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These changesets represents the changes on the squid/newhttp development branch of Squid. If there is any questions please contact squid-dev@squid-cache.org.

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2001/08/31 15:03:20adri+47 -2* Add a getprev function which does the opposite of getnext
2001/08/30 23:32:50adri+63 -6More refstring parser work. I (think! heh) I have a refstring_cat_c()
2001/08/28 23:42:58adri+31 -6* add a comment at the top of refstring.c outlining some basics covering
2001/08/28 23:08:30adri+163 -107* start fleshing out the refstring implementation
2001/08/28 19:49:18adri+71 -1Add a skeleton placeholder for the refstring code that I'm about to
2001/08/28 19:48:38adri+7 -0Add more comments showing what I'm going to do
2001/08/28 16:21:14adri+28 -17* actually advance the str position variable in getnext()
2001/08/25 00:04:03adri+2 -2add the returned length to node->len, rather than ++.
2001/08/24 23:45:11adri+7 -2Add some more debugging code. At this stage it looks like node->len
2001/08/24 23:37:55adri+77 -26Fill out some more of the HTTP request parsing code.
2001/08/24 22:52:32adri+68 -7Start the parsing loop, fill out some comments explaining what I'm
2001/08/22 18:18:40adri+120 -3Starting the parser. I can already tell the parsing will be inefficient,
2001/08/09 19:14:12adri+54 -0Commit some comments outlining how the http request parser will work
2001/08/09 18:58:13adri+83 -7* add the basic definition of a referenced string
2001/08/08 13:37:30adri+25 -20Modify the API very slightly- stmem_ref_t is now assumed to be a part
2001/08/08 11:25:54adri+6 -2Fix the stmem list deleting code.
2001/08/08 11:23:08adri+6 -4Tsk tsk.
2001/08/07 20:06:58adri+34 -0write a skeleton new_http_client_read().
2001/08/07 19:57:46adri+121 -10* Add stmemRef - an stmem that is refcounted
2001/08/07 13:18:33adri+108 -79* update stmem to use a dlink_list
2001/08/05 16:30:21adri+74 -1* add http_client_conn_state_t - basically its ConnStateData ..
2001/08/05 15:49:45adri+23 -6Kludge to actually get the http client code initialised.
2001/08/04 16:28:13adri+126 -2Initial "do little" framework for accepting an incoming connection
2001/08/03 20:01:26adri+85 -0Add skeleton for the new http client code.
2001/05/28 12:16:47adri+236 -3Initial http errorpage filter.
2001/05/13 14:34:42rbcollins+337 -60fixup from merge, and addition of refcounted allocator
2001/05/11 00:23:26rbcollins+6 -127remove some more server or cache side crud
2001/05/10 23:56:30rbcollins+6 -6dont' call source read on EOF
2001/05/10 17:22:07adri+7 -10implement COMM_EOF. This is set if we hit the EOF on a filedescriptor
2001/05/10 17:19:58adri+1 -2Remove an unused declaration
2001/05/09 14:11:52rbcollins+21 -3re-added te decoding to http upstream code
2001/05/09 12:22:14rbcollins+4959 -5048started modularising the broker
2001/05/08 00:22:19rbcollins+3 -3refcounted iobuffers fix
2001/05/07 23:09:15rbcollins+9 -1304remove old non-client side (ie store or server side) code
2001/05/07 22:00:46rbcollins+168 -0refcounted iobuffers
2001/05/07 13:23:40rbcollins+30 -46refcounted iobuffers
2001/05/07 12:01:44adri+2 -1Actually account the bytes on the fd
2001/05/07 11:46:03rbcollins+25 -5working initial code
2001/05/04 14:39:35rbcollins+74 -30full body read from the server - EOF not detected yet
2001/05/04 13:43:39rbcollins+489 -41first block from server processed
2001/05/03 14:09:29rbcollins+129 -37another step. cleaner code
2001/05/02 12:13:34adri+2 -2Should use FD_READ_METHOD() ;-)
2001/05/02 09:28:27rbcollins+1 -2unused variable fix
2001/05/02 08:22:05rbcollins+296 -25ugly but working peer selection. This needs to be shuffled to match broker layout but for getting the comms going it wil
2001/05/02 05:57:48adri+3 -1Oops. forgot to add the function prototype
2001/05/02 02:28:04rbcollins+2 -2bzero->memset for portability
2001/05/02 00:55:25rbcollins+3 -1added a useful protoype
2001/05/01 23:32:18rbcollins+471 -216entry to http complete
2001/05/01 19:40:53adri+128 -3An initial crack at comm_read()
2001/05/01 09:02:51rbcollins+591 -149broker basics in place, trace source established, chunking working
2001/05/01 00:59:02rbcollins+227 -43started broker
2001/05/01 00:02:41rbcollins+276 -144converting request flow to filters

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