squid/etag-2_5 changes

These changesets represents the changes on the squid/etag-2_5 development branch of Squid. If there is any questions please contact squid-dev@squid-cache.org.

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2006/05/20 20:27:30hno+11 -1164-bit issues
2006/05/20 19:42:39hno+1 -5Resolved merge conflict
2006/05/20 19:20:54hno+73 -69Indented
2002/08/15 23:20:04hno+3 -3More Vary/ETag index fixes (specific to 2.5)
2002/08/15 22:29:06hno+4 -4Bugfixes in Vary index processing
2002/08/15 18:43:00hno+2 -2Resolved a merge conflict
2002/08/15 18:15:07hno+5 -3Bugfix: In some conditions the ETag swapin buffer wasn't freed correctly,

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hno7+99 -97
total7+99 -97