squid/cygwin-svc-2_5 changes

These changesets represents the changes on the squid/cygwin-svc-2_5 development branch of Squid. If there is any questions please contact squid-dev@squid-cache.org.

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2002/10/22 19:34:22serassio+2 -1MFC Bugfix: strwordtok parsing of quoted strings failed miserably if the last word in was quoted.
2002/10/01 19:48:55serassio+163 -10Merged pinger.c with nt branch
2002/08/11 16:46:29serassio+2 -2Synced with nt-2_5 work
2002/08/11 15:57:25serassio+116 -45Synced with nt-2_5 work
2002/07/16 09:21:18serassio+5 -3Integrated native WIN32 External ACL group helper and native NTLM authenticator
2002/07/16 09:08:54serassio+8 -7Updated native WIN32 External ACL group helper
2002/07/16 09:07:00serassio+837 -2Added WIN32 native NTLM authenticator
2002/07/16 08:38:10serassio+3 -3Updated WIN32 native basic authenticator
2002/07/16 08:35:13serassio+460 -1Added WIN32 native NTLM authenticator
2002/07/15 11:25:27serassio+439 -0*** empty log message ***
2002/07/15 11:16:18serassio+0 -379*** empty log message ***
2002/07/15 10:35:59serassio+644 -2Added native WIN32 External ACL group helper
2002/04/11 20:28:09serassio+8 -7WIN32 code cleanup
2002/03/23 16:27:29serassio+66 -9Some cosmetic changes
2002/03/16 08:46:32serassio+10 -1Added Windows OS info in Cache Manager/General Runtime Information
2002/02/27 19:44:03serassio+1378 -53Imported cygwin-svc source code

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total16+4141 -525