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These changesets represents the changes on the squid/esi development branch of Squid. If there is any questions please contact squid-dev@squid-cache.org.

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2002/10/13 06:52:30rbcollins+27 -6add ESI profiling details
2002/10/11 15:23:31rbcollins+9 -3extra prototypes that were missing
2002/10/11 14:38:21rbcollins+3 -0dist ESI files
2002/10/02 12:51:41rbcollins+2 -2update consistentcy check no streams for ESI
2002/10/01 21:15:12rbcollins+46 -0add missing header
2002/10/01 21:08:04rbcollins+5 -1fix make dist
2002/09/24 12:12:53rbcollins+4 -4finish updating to HEAD api
2002/09/24 11:54:51rbcollins+116 -97update to HEAD API changes
2002/09/15 07:33:09rbcollins+5 -2fix corner case
2002/09/09 22:18:59rbcollins+1221 -1107indent
2002/09/09 21:57:06rbcollins+56 -51indent
2002/09/09 13:58:06adri+2 -2typo.
2002/09/09 13:09:59rbcollins+4 -4make Adrian happy
2002/09/09 13:07:56rbcollins+21 -14Preliminary Namespace support
2002/09/09 13:03:15adri+2 -2damned english, having words that sound the same..
2002/09/09 12:59:43adri+2 -2fix typo.
2002/09/09 12:47:05rbcollins+2 -3finish fix
2002/09/09 12:36:13rbcollins+3 -3304 minor bugfix
2002/09/08 02:52:34adri+71 -41Some whitespace and comment fixes, to bring the coding style more in line
2002/09/07 13:49:13adri+2 -2Fix typo in a comment for robert.
2002/09/05 07:38:04rbcollins+17 -9* honour hostnames in includes.
2002/08/31 05:49:50rbcollins+145 -10Documented clientStreams
2002/08/31 01:28:51rbcollins+37 -9beginning doco update
2002/08/29 03:52:31rbcollins+22 -6implement client cache-control ignoring, and add some debug to includes
2002/08/28 07:10:00rbcollins+3 -3Duanes User agent log update
2002/08/28 07:00:19rbcollins+1 -7minor tidyup
2002/08/28 06:11:30rbcollins+162 -40Finished! (Alpha 1 status - feature complete
2002/08/28 02:31:44rbcollins+47 -16correct a reentrancy issue on hits with expat
2002/08/27 13:42:11rbcollins+53 -16factor common code
2002/08/26 15:24:59rbcollins+55 -6Surrogate-Control no-store, no-store-remote and max-age support
2002/08/26 13:20:36rbcollins+580 -13Surrogate-Control parsing
2002/08/25 12:37:47rbcollins+8 -3Henrik's fix to persistent connections
2002/08/25 12:35:49rbcollins+12 -3Duanes fix to prevent clobbering methods
2002/08/25 11:20:36rbcollins+37 -4finished user agent support
2002/08/25 11:06:13rbcollins+23 -1implement useragent{browser}
2002/08/25 10:58:33rbcollins+59 -3fix Vary segv, implement useragent{os} subscript
2002/08/25 10:07:20rbcollins+12 -12Cleanup of TODO's
2002/08/25 09:58:25rbcollins+44 -5handle empty expressions, and set Vary appropriatly on replies
2002/08/25 08:59:00rbcollins+858 -34ESI specific error page, a surrogate ID specifiedr, and define ESI when compiling ESI support.
2002/08/25 02:46:07rbcollins+14 -10recursive includes bugfix
2002/08/25 00:42:00rbcollins+3 -1fix segv on null variables with no default
2002/08/20 13:10:29rbcollins+1 -3update TODOS
2002/08/20 12:35:42rbcollins+24 -6send surrogate capability header, beginning of surrogate control logic
2002/08/20 12:16:16rbcollins+33 -34fixup debug levels
2002/08/20 12:01:43rbcollins+1178 -7esi:choose support
2002/08/19 11:42:57rbcollins+636 -43esi:vars support (minus USER_AGENT)
2002/08/19 00:23:48rbcollins+2 -1fix a mem leak in esi:remove
2002/08/19 00:12:59rbcollins+247 -433.4 try attempt except
2002/08/18 13:25:15rbcollins+72 -9\<\!--esi support
2002/08/18 12:35:24rbcollins+25 -26update debug levels for finished code
2002/08/18 11:29:12rbcollins+79 -12esi:remove support
2002/08/18 11:09:22rbcollins+1166 -233esi:comment and esi:include support
2002/08/16 08:33:33rbcollins+1 -2remove esi debugging aid
2002/08/16 08:33:00rbcollins+23 -52fix up esi buffering to deal with stream changes
2002/08/16 01:12:32rbcollins+128 -99henrik's vary bugfix, plus request status refactoring
2002/08/15 14:12:02rbcollins+71 -27move transient request prep variables out of clientHttpRequest
2002/08/15 09:17:15rbcollins+85 -24beginning of status API - currrently unused
2002/08/15 08:23:36rbcollins+28 -19make traces clearer
2002/08/15 08:01:24rbcollins+28 -43cleanup clientHttpRequest a bit
2002/08/15 07:14:53rbcollins+348 -256all API abuses except transfer status completed
2002/08/15 01:22:18rbcollins+42 -44clean up clientHttpRequest a little
2002/08/15 01:19:31rbcollins+227 -136finished error generation rearramgement.
2002/08/14 14:45:50rbcollins+42 -18yet another checkpoint in error recoding - nearly done
2002/08/14 14:18:29rbcollins+47 -54yet another checkpoint in error recoding
2002/08/14 12:53:22rbcollins+12 -20Incremental commit of Error code conversion
2002/08/14 12:23:45rbcollins+12 -10Incremental commit of Error code conversion
2002/08/14 11:42:52rbcollins+16 -29Incremental commit of Error code conversion
2002/08/14 11:16:05rbcollins+991 -314snapshotting clientStream changes - not fully functional
2002/08/11 10:08:22rbcollins+32 -7remaining types updates
2002/08/11 09:51:14rbcollins+31 -11add custom header capability to clientBeginRequest
2002/08/11 07:52:58rbcollins+2 -2prevent segfault before assert
2002/08/09 12:18:52rbcollins+157 -156update debug sections for rearranged code
2002/08/09 11:58:45rbcollins+2 -2Set a sensible debug level, we know this code works
2002/08/09 11:56:01rbcollins+10 -10set correct debug sections
2002/08/09 11:49:43rbcollins+2385 -1746types patch from HEAD
2002/08/02 23:42:25rbcollins+7 -0Added Zope to the SPONSORS list

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adri5+79 -49
rbcollins71+11906 -5006
total76+11985 -5055