squid/nt-2_5 changes

These changesets represents the changes on the squid/nt-2_5 development branch of Squid. If there is any questions please contact squid-dev@squid-cache.org.

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2006/05/13 12:35:55serassio+1 -4MAXHOSTNAMELEN definition is no more needed
2006/03/11 17:07:50serassio+4 -4Enable Cache Digest by default on Windows
2005/12/26 19:31:04serassio+4 -1Bug #1464: Squid crash when asyncio function counters url accessed from
2005/11/08 14:44:26serassio+1 -0Forgotten to copy mib.txt in VisualStudio Project
2005/10/30 08:24:43serassio+3 -25setenv() emulation is no more needed
2005/10/30 08:23:44serassio+4 -4Cosmetic fix
2005/10/10 21:04:36tolsty+4 -1No sys/param.h on Windows, so MAXHOSTNAMELEN and hence SQUIDHOSTNAMELEN
2005/10/08 10:01:45serassio+3 -3Updated Visual Studio Project with SPNEGO support
2005/10/08 07:47:27serassio+24 -24setenv() is not available on MinGW
2005/10/02 15:22:21serassio+4 -0Updated VisualStudio Makefiles
2005/10/02 14:15:28serassio+39 -9Added setenv() emulation, better passwd and group structures emulation
2005/09/24 10:06:17serassio+1 -1Forgotten to rename the old nt_auth.txt file
2005/09/20 10:07:27serassio+10 -5Added support for Windows code name "Longhorn".
2005/09/16 07:57:13serassio+13 -2Code cleanup
2005/09/15 09:55:04serassio+6 -6Cosmetic fixes
2005/09/14 12:12:21serassio+12 -14More code cleanup
2005/09/13 16:18:25serassio+2 -2Fixed a Makefile.am error
2005/09/13 15:54:47serassio+14 -3Updated native Windows exception handler.
2005/09/13 15:44:27serassio+88 -21Updated native Windows basic authenticator helper:
2005/09/13 13:49:02serassio+4 -4Cosmetic fix
2005/09/13 13:25:29serassio+3 -125The -mwin32 option is no more needed from latest Cygwin, so removing all
2005/09/13 13:15:25serassio+3 -0Cygwin needs to include windows.h
2005/08/21 14:26:08serassio+8 -8Make happy gcc 3.4.2 on MinGW
2005/08/21 14:05:29serassio+1 -1The latest MinGW doesn't like include paths terminated with / char
2005/08/21 10:25:40serassio+80 -5Added Windows exceptions handling
2005/08/19 07:48:35serassio+3 -1Added Windows support for sleep_after_fork configuration directive
2005/08/19 07:40:57serassio+20 -14Added Windows support for sleep_after_fork configuration directive
2005/07/10 08:56:32serassio+59 -39Allow Squid 2.5 to run again on Windows NT 4:
2005/07/08 21:34:06serassio+1 -1In dirent struct, d_ino must be a ino_t type, not a long.
2005/07/08 18:48:19tolsty+1 -2Squid won't rebuild store from disk if swap.state file is deleted when --enable-large-cache-files used.
2005/07/08 09:23:11serassio+9 -4Added support for '/' char as domain separator.
2005/07/08 09:20:59serassio+36 -14Updated win32_check_group to Version 1.22:
2005/06/29 19:51:00serassio+1 -1Bug #1336: win32_check_group -D DOMAIN reads at most 14 chars intead
2005/06/03 19:29:20serassio+5 -5Update MS Visual Studio autoconf.h
2005/06/03 19:02:31serassio+1 -1Don't overwrite cachemgr.conf during Visual Studio build process
2005/05/21 15:42:14serassio+1 -1Remove printf format checking on MinGW
2005/05/21 09:45:36serassio+0 -1Fixed a merge error
2005/05/20 08:41:50serassio+5 -4- Fixed a merge error
2005/05/03 09:53:58serassio+3 -4Fixed merge error
2005/05/01 07:50:11serassio+165 -2Updated Visual Studio Project for automatic man pages building
2005/04/25 14:49:25serassio+5 -5MinGW fixes
2005/04/25 14:06:08serassio+27 -23New WIN32_ftruncate() function supporting >2GB files
2005/04/25 14:01:16serassio+21 -8Updated nt_auth basic helper
2005/04/25 13:28:29serassio+26 -12Updated win32_check_group to version 1.21
2005/04/23 10:10:01serassio+6 -1Updated Visual Studio Project
2005/04/23 10:08:49serassio+3 -3Merge fixes
2005/04/22 19:08:52serassio+61 -61Updated Visual Studio Project for 64 bit large file support
2005/04/22 19:07:41serassio+4 -4Activated 64 bit large file support
2005/03/30 07:59:43serassio+1 -12Import of latest aufs changes
2005/03/30 07:29:46serassio+1 -1Don't call _get_osfhandle(): we have already the Windows handle
2005/03/28 09:34:20serassio+94 -3strtoll() may be not available on native Windows, this adds an own strtoll() used when needed
2005/03/28 09:21:47serassio+38 -14Updated squid-mswin.h to latest changes
2005/03/28 09:21:09serassio+875 -816Updated autoconf.h files to latest changes
2005/03/28 08:13:57serassio+29 -32Updated awin32 with latest aufs changes
2005/03/26 15:21:08serassio+5 -5Refined Windows lfs changes
2005/03/26 15:18:37serassio+3 -3Refined awin32 lfs changes
2005/03/26 11:11:18serassio+304 -39Updated awin32 sources with lfs changes
2005/03/20 10:24:26serassio+58 -93Updated awin32 code with latest aufs changes
2005/02/05 09:00:21serassio+6 -0Define LDAP_NO_ATTRS on Windows
2004/12/08 20:47:57serassio+12 -8Refined Windows ARP ACL support on Cygwin
2004/12/08 20:20:39serassio+4 -2Refined Windows ARP ACL support on MinGW
2004/12/08 19:52:13serassio+24 -6Added native Windows support for ARP ACL
2004/12/08 19:45:45serassio+78 -4Added native Windows support for ARP ACL
2004/11/27 13:03:44serassio+2 -1Added Build Target to Visual Studio Project
2004/11/27 11:37:32serassio+118 -40Added the new Build Target in Visual Studio Project
2004/10/10 19:25:34serassio+3 -3The name of the Windows native NTLM helper executable should be win32_ntlm_auth.exe, not ntlm_auth.exe
2004/10/03 15:21:09serassio+32 -2A little trick needed to have SQUID_CONFIGURE_OPTIONS updated with effective build options when compiling with MS Visual
2004/10/03 15:02:59serassio+6 -1Added redirection of stderr when running as a Windows Service
2004/10/03 13:47:22serassio+3 -1On latest Cygwin getrlimit() cannot be used to increase maximum File Descriptors
2004/10/03 13:44:27serassio+22 -5Workaround needed to allow to run configure on latest Cygwin tha uses Automake 1.8 and Autoconf 2.59
2004/10/03 12:49:05serassio+4 -3Allow win32_check_group to build on Cygwin
2004/09/05 08:05:41serassio+6 -1Source cleanup
2004/09/05 08:04:41serassio+8 -2_SQUID_MSWIN_ define is available in HEAD's helper revision, not in 2.5
2004/08/29 16:09:00serassio+9 -7Backport of latest changes from 3.0 win32_check_group.c
2004/08/29 08:27:08serassio+5 -3Fixed a bug in WIN32_Exit function when running in interactive mode
2004/08/28 12:15:17serassio+2 -2Source code cleanup of native Windows helpers related to Security Advisor SQUID-2004:2
2004/08/28 12:09:14serassio+24 -14Source code cleanup of native Windows helpers related to Security Advisor SQUID-2004:2
2004/08/28 10:30:47serassio+10 -2Applied Bugzilla #1053 patch to Awin32 fs
2004/08/15 14:45:51serassio+4 -0Added initgroups.c to MS Visual Studio Project
2004/07/24 12:53:05serassio+8 -8Fixed Challenge/response sizes in Squid's NTLMSSP code
2004/07/24 12:50:27serassio+9 -3Added counters to awin32 async-io completetion pipe
2004/06/27 18:50:06serassio+5 -5Correct use of USE_WIN32_SERVICE define
2004/06/24 17:39:16serassio+34 -26Fixed another problem in win32_check_group with trusted domains and Windows NT 4 compatibility
2004/06/22 19:22:28serassio+5 -1Workaround to allow build on MinGW
2004/06/22 14:27:20serassio+2 -2Latest MinGW now provides fileno()
2004/06/20 20:28:46serassio+95 -10Experimental native implementation of awin32 async-io completetion (like aufs)
2004/06/20 20:20:39serassio+18 -2Added WIN32 Handle info to FD statistics
2004/06/12 19:49:26serassio+34 -12Fixed bugzilla #996: win32_check_group fails when running on PDC
2004/06/12 09:54:30serassio+9 -8Bugzilla #988 is true for awin32 too
2004/06/06 08:46:17serassio+29 -32Fixed the running copy detection method, now the Windows process executable name is checked
2004/06/06 08:38:22serassio+39 -3Fixed the running copy detection method, now the Windows process executable name is checked
2004/04/18 08:09:20serassio+1 -2Added AUTH_ON_ACCELERATION define to MS Visual Studio project
2004/04/18 08:04:55serassio+2 -0Added .cvsignore
2004/04/12 20:39:10serassio+8 -4Updated Visual Studio Project for VS6 SP6 compatibility
2004/04/04 08:10:38serassio+2 -2Fixed a win32_check_group documentation error
2004/03/25 19:40:56serassio+2 -2Some little changes on Windows docs
2004/03/04 21:01:58serassio+1 -1Updated native Windows NTLM authenticator comments
2004/02/28 08:35:14serassio+6 -7Latest documentation fixes before STABLE 5
2004/02/28 08:24:34serassio+6 -6Cosmetic fix to native Windows NTLM helper
2004/02/21 11:46:03serassio+20 -26Now native Windows NTLM authenticator has automatic support for NTLM NEGOTIATE packets
2004/02/19 10:56:03serassio+10 -9Clean-up of old NTLM NEGOTIATE support tricks no more needed
2004/01/03 21:00:16serassio+0 -3Updated MS VisualStudio Project
2004/01/03 20:57:41serassio+23 -3Added LDAP helpers support for MinGW
2004/01/03 14:55:54serassio+9 -0There is still somenthing of wrong in the NTLM challenge reuse logic, on Windows the native NTLMSSP helper can't accept
2004/01/03 14:47:25serassio+13 -14Win32 source clean-up
2004/01/03 14:45:46serassio+20 -3Added FAIL_DEBUG info to native NTLM helper
2004/01/03 11:12:45serassio+54 -20Fixed Windows LDAP support problems
2003/12/24 16:28:29serassio+4 -4Changed deafault of use_ntlm_negotiate to off
2003/12/24 16:21:35serassio+20 -2Workaround for Windows LDAP support
2003/12/24 16:19:53serassio+6 -0Updated MSVC project files
2003/12/24 16:15:36serassio+2 -2Removed default support for ICMP on Windows
2003/12/19 15:15:58serassio+12 -8Updated native Win32 basic authenticator
2003/12/08 21:09:14serassio+26 -10Fixed a missed sync with s2_5
2003/12/06 09:55:33serassio+4 -1Updated Win32 release notes
2003/11/30 13:06:40serassio+8 -3Fixed NTLM local authentication problem
2003/11/30 11:44:38serassio+76 -49Fixed NTLM local authentication problem
2003/11/29 14:25:17serassio+13 -22Updated native Windows NTLM authenticator documentation and removed unused functions
2003/11/21 22:24:01serassio+9 -23NTLM NEGOTIATE packet support final clean-up
2003/11/21 22:19:18serassio+64 -32Updated win32 native ntlm helper: now NTLM NEGOTIATE packet support is configurable
2003/11/20 22:16:18serassio+37 -14Added configurable support for ntlm NEGOTIATE packet
2003/10/08 20:32:18serassio+27 -12Latest socket changes are not compatible with NT 4.0, this fix allow Squid run on it with a whorse stability
2003/09/25 15:52:21serassio+5 -5Preparing for STABLE 4 binary release
2003/09/14 17:12:33serassio+13 -6Added selection for NTLM true NEGOTIATE support to configure
2003/09/14 10:27:56serassio+6 -1Fixed a Win32 credentials handle leak
2003/09/14 07:34:02serassio+1 -1Fixed wrong challenge validity check
2003/09/13 16:28:06serassio+4 -5Made gcc happy on MinGW
2003/09/13 14:39:23serassio+20 -4This patch allow full NTLM negotiation and disable totally NTLM challenge reuse.
2003/09/13 10:46:39serassio+64 -56Revised Win32 NTLM helper error handling and merged latest changes from winbindd NTLM helper
2003/09/13 10:44:02serassio+27 -49Win32 SSPI code clean-up
2003/09/08 22:22:16serassio+8 -6Native Win32 NTLM helper: code cleanup
2003/09/08 20:31:33serassio+3 -2Native Win32 NTLM helper: added command line switch for NTLM packet level debugging, code cleanup
2003/09/08 20:22:16serassio+34 -51Native Win32 NTLM helper: added command line switch for NTLM packet level debugging, code cleanup
2003/09/07 17:17:35serassio+359 -184Rewrite of Win32 native NTLM authentication helper, now it should be a real NTLM authenticator
2003/09/07 17:12:50serassio+4 -4Cosmetic changes to helper documentation
2003/08/30 15:27:21serassio+8 -5Fixed a wrong count during defer check of read FDs in comm_select()
2003/08/18 15:38:57serassio+3 -5Removed an experiment on socket handling
2003/08/18 15:37:54serassio+1 -1Renamed ntlm_win32_auth.exe executable to ntlm_auth.exe
2003/08/18 15:35:29serassio+13 -1Win32 IPC doesn't like synchronous sockets
2003/08/17 12:31:21serassio+14 -2Forced use of synchronous socket on Windows
2003/08/17 12:30:00serassio+2 -2Fixed a wrong debug section
2003/08/17 12:28:43serassio+28 -14Better win32 gettimeofday() emulation
2003/08/17 12:15:04serassio+6 -8Fixed an old merrge problem
2003/08/17 12:12:54serassio+25 -11Better win32 code optimization in select() loop
2003/08/17 12:11:47serassio+6 -1Fixed a win32 dup2() problem
2003/08/16 12:10:32serassio+1 -15Removed no more needed specific Windows code
2003/08/16 12:09:37serassio+3 -3Updated win32_check_group documentation
2003/08/11 19:32:07serassio+6 -2Added more debug info to pinger
2003/08/11 19:29:44serassio+8 -10Fixed two IPC problems
2003/08/09 17:44:47serassio+89 -64Make sure that child processes don't inherit open files from parent, fixed some wrong debug infos
2003/08/07 14:34:41serassio+6 -6Fixed a forgotten NUMTHREADS during merge of latest aufs changes in awin32
2003/08/07 07:56:07serassio+35 -12Merged latest aufs changes in awin32
2003/08/03 15:48:27serassio+15 -6Synced awin32 with aufs changes
2003/08/01 16:42:30serassio+0 -1Use Windows find.exe instead of grep
2003/06/19 21:11:09serassio+2 -2Synced awin32 with aufs changes
2003/06/14 10:39:51serassio+6 -3Fixed a Windows CR/LF problem in cachemgr
2003/06/14 10:36:49serassio+2 -2Updated contact info
2003/06/14 10:35:44serassio+4 -0Added a Windows readme.txt
2003/06/03 14:08:17serassio+1 -1Updated wrong contact info
2003/06/03 13:31:41serassio+2 -3Use native Windows find command instead of grep
2003/06/03 13:26:30serassio+4 -3Updated contact info
2003/06/03 13:13:31serassio+3 -48xrename() already try to remove the destination target, so previous unlinks are not needed.
2003/06/03 13:09:19serassio+2 -2Updated contact info
2003/06/01 16:07:34serassio+8 -10Now the Squid version #define value for Visual Studio build environment is parsed from configure.in, non more need to de
2003/05/29 19:10:18serassio+4 -4Updated Visual Studio File info to STABLE 3
2003/05/28 17:37:25serassio+1 -4Removed non sense comment
2003/05/28 10:44:37serassio+2 -2Changed Visual Studio build info to STABLE 3
2003/05/04 10:33:05serassio+11 -7WIN32 source cleanup, test of bugzilla #579 fix
2003/05/02 14:52:00serassio+2 -1Updated win32_group External ACL helper to release 1.1
2003/05/02 14:46:47serassio+106 -37Updated win32_group External ACL helper to release 1.1
2003/05/02 13:56:36serassio+2 -1Added OpenSSL support
2003/05/02 13:01:19serassio+969 -3Added OpenSSL support
2003/05/02 12:24:00serassio+23 -18Updated Windows release notes
2003/05/02 12:13:03serassio+6 -0Added OpenSSL support
2003/04/13 15:22:09serassio+0 -2MinGW + MSYS uses latest autotools version, so some update is needed in configure.in and lib/Makefile.am
2003/04/13 15:15:30serassio+7 -7MinGW + MSYS uses latest autotools version, so some update is needed in configure.in and lib/Makefile.am
2003/04/13 15:12:25serassio+18 -6Added missing MinGW support
2003/04/06 09:12:08serassio+1 -1Added .zip tar archive build
2003/03/23 09:32:43serassio+2 -2Updated Visual Studio build info to STABLE 2
2003/03/08 09:54:04serassio+2 -0Fixed 2 missing files in make dist
2003/03/02 09:49:12serassio+15 -1Latest Dealy Pools changes are not compatible with Windows because FD_xxx are very different
2003/02/23 11:40:42serassio+3 -3Fixed a bug in win32_check_group external ACL Helper
2003/02/21 08:07:12serassio+4 -4Missing WIN32 native include files in dist process
2003/02/18 15:01:29serassio+2 -2Autoconf patch for nt branch
2003/02/16 10:17:42serassio+3 -2Merged aufs updates in awin32 fs module
2003/02/09 19:22:44serassio+30 -19Rename Windows .NET Server to Windows Server 2003
2003/01/28 20:48:59serassio+2 -1Missing win32lib.c file in distfiles
2002/12/14 22:04:46serassio+31 -7A better winsock check in configure
2002/12/08 09:37:22serassio+35 -2Removed stupid DOS uppercase filename
2002/12/07 21:08:12serassio+2 -35Removed stupid DOS uppercase filename
2002/12/01 09:33:30serassio+26 -2ip_user_check external ACL helper now builds on Windows
2002/12/01 09:28:10serassio+143 -4ip_user_check external ACL helper now builds on Windows
2002/11/30 13:56:36serassio+12 -0Latest squid_ldap_group builds on Windows too
2002/11/30 13:55:04serassio+126 -3Latest squid_ldap_group builds on Windows too
2002/11/23 14:51:36serassio+4 -8Added OpenSSL support on MinGW
2002/11/23 14:51:35serassio+10 -17Added OpenSSL support on MinGW
2002/11/23 10:38:32serassio+19 -4Added WIN32 getpagesize() definition for better MinGW compatibility
2002/11/23 08:41:58serassio+2 -2Fixed a wrong check in pinger.c
2002/11/23 08:40:37serassio+6 -2Updated WIN32 release notes
2002/11/16 17:47:06serassio+2 -2Fixed wrong debug output
2002/11/15 21:49:08serassio+4 -2Imported latest aufs changes in awin32
2002/11/11 19:47:09serassio+92 -47Updated awin32 with latest aufs changes
2002/11/10 16:11:01serassio+2 -2Changed wrong MS VisualStudio default configure setting
2002/11/10 16:06:43serassio+4 -4Fixed compile warning
2002/11/10 16:02:01serassio+90 -9Added make dist support to win32 specific stuff
2002/10/29 13:19:13serassio+4 -4General WIN32 source cleanup, some are MinGW related
2002/10/29 10:41:49serassio+2 -2MinGW defines mode_t
2002/10/27 13:14:18serassio+26 -22Backport of WIN32 changes from nt branch
2002/10/27 12:53:11serassio+21 -9Backport of WIN32 changes from nt branch
2002/10/27 11:11:45serassio+143 -29Backport of WIN32 changes from nt branch
2002/10/27 10:48:32serassio+157 -111Backport of WIN32 changes from nt branch
2002/10/27 10:42:20serassio+806 -239Backport of WIN32 changes from nt branch
2002/10/22 19:28:17serassio+2 -1MFC Bugfix: strwordtok parsing of quoted strings failed miserably if the last word in was quoted.
2002/10/21 19:31:40serassio+3 -3Fixed wrong debug section
2002/10/20 09:54:08serassio+3 -2Synced with nt branch
2002/10/20 09:19:16serassio+3 -3Referer Log now is enabled by default in VisualStudio build project
2002/10/20 09:17:30serassio+16 -9Made the Squid <==> Service Control Manager synchronization more detailed
2002/09/29 16:10:52serassio+29 -10More pinger cleanup
2002/09/29 16:08:13serassio+34 -23Synced pinger.c with nt branch
2002/09/29 16:07:23serassio+12 -0Updated WIN32 release notes
2002/09/28 14:27:50serassio+24 -21Merge of minor changes from nt branch
2002/09/22 11:41:25serassio+5 -4WIN32 documentation update
2002/09/22 11:38:05serassio+128 -135WIN32 code cleanup from nt branch
2002/09/21 16:51:19serassio+7 -3Changed WIN32 abort handling for better support of automatic Windows 2000
2002/09/15 20:04:22serassio+1 -1Moved WIN32 release notes from text to html format
2002/09/15 19:14:56serassio+280 -1Added icons handling to VisualStudio project
2002/09/15 19:12:34serassio+131 -76Moved WIN32 release notes form text to html format
2002/09/14 16:42:54serassio+4 -4Reset build info in Windows resources to
2002/09/12 18:33:25serassio+36 -14Fixed some problems on errors description
2002/09/08 08:20:30serassio+1 -2Added support for matching multiple groups in one ACL
2002/09/08 07:41:39serassio+2 -2Updated 'update.cmd' build script
2002/09/08 07:34:20serassio+34 -21Added support for matching multiple groups in one ACL
2002/09/07 20:09:59serassio+2 -2Fixed wrong setting in MS VisualStudio LDAP authenticator project
2002/09/07 20:08:21serassio+16 -22Win32 code rearrangement after latest helper.c changes
2002/09/01 20:42:43serassio+24 -3Updated update.cmd
2002/09/01 19:37:46serassio+6 -6Updated WIN32 resources for PRE12
2002/08/24 10:06:50serassio+24 -16Jumped to PRE11
2002/08/13 19:49:06serassio+9 -8Fixed helper bugs
2002/08/12 19:36:36serassio+40 -20Merged latest s2_5 chenges with win32 stuff
2002/08/11 16:44:07serassio+3 -4Fixed wrong usage message
2002/08/11 15:35:30serassio+22 -4Added awin32 documentation
2002/08/11 15:34:30serassio+7 -6WIN32 project bug fixes
2002/08/09 20:20:11serassio+1 -1VisualStudio Project fix
2002/08/09 20:19:09serassio+5 -5O_RDONLY/O_WRONLY test fixes from aufs
2002/08/03 18:50:45serassio+28 -36Merged awin32 changes from nt
2002/07/28 16:25:33serassio+69 -58Imported awin32 changes from nt branch
2002/07/26 13:39:58serassio+35 -35awin32 fs debug sections cleanup
2002/07/22 16:52:57serassio+15 -2Added experimental pinger disable option
2002/07/22 16:51:13serassio+14 -7Stepping to PRE10
2002/07/21 09:12:58serassio+6 -6Jump to PRE9
2002/07/21 09:07:11serassio+112 -38Bugfixes in options processing, new usage message and -h option. Fixed a potential Squid DoS issue if oversized authe re
2002/07/16 09:33:59serassio+81 -6WIN32 source cleanup
2002/07/14 21:07:29serassio+159 -159WIN32 source cleanup
2002/07/14 20:30:05serassio+2 -2WIN32 source cleanup
2002/07/14 20:28:45serassio+3 -2win32_group external ACL helper integration
2002/07/14 20:27:06serassio+5 -2Updated win32_group external ACL helper documentation
2002/07/07 19:51:18serassio+429 -52Updated External ACL win32 group helper
2002/07/06 18:23:13serassio+12 -1Updated WIN32 specific documentation
2002/06/29 13:21:44serassio+309 -0Added NT group external_acl helper
2002/06/29 10:42:04serassio+38 -56Preparing to merge to PRE8 level
2002/06/23 16:31:06serassio+8 -8Fixed some awin32 problems, but it's still unstable
2002/06/23 16:13:31serassio+12 -5Added support for Windows .NET (5.2)
2002/06/23 16:08:08serassio+357 -2Added build versioning
2002/06/02 19:26:57serassio+69 -147Merged store changes from nt branch
2002/05/20 18:55:30serassio+2 -2AWIN32 related fix
2002/05/20 17:22:54serassio+1 -7Removed variable initialization not needed
2002/05/19 17:26:30serassio+47 -12Some fs modules cleanup and some AWIN32 fixes
2002/05/17 18:52:24serassio+2 -2Opss, forgot a change in previuos nt_auth fix
2002/05/17 17:08:00serassio+11 -3Fixed a nt_auth bug in the group membership check when using -D parameter (default NT domain)
2002/05/12 17:12:09serassio+110 -95Fixed some old remains on AWIN32 from Robert (Thread priority, Handles closing) and merged some multithread enhancement
2002/05/12 17:11:51serassio+36 -3Fixed missing dependencies in Build project
2002/05/05 16:47:19serassio+240 -5Added digest authentication schema and null store module to WIN32 project
2002/05/03 18:44:36serassio+6 -2Added #ifdef USE_DNSSERVERS sections to permit compile with a static WIN32 project
2002/05/03 18:39:56serassio+147 -41Added Install project to SquidNT VisualStudio Workspace
2002/04/29 13:33:26serassio+105 -21Fixed challenge generation problem on native NTLM authenticator
2002/04/29 07:05:49serassio+28 -30Updated WIN32 docs and temporary fix for u_char
2002/04/27 21:40:45serassio+2 -20WIN32 Unlinkd code cleanup
2002/04/27 21:15:30serassio+5 -14Native NTLM Authenticator source cleanup
2002/04/27 12:55:18serassio+698 -573Reworked NTLM and Basic NT native Authenticators: now both are SSPI based and support NT Allowed/Disallowed Group member
2002/04/26 20:31:42serassio+436 -419Source code cleanup and some build changes
2002/04/26 20:27:50serassio+25 -12Changed copyright info
2002/04/26 19:52:06serassio+162 -121Added Group membership check to native NT NTLM authenticator
2002/04/25 19:53:36serassio+32 -9Some NTLM on WIN32 stuff
2002/04/21 20:41:13serassio+45 -13Added some missed WIN32 Helper & IPC stuff
2002/04/21 20:35:06serassio+1287 -2Added WIN32 native NTLM authenticator
2002/04/13 17:11:41serassio+130 -1Added Visual Studio Project for NCSA_auth
2002/04/13 14:58:55serassio+135 -115Rearranged WIN32 code in ipc.c and pinger.c, and other little WIN32 code cleanup
2002/04/11 20:15:56serassio+248 -246WIN32 code cleanup
2002/04/09 19:04:41serassio+20 -7Changes needed by AWIN32 Async I/O
2002/04/08 19:27:23serassio+30 -0Added external dnsserver helper
2002/04/08 19:18:38serassio+161 -3Added external dnsserver helper
2002/04/08 17:06:10serassio+11 -9Some WIN32 code cleanup
2002/04/07 13:38:36serassio+3 -3WIN32 various code clean
2002/04/07 13:10:24serassio+22 -18First WIN32 Async I/O with Robert's AWIN32 fs module
2002/04/07 09:59:51serassio+70 -58WIN32 various code clean
2002/04/06 15:02:40serassio+8 -2Added error message for wrong -k command syntax in WIN32 Service Rynning mode
2002/04/04 21:48:52serassio+28 -22Latest WIN32 code refines
2002/04/04 19:40:21serassio+102 -102Updated WIN32 socket code
2002/03/27 21:01:10serassio+4071 -3602Added Pinger helper support
2002/03/23 17:59:03serassio+120 -1Added libheap module
2002/03/23 11:24:06serassio+0 -482Added more WIN32 stuff
2002/03/23 10:51:55serassio+133 -1075Added more WIN32 stuff
2002/03/23 10:35:23serassio+927 -112Added more WIN32 stuff
2002/03/18 22:39:44serassio+325 -0Added external helpers support
2002/03/18 22:33:47serassio+176 -38Added external helpers support
2002/03/17 21:44:21serassio+164 -23Added WIN32 specific stuff - more work
2002/03/17 18:16:05serassio+1349 -390Added WIN32 specific stuff - more work
2002/03/16 17:54:33serassio+3747 -0Addedd WIN32 specific stuff
2002/03/16 17:46:08serassio+1827 -4004Addedd WIN32 specific stuff
2002/03/16 17:46:08serassio+4004 -0Addedd WIN32 specific stuff
2002/03/16 10:31:31serassio+93 -85Imported Windows patches fron NT-2_3 and Cygwin-svc (second round)
2002/03/16 09:50:24serassio+11 -11Imported Windows patches from NT-2_3 and Cygwin-svc (second round)
2002/03/16 09:27:35serassio+725 -28Imported Windows patches fron NT-2_3 and Cygwin-svc (second round)
2002/03/14 20:23:41serassio+5921 -58Imported Windows patches from NT-2_3 and Cygwin-svc

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