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These changesets represents the changes on the squid/diskio development branch of Squid. If there is any questions please contact squid-dev@squid-cache.org.

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2001/09/09 16:56:11adri+17 -17Change CLIENT_SOCK_SZ to MAX_CLIENT_BUF_SZ, since the latter is much
2001/08/30 04:08:42adri+2 -2Up the CLIENT_SOCK_SZ to 64k. This change was done to test whether
2001/08/29 19:40:17adri+5 -5Stupid me - I didn't totally convert over the HTTP code to use
2001/08/21 15:22:38adri+13 -0Oops, note more stuff.
2001/08/21 15:18:40adri+78 -0Add some initial COSS notes
2001/08/20 23:46:43adri+2 -2Go back to 4k pages, just in case I've msised something.
2001/08/20 17:00:16adri+2 -2Wind this value up for a bit. It won't matter soon as its going away..
2001/08/17 23:26:23adri+5 -5Make the sdirno 8 bits, and the sfileno 32 bits.
2001/08/16 00:14:53adri+2 -4Remove MEM_CLIENT_SOCK_BUF - we don't use it anymore.
2001/08/16 00:07:04adri+7 -25The quick modification to support zero-copy work with the HTTP
2001/08/15 23:54:36adri+108 -8Add the zero-copy-storeClientCopy - if a NULL is supplied,

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