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These changesets represents the changes on the squid/hno-devel development branch of Squid. If there is any questions please contact squid-dev@squid-cache.org.

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2001/01/09 22:02:13hno+457 -1418Cleaning up my old development, to recover what might be interesting.
2000/09/18 00:16:38hno+2 -2Cosmetic fix to make the warning about closing a open filedescriptor
2000/09/16 23:25:21hno+16 -3Write queue kicking in non-async mode could trigger a loop detection
2000/09/16 22:16:58hno+2 -2Oops.. there was a #ifdef typo preventing it from running correctly.. I
2000/09/16 22:09:38hno+11 -8NUMTHREADS is dynamically set.
2000/09/16 22:08:44hno+1 -1NUMTHREADS is now dynamically configured as 12*n_cache_dirs, unless forced
2000/09/16 21:49:46hno+74 -2Added #ifdefs for not making certain operations async
2000/09/16 20:47:58hno+136 -170Major cleanup of the threads optimisations, and corrected how the
2000/08/19 14:43:18hno+11 -17Added a check for libdl to allow pam_auth to build on platforms where
2000/08/19 13:34:31hno+28 -13Hopefully this will fix those issues with parallel builds reported
2000/08/06 00:27:34hno+1 -2Oops.. a small merge conflict fix..
2000/07/16 12:53:12hno+2 -2FATAL messages is at debug level 0, and should thus be printed to stderr
2000/07/16 00:33:59hno+5 -7merged changes from devel
2000/07/16 00:21:09hno+3 -4Minor rearrangement to protect the daemon stdio change from when the process is started without any stdin/stdout/stderr
2000/07/16 00:06:58hno+9 -1Do proper handling of stdio handles in daemon mode
2000/07/02 10:56:48hno+57 -25Merged various changes from SQUID_2_3, since Duane has the odd habit
2000/07/01 14:33:24hno+6 -6Always generate Makefile for all proxy_auth modules
2000/07/01 14:25:43hno+14 -13Changed fs,repl,auth Makefiles to be dynamically listed
2000/07/01 14:12:52hno+1 -1Oops.. fixed a small merge error
2000/07/01 14:12:50hno+18 -8Changed fs,repl Makefiles to be dynamically listed
2000/06/12 10:47:10hno+1 -9Backed out that client_side data forwarding optimization Adrian had made
2000/05/31 09:58:50hno+6 -1It looks like ftpAcceptDataConnection could accept doing things with a
2000/05/16 19:54:25hno+13 -1Don't output the "lifetime" timeout error message when the client does
2000/05/16 19:44:28hno+5 -1Return an error when the dnsserver queue is overloaded rather than
2000/05/16 19:38:15hno+26 -4--enable-stacktraces configure option for setting PRINT_STACK_TRACE, and
2000/05/16 19:28:56hno+9 -2Tuned the log level selection on SSL client read errors somewhat.
2000/05/16 18:53:50hno+1815 -519Syncronized with modio
2000/05/16 18:44:18hno+4 -2Added a check for private keys in the MD5 verification on swapins. To avoid
2000/05/14 23:22:19hno+2752 -2501Syncronized with modio
2000/05/08 18:02:07hno+207 -157syncronized with "modio"
2000/05/03 19:00:00hno+4 -0Syncronized with modio
2000/05/02 23:21:53hno+36 -22Cleanup after patch merges into cvs.squid-cache.org
2000/05/02 23:04:11hno+2 -7Fixed a forgotten merge conflict
2000/05/02 23:01:48hno+3 -3Syncronized with "devel" via "modio"
2000/05/02 22:50:27hno+4725 -1635Syncronized with "devel" via "modio"
2000/04/24 22:13:02hno+7 -4Removed the data copying performed on aioWrite()
2000/04/24 22:12:40hno+326 -377Reworked the aiops thread IPC interface to use a variant of normal thread
2000/04/23 09:55:37hno+56 -18Added --disable-unlinkd configure option
2000/04/23 09:51:19hno+7 -6Removed that "Package configuration updated. Cleaning and reconfiguring"
2000/04/23 08:32:28hno+2 -6Oops.. I had a couple of more #if USE_UNLINKD..

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