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These changesets represents the changes on the squid/delay_pool_write development branch of Squid. If there is any questions please contact squid-dev@squid-cache.org.

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2008/08/02 11:23:11adri+2 -2Fix bad comments!
2008/07/29 17:31:31adri+41 -2This is a bit of a hack to keep track of the current slot offsets so
2008/07/26 12:15:55adri+5 -0Gotta fix write slow fds.
2008/07/25 08:05:04adri+3 -3Class5 -> Class6
2008/07/25 08:00:39adri+8 -8class5 -> class6
2008/07/25 07:58:04adri+0 -34Update TODO list!
2008/07/25 07:22:38adri+58 -56Convert this new pool class to class 6 rather than 5; 5 is also used
2008/07/25 03:08:51adri+16 -4Dequeue FDs randomly when waking them up from write-sleep.
2008/07/20 17:33:59adri+3 -2Note that class-5 pools are for client-side FD, not server-side FD.
2008/07/20 13:57:25adri+4 -0Note the strange ACL pattern I noticed when poking delay pools debugging.
2008/07/18 18:29:57adri+14 -0More stuff to watch out for.
2008/07/18 18:20:08adri+3 -0TODO
2008/07/18 18:18:00adri+2 -2.. this debugging level is also wrong.
2008/07/18 18:15:41adri+2 -2That debugging level shouldn't be there..
2008/07/18 18:15:09adri+10 -11Migrate delayPoolsUpdate() out into an event rather than in checkTimeouts().
2008/07/18 17:59:23adri+33 -6Implement a client-side request based delay pool acl.
2008/07/18 08:20:09adri+11 -9Pass in the delay pool id into the Updates routines so the class5 pool can only updates its fds.
2008/07/18 08:07:44adri+28 -8* Provide a hook to tell delay pools when an FD is actually being closed!
2008/07/18 08:01:34adri+5 -4Shift delay pools init up a little in preparation for the next commit,
2008/07/18 07:04:29adri+263 -71Prototype class 5 delay pools - per-client-only-connection.
2008/07/16 17:42:40adri+22 -22Shuffle delayClient to delayClientRequest()
2008/07/16 16:35:21adri+12 -0Add in a TODO list to look at as I code/test things.
2008/07/16 14:34:52adri+4 -4Make sure the pool structs are zero'ed so the statistics aren't garbage.
2008/07/16 14:32:27adri+3 -1Use the client address from request_t in the delayAccessReply() lookup;
2008/07/16 12:38:32adri+14 -5* Document the new config option
2008/07/16 12:15:40adri+49 -20Hack up the _delay_pool_access functions to be standalone and operate on acl_list **'s.
2008/07/16 11:43:01adri+2 -1Fix up compile
2008/07/16 11:06:17adri+41 -3Add delayClientReply() which will eventually spit out a delayid based on the
2008/07/16 11:05:04adri+2 -1Add in a debug to print out write-side delay pool.
2008/07/16 10:47:54adri+27 -3Add in a delayid parameter to clientHttpRequest representing the write-side
2008/07/16 09:09:39adri+2 -2Make sure the slow write fds array isn't overflowed.
2008/07/15 16:33:34adri+73 -2Implement the first attempt at delayed writes:
2008/07/15 15:59:54adri+53 -5Shoehorn in a delayid into CommWriteState and begin fleshing out the

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