squid/icap-2_6 changes

These changesets represents the changes on the squid/icap-2_6 development branch of Squid. If there is any questions please contact squid-dev@squid-cache.org.

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2006/11/27 21:45:59chtsanti+3 -5fixing a problem caused when the eof chunk (0\r\n\r\n) sent in seperate packet
2006/08/12 23:02:50hno+2 -2Fix incorrect increment of MemBug #size in memBufRead function'
2006/07/22 14:52:31chtsanti+2 -2correcting dump_wordlist function definition
2006/06/25 10:43:07chtsanti+25 -12Graeme Bissot reported that when icap server responds with 204 the download
2006/06/13 17:14:53chtsanti+3 -1ConnStateData->pinning.fd did not initialized in icapReqModCreateClientState
2006/06/12 18:06:42chtsanti+2 -2storeUnregisterAbort renamed to storeClientUnregisterAbort
2006/06/04 14:44:08chtsanti+3 -3removing static declaration for clientCreateStoreEntry, used in icap_reqmod.c file
2006/06/04 13:42:53chtsanti+13 -4copy some fields to the new request_t structure from the old one
2006/05/26 19:24:02chtsanti+6 -6pconnPop/pconnPush have more arguments now
2006/05/26 19:21:56chtsanti+3 -2In icap branch we have connState->in.buf=NULL
2006/05/26 19:20:19chtsanti+4 -4Old autotools are not supported any more
2006/05/25 16:08:04chtsanti+1 -3The "Allow: 204" icap header refers to the 204 responces outside of previews
2006/05/22 17:52:43chtsanti+4 -5In icap request modification when we read new HTTP headers from the icap server
2006/05/17 18:27:45chtsanti+35 -39- pconnPop/pconnPush functions take one more argumenti the domain

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chtsanti13+104 -88
hno1+2 -2
total14+106 -90