squid/epoll-2_5 changes

These changesets represents the changes on the squid/epoll-2_5 development branch of Squid. If there is any questions please contact squid-dev@squid-cache.org.

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2006/05/14 05:42:21swsf+3 -3Fix an error condition that can cause an assert when looking at the cache object lists in cachemgr.
2006/04/19 02:32:37swsf+2 -2Bump the debug level for the storeClientCopy3 messages
2006/01/10 18:14:03hno+17 -9By Ranko Zivojnovic (Bug #1477)
2005/10/10 07:54:21swsf+6 -1Update to break out of the main loop in the Backon() function as soon as possible
2005/09/06 12:36:09swsf+2 -8Half-closed connections does actually work now.
2005/05/18 07:20:35swsf+11 -10This is a re-patch to fix a compile error
2005/04/27 01:20:22swsf+1 -2remove unused variable in commEpollBackon()
2005/04/25 21:22:44hno+8 -4Missing HAVE_EPOLL autoconf.h template
2005/04/15 01:09:51swsf+3 -2Fixed typo in last update... compile first, then commit.
2005/04/15 00:40:32swsf+17 -3Fixed a condition where we would stop reading from a server, but all clients had seen all received data
2005/04/14 00:00:48swsf+303 -165Changed the flow-control mechanism
2005/03/29 08:32:37swsf+6 -4Needed curly braces in patch earlier today
2005/03/29 03:38:16swsf+130 -27More merges with s2_5 branch
2005/03/29 03:00:05swsf+132 -158Merge s2_5 changes (aio and large file support)
2005/03/18 02:34:34swsf+76 -0Add missing script to retrieve epoll-lib
2005/03/18 00:20:57swsf+42 -24Fixed deferred network reading for epoll
2005/03/17 03:57:19swsf+444 -52Initial epoll patch.

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hno2+25 -13
swsf15+1178 -461
total17+1203 -474