squid/cygwin-svc changes

These changesets represents the changes on the squid/cygwin-svc development branch of Squid. If there is any questions please contact squid-dev@squid-cache.org.

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2002/10/22 20:44:43serassio+7 -6Merged latest win32 changes from nt branch
2002/10/22 20:21:19serassio+30 -19Merged latest win32 changes from nt branch
2002/08/24 08:14:28serassio+1 -1Changed WIN32 internal version
2002/08/11 19:13:56serassio+18 -21Synced with nt work
2002/07/16 17:38:16serassio+15 -6Merged with nt
2002/07/16 15:03:03serassio+53 -9Merged with nt
2002/04/13 18:41:21serassio+10 -4Some WIN32 code cleanup
2002/01/06 15:17:38serassio+15 -13Added print of Service command line in cache.log at startup
2001/12/28 15:55:23serassio+14 -14Fixed some WIN32 compile warning and moved some service startup code
2001/12/08 15:59:39serassio+1 -1Changed WIN32 service dependencies
2001/12/05 20:01:21serassio+12 -1Fixed a wrong reference to ChangeServiceConfig2 WIN32 system call when running on Windows NT 4.0
2001/12/02 20:24:34serassio+24 -13Added automatic service restart on Windows 2000
2001/11/01 17:35:04serassio+5 -6Fixed an Automake conflict on WIN32 specific code
2001/10/21 20:41:33serassio+0 -12Pre cvsmerge commit
2001/10/21 20:19:26serassio+23 -3Pre cvsmerge commit
2001/08/19 15:41:17serassio+3 -4Use safe_free() instead of xfree() on win32.c
2001/08/13 17:27:11serassio+136 -25Added full command line support when running as a Windows service
2001/08/12 16:05:13serassio+19 -16Added WIN32 abort() service hook
2001/07/17 19:06:41serassio+33 -1Added automatic hosts file lookup in Windows directories when /etc/hosts can't be found
2001/07/17 19:02:45serassio+3 -2Clean of wrong useragent.c patch
2001/07/10 20:31:43serassio+3 -2Native WIN32 patch to rfc1123.c
2001/06/17 10:03:14serassio+4 -4Updated configure.in file for native Windows NT support
2001/06/14 21:57:53serassio+77 -12Added Windows NT code specific from SquidNT 2.3.4
2001/06/02 13:54:29serassio+28 -0Added documentation on service run mode
2001/06/02 12:32:41serassio+631 -14Windows NT Service Support - Round 3

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