squid/generic_modules changes

These changesets represents the changes on the squid/generic_modules development branch of Squid. If there is any questions please contact squid-dev@squid-cache.org.

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2001/05/13 11:28:36rbcollins+18 -39finished shrinking aclCheck
2001/05/13 09:49:51rbcollins+59 -119aclstate array has gone away
2001/05/12 15:22:30rbcollins+224 -134checkpointing. aclCheckAcl trimmed down more, most ACL TYPE enums gone
2001/04/28 11:16:46rbcollins+155 -93good point to ci
2001/04/27 11:40:52rbcollins+6 -63streamlined aclMatchProxyAuth code a little
2001/04/27 11:23:28rbcollins+120 -93standardised the ACLMATCH routines to allow check streamlining
2001/04/27 08:30:04rbcollins+557 -0arp acls as a module
2001/04/27 06:58:15rbcollins+165 -328removed more cruft. Integrated the parsing code somewhat
2001/04/26 23:54:41rbcollins+91 -124removed more ACL enums
2001/04/26 02:04:09rbcollins+2 -2don't sanity check the internalonly options
2001/04/26 00:09:08rbcollins+115 -495removed type field from acl
2001/04/25 12:28:59rbcollins+519 -589ACL_ARP turned into module
2001/04/25 00:22:28rbcollins+351 -76dynamic time acls
2001/04/24 13:34:16rbcollins+193 -63fully dynamic src & myip acls
2001/04/24 07:47:54rbcollins+4 -4start dynamic matching
2001/04/24 07:44:23rbcollins+87 -19first fully dynamic parsing - iplist acls
2001/04/24 07:42:14rbcollins+4 -3bugfix: peek_line shouldn't alter whitespace
2001/04/24 06:37:20rbcollins+9 -1start looking up types
2001/04/23 22:28:33rbcollins+284 -144more dynamic acl work
2001/04/04 21:50:21rbcollins+80 -18parse multiple directives on a single line ie parent option1 value option2 value
2001/03/31 11:07:22rbcollins+90 -45Overdue fix for acl finding code
2001/03/11 21:43:09rbcollins+518 -43work in progress - dynamic acl types
2001/03/01 00:31:43rbcollins+50 -27post parse functions implemented
2001/02/26 12:26:28rbcollins+309 -383auth API changes propogated to ntlm & digest, authenticate.c updated. (Modules now install a parserName). Makefile updat
2001/02/26 04:40:02rbcollins+19 -101API change for auth modules
2001/02/25 21:49:10rbcollins+128 -90dynamic registration of auth_basic parameters
2001/02/25 14:07:59rbcollins+241 -155deregistration working properly via refcount freeing.
2001/02/24 23:16:17rbcollins+39 -11mod_register internal all implemented && the squid internal document now produces identical output to the squid.conf, wi
2001/02/24 03:04:01rbcollins+310 -36internal config directives documentor (try -c all -c internalonly)
2001/02/22 12:20:01rbcollins+23 -61default values the responsibility of the name registrar
2001/02/22 10:43:44rbcollins+70 -87default_if_none supported dynamically
2001/02/21 11:38:36rbcollins+110 -21config directive include includes sub config files
2001/02/21 10:21:53rbcollins+2 -2version tag
2001/02/20 23:02:00rbcollins+21 -9beginning deregistration
2001/02/20 09:07:12rbcollins+14 -31dynamic freeing
2001/02/20 08:45:12rbcollins+30 -57dynamic dumping
2001/02/20 06:22:52rbcollins+470 -188dynamic parsing
2001/02/19 21:02:51rbcollins+86 -6beginning of plugin cf types
2001/02/17 23:18:10rbcollins+10 -1implemented dump_mod_install
2001/02/15 22:29:24rbcollins+14 -18cleaned up name space
2001/02/15 13:55:30rbcollins+30 -30conf_modules.sh to internal_modules.sh for clarity
2001/02/15 12:41:32rbcollins+9 -9conf_modules.sh to internal_modules.sh for clarity
2001/02/15 12:25:16rbcollins+82 -48fs modules using mod_register. Removed store_modules.sh
2001/02/15 11:44:58rbcollins+74 -40repl policies use mod_install. repl_modules.sh obsolete
2001/02/15 06:46:22rbcollins+47 -44ran indent
2001/02/14 13:51:42rbcollins+111 -0genericmodules new files
2001/02/14 13:49:21rbcollins+3 -4authentication uses mod_register now
2001/02/14 13:40:58rbcollins+113 -78authentication modules now using mod_register
2001/02/14 11:57:26rbcollins+220 -14module code from rbcollins.filters

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