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These changesets represents the changes on the squid/fixrange development branch of Squid. If there is any questions please contact squid-dev@squid-cache.org.

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2002/10/02 12:32:13rbcollins+744 -279flushing merged store changes
2002/09/24 10:53:27rbcollins+5 -3oops, missed these before...
2002/09/24 10:43:37rbcollins+353 -353indent
2002/09/24 10:43:05rbcollins+98 -46more refactoring, pus indent
2002/09/20 08:30:20rbcollins+10 -3use storeWrite in http.c
2002/09/20 08:16:30rbcollins+162 -21rename storeWrite to storeIOWrite, create a new storeWrite, and make storeAppend delegate to storeWrite
2002/09/20 05:07:34rbcollins+17 -6extract method on cache_control tests
2002/09/20 04:05:02rbcollins+2 -1provide prototype for factored method in last commit
2002/09/20 04:03:03rbcollins+160 -106pull HttpStateData into a separate header to allow easy factoring. Factor out header copying logic from httpBuildRequest
2002/09/20 01:14:57rbcollins+9 -3push the offset to the clientStream as well.
2002/09/20 00:28:36rbcollins+65 -68give storeClientCopy a StoreIOBuffer internally
2002/09/19 21:55:42rbcollins+126 -122extract some common store reading code in client_side_reply, and introduce parameter object to storeClientCopy
2002/09/19 11:16:58rbcollins+25 -12fix cmp_offset problem
2002/09/19 09:41:16rbcollins+5 -6reinstate partial request correct handling. Doh.
2002/09/19 08:22:52rbcollins+1 -3removed unused variable
2002/09/19 08:21:49rbcollins+14 -8more store client knowledge into store_client.c
2002/09/19 08:14:12rbcollins+2 -2oops, had wrong prototype for connState Create
2002/09/19 08:09:55rbcollins+68 -66create a consructor for ConnStateData
2002/09/19 07:47:02rbcollins+29 -25factor out large request handling code
2002/09/19 07:22:26rbcollins+25 -17extract more nonobvious code
2002/09/19 07:02:20rbcollins+43 -22more extractions. whew.
2002/09/19 04:16:27rbcollins+24 -13pull out more common code
2002/09/19 04:05:11rbcollins+13 -7bugfix: get correct node for errors
2002/09/19 03:44:52rbcollins+25 -14extract conn buffer size logic from readRequest
2002/09/18 22:17:07rbcollins+13 -28extract duplicted read logic
2002/09/18 22:07:35rbcollins+1 -3remove unused static var
2002/09/18 22:05:56rbcollins+12 -15rename variable for clarity, and perform minor tidyups.
2002/09/18 21:56:01rbcollins+98 -70apply extract method to the different url branchs of parseHttpRequest
2002/09/18 12:38:21rbcollins+30 -17extract methods from httpParseRequestLine
2002/09/18 12:28:31rbcollins+65 -32checkpointing
2002/09/17 23:07:30rbcollins+14 -11extract method on client reading of data in clientWriteComplete
2002/09/17 23:03:36rbcollins+2 -10consolidate conditional
2002/09/17 22:59:48rbcollins+15 -9extract stats logic from clientWriteComplete
2002/09/17 22:45:42rbcollins+27 -19factor out pushing of deferred request from clientKeepAliveNextRequest
2002/09/17 22:21:21rbcollins+33 -36extract method on clientKeepAliveNextRequest
2002/09/17 22:09:43rbcollins+55 -38factor pass through and serialisation out of clientSocketRecipient
2002/09/17 21:51:22rbcollins+29 -10increase readability
2002/09/17 21:35:52rbcollins+27 -11factor typecast from ConnStateData into a method, and the logic for connIsUsable for clarity
2002/09/17 21:12:14rbcollins+44 -36move isTcpHit to access_log.c, amd rename to logTypeIsATcpHit. Split clientRequestBodyTooLarge into HTTP sanity check, a
2002/09/17 20:58:59rbcollins+4 -4rename clientCheckContentLength to clientIsContentLengthValid
2002/09/17 20:56:01rbcollins+14 -8extract OS buffer emptying from connStateFree
2002/09/17 14:42:15rbcollins+29 -9extract nonobvious methods from connStateFree
2002/09/17 14:27:02rbcollins+15 -13extract memory freeing from httpRequestFree
2002/09/17 14:17:51rbcollins+31 -25move logging logic out of httpRequestFree
2002/09/17 14:08:49rbcollins+32 -23extract log ging of request information from httpRequestFree
2002/09/17 13:54:00rbcollins+29 -10more method extractions
2002/09/17 13:20:52rbcollins+12 -2extract method for ping state detection
2002/09/17 13:15:54rbcollins+63 -45extract various methods from clientUpdateCounters
2002/09/17 12:52:46rbcollins+25 -18extract method: removing context from connection list
2002/09/17 12:13:35rbcollins+21 -19extract method for clientSocketContext - getTail
2002/09/17 12:09:57rbcollins+10 -10fix debug statements
2002/09/17 12:00:00rbcollins+239 -153extract NAT code from client_side.c
2002/09/17 10:56:01rbcollins+5 -10apply extract object to the deferred callback parameters
2002/09/17 10:51:16rbcollins+21 -21introduce parameter obejct to clients stram callbacks
2002/09/17 10:34:36rbcollins+45 -25introduce parameter obejct to clientStreamRead
2002/09/17 00:04:24rbcollins+12 -10move the clientStreamCallback body data parameter into the StoreIOBuffer
2002/09/16 23:48:58rbcollins+12 -9move the body_size into the StoreIOBuffer as the length
2002/09/16 23:40:59rbcollins+16 -11add a StoreIOBuffer to clientStreamCallback
2002/09/16 23:30:52rbcollins+19 -11Apply Introduce Parameter object to clientStreamInit
2002/09/16 23:21:59rbcollins+65 -27move all clientStream API declarations to clientStream.h
2002/09/16 23:21:00rbcollins+2 -2fix gopher SendComplete callback prototype
2002/09/16 23:02:52rbcollins+18 -19use the buffer offset instead of a separate offset in ClientStream
2002/09/16 22:58:17rbcollins+13 -8provide an initialiser for StoreIOBuffer, and an offset member
2002/09/16 22:52:01rbcollins+22 -23Use StoreIOBuffer's length field
2002/09/16 22:47:56rbcollins+29 -22use an explicit flag for error conditions, not an overloaded length
2002/09/16 22:29:57rbcollins+25 -25user StoreIOBuffers' data member
2002/09/16 21:48:50rbcollins+52 -0Split clientStream struct out of structs.h, so loosen the coupling
2002/09/16 21:47:53rbcollins+69 -78Rename StoreIOResult to be more useful and meaningful
2002/09/16 14:12:11rbcollins+7 -12and remove unneeded temporary variables
2002/09/16 14:07:49rbcollins+32 -29move data/buf parameter into StoreIOReply
2002/09/16 13:58:51rbcollins+59 -56move size callback parameter to storeIOReply
2002/09/16 13:27:45rbcollins+159 -59Apply Add Parameter Object to Store client callbacks

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