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These changesets represents the changes on the squid/customlog development branch of Squid. If there is any questions please contact squid-dev@squid-cache.org.

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2002/08/26 19:32:41kinkie+53 -4Added dump-logformat function.
2002/04/21 19:40:00kinkie+6 -2Extended the custom log definition as needed.
2002/04/21 19:39:02kinkie+21 -3Defined tokens needed to emulate squid and common formats.
2002/04/21 19:38:23kinkie+9 -5Slightly altered some tokens, altered defaults specification.
2002/04/21 19:36:46kinkie+40 -2Implemented access_log config-tag parsing function.
2002/04/21 19:34:43kinkie+65 -8Added missing opcodes to at least emulate the squid and common logfile
2002/03/19 23:54:50kinkie+350 -9Initial implementation of the custom logformat engine.

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kinkie7+544 -33
total7+544 -33