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These changesets represents the changes on the squid/eventio development branch of Squid. If there is any questions please contact squid-dev@squid-cache.org.

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2002/02/23 16:22:17hno+2 -2speling
2001/11/22 02:40:27hno+12 -8Disable ident lookups by default. ident is not yet ported to ncomm
2001/11/22 02:32:12hno+2 -2Fix some potential races where the underlying FD is closed.
2001/11/22 02:16:29hno+20 -7Get rid of finished filedescriptors when EOF has been signalled in
2001/09/12 21:16:47hno+19 -26Many minor fixes to make this compile again..
2001/09/12 20:49:10hno+1 -2Merge cleanup
2001/09/12 20:39:38hno+24 -0Merge cleanups
2001/03/07 07:22:23hno+554 -288Slowly moving forward. Large parts of client_side.c converted (probably
2001/02/28 14:39:40hno+14 -7ncomm_read split into ncomm_read and ncomm_read_limited
2001/02/28 14:38:09hno+12 -9Split ncomm_read into ncomm_read and ncomm_read_limited. This because most
2001/02/28 14:26:15hno+92 -108listening on http_port
2001/02/26 22:19:58hno+145 -86Slowly fitting pieces together again...
2001/02/25 22:15:24hno+39 -8* ncomm_close() is nowdays a "soft" operation, only signalling EOF.
2001/02/25 22:01:33hno+0 -1Removed some stale "NOT YET DONE" comments.. (no use in having such
2001/02/25 21:58:06hno+7 -1Forgot to release cbdata references when comm_connect is completed.
2001/02/25 20:55:22hno+124 -46* COMMNEWCB calling corrected to handle errors (fh might be non-existant then)
2001/02/25 20:47:34hno+54 -54Rewrote MemPool reporting to output a IOBuf instead of a StoreEntry.
2001/02/25 20:45:55hno+33 -13Smalles MemBuf is now 64 bytes.
2001/02/25 18:20:18hno+83 -17ncomm_write and ncomm_connect debugged
2001/02/25 12:22:05hno+112 -58ncomm_connect implemented
2001/02/25 07:20:32hno+52 -40added ncomm_handle_events()
2001/02/25 01:15:10hno+71 -38Starting to debug ncomm implementation
2001/02/25 00:06:40hno+8 -8Oops.. some confusion about MemBuf->bufp references
2001/02/24 23:48:43hno+294 -244Some restructuring to allow testing of ncomm before all of the core
2001/02/24 19:25:43hno+83 -12ncomm_listen now accepts a backlog size parameter as well..
2001/02/24 19:05:05hno+450 -283Updated "ncomm" to match the current API definitions.
2001/02/24 12:52:41hno+390 -270new cbdata style merged from "cbdata"
2001/02/24 07:30:37hno+4 -4Starting to cut out 'old' code
2001/02/20 21:48:13hno+57 -18Corrected most of the comments from Alex
2001/02/19 22:35:43hno+7 -2Clarified the COMMIOCB error handling a little. Most significantly added
2001/02/19 22:29:28hno+45 -13ncomm_module_init / ncomm_module_shutdown
2001/02/19 21:39:10hno+172 -1Specification of the new improved network I/O model being implemented.
2001/02/18 00:00:44hno+84 -3Started coding on ncomm_connect. Creates a new socket to a given service.
2001/02/17 23:24:10hno+403 -403Renamed comm_server.c to ncomm.c
2001/02/17 23:18:40hno+10 -1macros to simplify cbdata operations
2001/02/17 23:09:09hno+34 -42Cleanup (and bugfix) of how the poll array index is managed. Previously
2001/02/17 22:51:52hno+63 -50Rearranged structures to prepare for the move from UNIX fd to "filehandle_t"
2001/02/16 17:08:29adri+147 -60Some more changes to get this new code ready for testing.
2001/02/16 15:01:02adri+1 -0Allocate section 90 as the debug section for the new comm code.
2001/02/15 21:17:03adri+49 -12* add syscall stats logging on read/write/accept
2001/02/15 15:53:37adri+361 -5Initial import of Henrik's draft eventio-poll code.
2001/02/15 15:14:11adri+2 -2note that this is the eventio branch. :)

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adri5+560 -79
hno37+3576 -2175
total42+4136 -2254