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These changesets represents the changes on the squid/dsa development branch of Squid. If there is any questions please contact squid-dev@squid-cache.org.

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2003/12/29 00:49:44ymc+7 -7fixed storeAddInstanceEntry
2002/12/23 22:42:26ymc+7 -3fixed the mem_obj == NULL in objectLen bug
2002/12/23 21:21:46ymc+3 -2arrayDelete now checks whether the item exists or not
2002/12/23 21:10:36ymc+82 -50added code to storeSetPublicKey to make sure the links between InstanceEntry
2002/12/23 00:13:27ymc+21 -9fixed a mime.c bug. It should allow storeSwapOutFileClosed to do storeHashInsert
2002/12/15 21:27:18ymc+6 -5added SetMemStatus to NOT_IN_MEMORY in storeRelease
2002/12/15 10:29:40ymc+6 -6assignments that dereferences http->entry->p will check http->entry
2002/12/09 06:35:00ymc+41 -50seems to me DSA is working now
2002/12/09 03:53:28ymc+42 -12also take care of ENTRY_VALIDATED, ENTRY_BAD_LENGTH and ENTRY_ABORTED
2002/12/09 01:06:49ymc+10 -2take care of ENTRY_FWD_HDR_WAIT, ENTRY_NEGCACHED
2002/12/09 00:52:35ymc+22 -4now we take care of ENTRY_DISPATCHED and KEY_PRIVATE
2002/12/08 19:26:50ymc+16 -6take care of REFRESH_REQUEST, ENTRY_CACHABLE
2002/12/07 07:40:29ymc+21 -3fixed storeRelease/instanceRelease issues
2002/12/07 06:51:24ymc+58 -29fixed up ENTRY_SPECIAL, ENTRY_REVALIDATE issues
2002/12/02 08:11:20ymc+14 -40now it passed all basic DSA tests
2002/12/02 00:22:58ymc+16 -5now MD5Update is in front of MD5Update
2002/12/01 23:11:26ymc+70 -43now it can have two instance entries share the same StoreEntry
2002/11/29 08:21:13ymc+44 -13fixed mimeInit problem
2002/11/18 07:39:51ymc+43 -1fixed up store_swapout.c
2002/11/18 06:29:42ymc+25 -1fixed up http.c
2002/11/18 05:44:13ymc+9 -6fixed up storeSwapMEtaBuild and instanceSwapMetaBuild
2002/11/18 05:05:54ymc+70 -57renamed storeRelease to instanceRelease
2002/11/16 08:19:02ymc+288 -1added -DDSA to Makefile.in
2002/11/16 05:53:26ymc+9 -1disable O_APPEND, so now we can use negative offset to rewrite the metadata partusing storeWrite
2002/11/15 09:10:29ymc+1867 -51compilable re-write of DSA

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total25+2797 -407