squid/negotiate-2_5 changes

These changesets represents the changes on the squid/negotiate-2_5 development branch of Squid. If there is any questions please contact squid-dev@squid-cache.org.

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2006/05/15 12:07:36hno+12 -19Indent
2005/11/06 22:16:01hno+26 -30Handle crashing helpers more gracefully
2005/11/05 23:08:29hno+40 -33Documentation cleanup
2005/11/04 23:22:00hno+1 -0NTLM default with keep alive on.
2005/11/04 22:51:11hno+2 -2cachemgr config dump cleanup
2005/11/01 14:06:52serassio+3 -1Added helper executable name in stateful helper stats
2005/10/30 09:15:33serassio+2 -2Spell check
2005/10/22 18:00:35hno+3 -3Fix that \r trimming slightly differently to not cause conflicts with
2005/10/22 17:56:55hno+2 -2Bad-helper error messages does not include our BH response code...
2005/10/22 14:23:26hno+5 -1Be friendly to Windows helpers and chop that annoying \r off from the
2005/10/22 14:09:35hno+3 -0Fix blob pointer. Thanks Guido!
2005/03/07 13:15:16squidadm+0 -6Kill unused MemPool variables
2005/02/03 22:36:25squidadm+1 -3Kill redundant authserver assignment
2005/01/30 13:01:50hno+11 -11Additional cleanups spotted by Kinkie when porting to Squid-3.
2005/01/30 12:48:09hno+0 -2Kill unused helper_state_t typedef
2005/01/14 00:14:57squidadm+6 -5Cleanup stateful auth config dump
2005/01/13 23:58:28squidadm+1 -1Merge conflict
2005/01/13 09:21:02squidadm+6 -6Merge conflicts
2005/01/12 23:08:57squidadm+1046 -585Initial import

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hno11+105 -103
serassio2+5 -3
squidadm6+1060 -606
total19+1170 -712