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These changesets represents the changes on the squid/etag development branch of Squid. If there is any questions please contact squid-dev@squid-cache.org.

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2002/08/15 22:28:18hno+4 -4Bugfixes in Vary index processing
2002/08/15 18:42:49hno+2 -2Resolved a merge conflict
2002/08/15 18:13:56hno+5 -3Bugfix: In some conditions the ETag swapin buffer wasn't freed correctly,
2002/04/30 21:57:48hno+9 -9indent
2002/04/30 21:56:41hno+8 -5Fixup dealing with aborted connections
2002/04/01 23:36:41hno+469 -138Oops..
2002/02/23 17:02:10hno+64 -36Make sure we can handle overly large Vary/ETag index entries.
2002/02/13 17:27:33hno+2 -2The first of a series of bugfixes for ETag storeReadVary...
2001/10/24 10:48:16hno+4 -4Various compiler warning fixes
2001/06/12 10:01:17hno+2 -2If-Range using LMT should use strict checking, where only EQUAL LMT
2001/06/01 16:19:08hno+1 -2httpHeaderGetETag is removed..
2001/06/01 15:54:42hno+15 -1Handle If-None-Match on cache validations
2001/06/01 15:24:36hno+2 -2Bugfix for cache hits on varying objects without ETag or old
2001/06/01 12:49:39hno+7 -7Fixed a small memory leak on ETag misses (the code that calls storeAddVary
2001/06/01 12:48:50hno+6 -6Adjusted debug log levels
2001/06/01 12:28:34hno+1 -2ETag.c no longer exists
2001/06/01 08:55:19hno+6 -5Handle variance without entity tags
2001/05/31 15:17:49hno+5 -4Some minor bug fixes of If-Match and If-None-Match
2001/05/31 15:02:43hno+98 -30Client-side If-Match and If-None-Match
2001/05/31 00:49:04hno+5 -1Forgot to unlock the "vary marker" object when done reading etag indexes
2001/05/30 23:55:42hno+10 -2The same ugly bug was creeping around at another place as well.
2001/05/30 23:36:25hno+4 -3Killing small ugly bugs creeping around in my code.
2001/05/30 23:17:30hno+114 -56If-None-Match queries to locate the correct entity variant for this request
2001/05/30 21:37:28hno+3 -1Fix for memory leaks on failed ETag queries
2001/05/30 21:36:30hno+4 -2Fix for a memory leak while updating ETag/Variant index
2001/05/30 21:27:02hno+102 -2Rough cut at a request path for ETag queries.
2001/05/30 10:08:45hno+23 -8Send If-None-Match on cache validations, and prepare for etag lookups
2001/05/30 09:47:20hno+2 -2Reply with ETag in 304 replies
2001/05/29 15:44:16hno+4 -1Send If-None-Match on cache validations
2001/05/29 15:04:39hno+133 -29Consult ETag/variant index on vary hits.
2001/05/29 10:04:54hno+85 -1Adding routines for parsing the vary marker object data
2001/05/28 21:04:47hno+241 -44Maintaing an index of variants and entity tags within the dummy Vary
2001/05/28 16:20:44hno+6 -4Various stupid bug fixes
2001/05/28 16:20:15hno+2 -3Lowered debug level of httpMakeVaryMark
2001/05/28 16:07:16hno+57 -135Parse ETag as simple strings
2001/05/28 15:06:47hno+19 -1Got a much firmer idea on how ETag indexing should be updated
2001/05/28 14:38:24hno+11 -4Minor correction for X-Accelerator-Vary which got broken in the previous
2001/05/28 14:20:19hno+30 -25Vary tagging separated from the main store functions.
2001/05/28 11:47:49hno+2 -3Support comparisation of weak etags. They compare no differently

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total39+1567 -591