squid/lfs-2_5 changes

These changesets represents the changes on the squid/lfs-2_5 development branch of Squid. If there is any questions please contact squid-dev@squid-cache.org.

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2005/03/26 01:52:22hno+134 -129Indented
2005/03/26 01:46:24hno+45 -9Fix new swap log header
2005/03/25 11:54:19hno+6 -3Fix rebuilding from "old" cache directories.
2005/03/25 10:35:45hno+2 -2Copy-paste error. Forgot to change cachedir type.
2005/03/25 10:34:11hno+3 -3Fix rebuild of old format swap.state when there is more than one chunk
2005/03/25 03:39:56hno+3 -3Fix the "default" build model manual override
2005/03/25 03:34:31hno+868 -58Try to preserve cache when enabling large file support, and add a header
2005/03/17 23:58:55hno+6 -1Fix race window when original client disconnects until the object is
2005/03/17 23:57:37hno+3 -3:
2005/03/17 02:49:11hno+13 -30Back out most of previous change as it is not that nice to run compile
2005/03/17 02:45:51hno+32 -14*** empty log message ***
2005/03/16 22:42:28hno+57 -11Use getconf to find the proper compile flags for large file support
2005/03/13 01:16:42hno+21 -12Be a bit more conservative when support for 64-bit types is enabled on
2005/03/12 01:49:16hno+7 -7Debug format string fixes
2005/03/12 01:31:45hno+161 -121--enable-cache-large-files configure option, to allow the on-disk
2005/03/11 23:54:14hno+19 -39Clean up use of SIZEOF_... macros in relation to the new squid_off_t
2005/03/11 22:41:09hno+66 -75Maintain the vm cache on read, fixing the deferred read when switching
2005/03/11 20:35:12hno+5 -5Protect ourselves from a race window while closing the swapout while
2005/03/11 20:12:11hno+13 -4Make sure we stop reading when there is way too much data in the mem
2005/03/11 14:10:17hno+47 -25Stop swapping out objects when found larger than the max object size.
2005/03/11 00:15:32hno+1 -4Kill redundant Config.Store.maxObjectSize check (already checked a
2005/03/10 23:54:44hno+3 -3squid_off_t is a signed type, not unsigned
2005/03/05 20:58:56hno+14 -14Various site_t typecasts to int in debug output
2005/03/05 20:40:13hno+3 -5Fix PRINTF_OFF_T define to match squid_off_t sizes rather than system
2005/03/05 20:38:06hno+0 -1Kill an old stale debug statement which makes no sense
2005/03/04 12:05:44hno+5 -5Preserve cache compatibility when --enable-large-files is not used
2005/03/03 04:55:48hno+2 -2Getting closer to balance... parsing of size_t types need squid_off_t
2005/03/03 04:43:41hno+108 -133Cleanup to not overuse squid_off_t where ssize_t or int is sufficient
2005/03/03 03:47:08hno+387 -2Restored corrupt file
2005/03/03 03:44:01hno+348 -727Substitute off_t by squid_off_t, a platform neutral type supporting
2005/03/03 03:20:01hno+10 -10Don't over-use the off_t type when int is sufficient
2005/03/03 03:17:35hno+7 -7Don't over-use the off_t type when int is sufficient
2005/03/03 02:00:35hno+21 -18Clean up LFS support to minimize use of #ifdefs
2005/03/03 01:31:16hno+3 -3More filedescriptor related stat fixes
2005/03/03 01:28:48hno+15 -14Fix filedescriptor statistics on large transfers
2005/03/03 01:07:10hno+15 -15Kill more casts of file size to int.
2005/03/03 00:11:55hno+48 -34lfs fixes.
2005/02/25 10:48:44hno+376 -282Initial stab at getting Squid-2.5 ready to handle large files

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hno38+2877 -1833
total38+2877 -1833