -19Removed no more needed old Cygwin stuff
2006/05/30 20:26:42serassio+1 -1Fixed merge error
2006/05/30 20:16:20serassio+1 -1Updated VisualStudio project
2006/05/29 20:43:00serassio+20 -20Ran indent
2006/05/29 20:41:48serassio+148 -156Experimental support for pending connections
2006/05/29 20:38:39serassio+1 -0Fixed merge error
2006/05/28 15:58:49serassio+1 -1Fixed merge error
2006/05/28 11:41:24serassio+5 -12libcrypt now is available on Mingw
2006/05/27 19:11:08serassio+97 -86Synced awin32 with latest aufs changes
2006/05/27 16:47:59serassio+7 -7Ran indent
2006/05/27 16:17:26serassio+28 -17Backport from 3.0 of refactoring of SwapDir creation
2006/05/27 15:30:30serassio+2 -1Fixed merge error
2006/05/27 14:55:39serassio+3 -3Fixed inline problem
2006/05/27 13:56:13serassio+9 -3Fixed inline problem
2006/05/27 13:18:02serassio+37 -42VisualStudio project updated
2006/05/27 10:38:26serassio+329 -412Updated VisualStudio autoconf.h
2006/05/27 10:21:40serassio+0 -3036Cleaned old Windows native helpers
2006/05/27 07:51:42serassio+16 -1Fixed build error
2006/05/26 21:09:48serassio+4 -38Clean of comm_select_win32.c
2006/05/26 20:54:07serassio+4 -2Splitted the Windows select() code into comm_select_win32.c
2006/05/26 20:45:02serassio+20 -170Splitted the Windows select() code into comm_select_win32.c
2006/05/26 20:19:32serassio+109 -108Ran indent
2006/05/26 20:18:13serassio+780 -0Splitted the Windows select() code into comm_select_win32.c
2006/05/25 19:24:25serassio+96 -1Recovered lost Windows changes after merge with HEAD
2006/05/24 21:18:16serassio+0 -7Fixed merge conflict
2006/05/24 20:28:56serassio+18 -14Fixed various build errors on VisualStudio
2006/05/24 20:07:33serassio+19 -18Fixed merge problems
2006/05/24 19:38:53serassio+1 -1Ran indent
2006/05/24 19:37:23serassio+27 -45Backport of latest 3.0 Windows changes
2006/05/24 17:24:54serassio+132 -128Ran indent
2006/05/24 17:24:39serassio+563 -427Ran indent
2006/05/23 21:08:56serassio+11 -14Better Windows support
2006/05/23 20:40:50serassio+8 -2Makefile.am files cleanup & merge errors fixes
2006/05/23 20:29:09serassio+1 -5Makefile.am files cleanup
2006/05/23 20:11:54serassio+4 -21Fixed merge errors and Mingw cleanup
2006/05/23 20:09:39serassio+6 -5Makefile.am files cleanup
2006/05/23 19:11:38serassio+12 -20Makefile.am files cleanup
2006/05/23 18:53:25serassio+2 -13Makefile.am files cleanup
2006/05/23 18:50:19serassio+1 -1Fixed merge error
2006/05/23 10:58:22serassio+1 -2Fixed make dist
2006/05/22 20:46:59serassio+6 -11Fixed merge error
2006/05/22 20:06:47serassio+29 -30Ran ident
2006/05/22 20:05:08serassio+47 -1Back port of latest 3.0 changes
2006/05/22 19:54:37serassio+3 -3Fixed a syntax error
2006/05/22 18:31:46serassio+86 -84Use _SQUID_WIN32_ instead of both _SQUID_MSWIN_ and _SQUID_CYGWIN_
2006/05/21 13:22:12serassio+3 -2Fixed build errors on Visual Studio
2006/05/21 13:20:03serassio+31 -0Updated Visual Studio project
2006/05/21 12:29:09serassio+437 -437Renamed squid-mswin.h to squid_mswin.h

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serassio225+12971 -15546
total225+12971 -15546