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These changesets represents the changes on the squid/ipv6 development branch of Squid. If there is any questions please contact squid-dev@squid-cache.org.

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2007/07/02 07:36:51amosjeffries+950 -1959Rollback Jan2007 patch from Husni. Newer one available now.
2007/07/01 08:34:22amosjeffries+97 -88Fix remaining compile errors for default configure options.
2007/07/01 06:11:53amosjeffries+4 -4Fix some more compile errors.
2007/07/01 06:06:08amosjeffries+22 -22part 3 - Fix (some) compile errors.
2007/07/01 05:44:17amosjeffries+1927 -927Apply IPv6 patch from Husni (http://jaringan.info/2007/01/02/squid-ipv6-update-1/).
2007/06/30 09:31:24amosjeffries+0 -6045Removing Legacy code from 2.5 attempt at IPv6
2007/06/30 09:09:59amosjeffries+26087 -12788Removing Legacy content of ipv6 branch (from 2.5 attempt at IPv6).
2005/02/11 01:34:05hno+10 -9Killed likely merge conflict
2005/02/10 01:14:40hno+141 -26From: Oliver Baltzer <racon@dont-contact.us>
2005/02/10 01:13:45hno+21 -22From: Oliver Baltzer <racon@dont-contact.us>
2001/11/22 13:14:37rvenning+65 -22added support for EPSV to handle IPv6 ftp between cache & origin
2001/11/21 12:06:33rvenning+25 -17fixed an error with ipcache.c that caused hosts that _only_ had AAAA record
2001/10/30 21:44:38hno+3 -3Minor fix to allow SNMP to compile IPv6.
2001/10/30 12:33:18rvenning+7 -3linux-netfilter stuff should compile. Almost assuredly won't actually work.
2001/10/30 12:11:10rvenning+62 -24ipcacheAddEntryFromHosts microfix to warn sanely
2001/10/30 09:01:21rvenning+30 -30fixed 'blind' patch
2001/10/25 17:39:43hno+661 -393Corrected lots of merge errors where stuff was out of synch with the
2001/10/25 16:57:01hno+3 -3ipv6 bugfix from Peter Bieringer
2001/05/31 12:44:41rvenning+6 -2fixed logic in network range compare
2001/05/28 12:59:51rvenning+6 -4acl make_mask fix & also got autoheader & autoconf going in my branch
2001/05/27 16:48:14rvenning+113 -76hmmm... I swear I did not touch all these files...
2001/03/29 12:40:02rvenning+222 -69Added support for AAAA records into internal DNS. On the downside, because
2001/02/28 05:24:02rvenning+293 -199One step further along the road to having IPv6 merged with head...
2001/02/27 14:18:21rvenning+7524 -14262OK, getting sick of this... need faster network so as to discover my stupidity
2001/02/24 12:20:39rvenning+115 -47Well, it actually has been tested and works now. Requires that you configure
2000/12/07 13:58:09rvenning+988 -581Initial round of modifications to enable IPv6 support in squid.

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rvenning13+9456 -15336
total26+39382 -37625