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These changesets represents the changes on the squid/hno-2_2-async development branch of Squid. If there is any questions please contact squid-dev@squid-cache.org.

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2000/12/31 06:21:49hno+2 -1Null change to test CVS commit messages
2000/12/31 06:18:52hno+1 -2Another NULL change to test CVS commit messages
2000/12/31 06:02:10hno+2 -1A dummy NULL change, only to test CVS commit messages
2000/11/10 20:09:19hno+0 -42Synronized with CVS changes in hno-2_2
2000/11/10 12:38:13hno+6 -6Some more tuning to detect disk overload
2000/11/10 10:36:47hno+26 -48Some more tuning
2000/11/09 20:42:15hno+10 -3Rate limit queue congestion message
2000/11/09 20:20:47hno+1 -2removed unused variable
2000/11/09 20:20:15hno+12 -11Moved magic defines back to squid.h. Needed in comm_select
2000/11/09 20:18:41hno+5 -10More adjustments
2000/11/09 20:13:12hno+22 -11More tuning
2000/11/09 17:50:22hno+29 -15some adjustments
2000/11/09 16:48:58hno+30 -20Some adjustments and bugfixes
2000/11/09 15:23:00hno+533 -537Various async-io experiments in the 2.2 tree..
2000/11/09 15:20:25hno+0 -5586Removed generated autoconf file

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hno15+679 -6295
total15+679 -6295