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These changesets represents the changes on the squid/modio development branch of Squid. If there is any questions please contact squid-dev@squid-cache.org.

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2001/03/18 22:51:21adri+17 -13Fix merging stuff that wasn't picked up automagically.
2001/03/18 22:19:05adri+7 -10Fix up some evil logic that I broke. the http->out.offset is actually
2001/02/21 18:46:33adri+32 -434Remove the current range request implementation. This deletes the
2001/02/20 16:15:25adri+5 -5Fix the latest merge code to the modio state of mind
2001/02/07 13:54:38adri+7 -61Remove the icon loading. We'll handle this in a different fashion
2001/02/06 10:10:36adri+7 -2When doing a HEAD request, we can actually do a GET in the store and
2001/02/06 10:08:03adri+83 -26* add request_t to be a cbdata type. This means we can lock/unlock on it.
2001/01/12 08:36:02adri+2 -2mark the callback as invalid *after* we've done the callback in
2001/01/10 23:29:16adri+5 -6Bring back httpMemFree, lost in the merge.
2001/01/10 23:06:46adri+5 -7Convert the hash directory structure to the New World Order(tm).
2001/01/10 20:41:13adri+21 -5* kill ENTRY_VALIDATED. Its a per-fS issue, not a general store issue
2001/01/08 23:34:11adri+17 -101Since we are pushing index management into the store dirs, we can
2001/01/07 23:34:52adri+10 -7After careful consideration I've discovered that yes, I *can* increment
2001/01/07 23:22:47adri+3 -2Actually free the data correctly once its been passed off to the network.
2001/01/06 14:45:16adri+71 -14Split up some of the client request handling to support storeLookup().
2001/01/06 14:35:57adri+13 -3More lobotomies - temporary ones this time, until I replace them with
2001/01/06 13:11:02adri+21 -11Split up clientPurgeRequest() into two functions - clientStartPurgeRequest()
2001/01/06 13:09:52adri+3 -104Lobotomise more UFS code out of the hash fs
2001/01/05 15:33:10adri+88 -46* Pass a new field to storeCreateEntry - the reply_obj_t. This tells us
2001/01/05 14:28:21adri+69 -1036The initial skeletal implementation of storeLookup() - the async
2001/01/05 12:27:48adri+3 -5Merge another storeKeyPublic() / storeGet() sequence with storeGetPublic().
2001/01/05 12:16:51adri+3 -4Merge a storeKeyPublic() / storeGet() sequence with storeGetPublic().
2001/01/04 16:29:40adri+303 -3add the beginnings of a network reply object. Its the same as the internal
2001/01/04 14:23:12adri+48 -37Initial commit of my quest to kill seen_offset:
2001/01/03 12:11:32adri+3 -2Framework for killing seen_offset:
2000/12/27 13:15:21adri+50 -26* fix an unused variable whilst dumping storeentry information.
2000/12/27 11:04:05adri+97 -131Massive Change Time.
2000/12/21 14:33:04adri+4 -3* make storeUnlockObject() return -1 if we've deallocated the storeentry,
2000/12/21 12:51:00adri+13 -10Again, I was smoking crack.
2000/12/20 15:43:32adri+7 -1oops!
2000/12/20 15:39:22adri+50 -92* Always attach a MemObject to a StoreEntry, rather than only if
2000/12/20 15:27:39adri+2 -2oops, tag version with modio so we can easily tell whether people are
2000/12/20 12:41:21adri+44 -44rename storeClientListAdd() and storeUnregister() to
2000/12/20 11:48:41adri+71 -94remove all references to the store_client struct outside of the
2000/12/19 15:27:28adri+103 -196* Move the store client list into StoreEntry as a single client
2000/12/19 12:53:04adri+64 -130more tidyups:
2000/12/18 22:14:49adri+37 -59More stuff
2000/12/18 19:10:58adri+456 -246My first crack at the concept of a 'reply object'.
2000/12/18 12:39:35adri+29 -33I'm smoking crack.
2000/12/18 12:29:26adri+17 -7Kill more uses of storeMemHiOffset()
2000/12/18 11:10:32adri+16 -22Delete the uses of storeMemHiOffset in the asn code -
2000/12/16 09:42:13adri+2 -2assert(foo == 0) doesn't become assert(funcWrappingAroundFoo()); :-)
2000/12/16 09:29:03adri+2072 -0the 'hash' fs type will be used to implement the next level of FS
2000/12/13 09:45:02rbcollins+102 -83implemented examination functions for the mem_obj data items inmem_lo & hi. This is to allow future work to move these i

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