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These changesets represents the changes on the squid/customlog-2_5 development branch of Squid. If there is any questions please contact squid-dev@squid-cache.org.

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2006/05/21 23:56:52hno+8 -6The syslog facility support imported from Squid-3 was a bit C++ centric..
2006/05/15 11:49:36hno+31 -31Indent
2006/05/15 10:58:22hno+14 -14Indented
2006/05/14 01:32:26hno+89 -3Bug #1489: add syslog priority and facility to access_log
2006/03/04 02:42:51hno+2 -1Fix the rep_mime_type in access_log (and log_access)
2005/09/01 19:28:46hno+37 -21Fix esape selection mechanism to properly handle quoting of multiple
2005/05/27 23:49:29hno+3 -3Corrected documentation of default time format specifications
2005/03/02 20:50:02hno+43 -27Support logging via syslog
2004/08/24 14:14:44hno+2 -2%tl and %tg should include timezone information by default
2004/02/27 16:11:08hno+2 -2Fix default gm/localtime format
2003/09/04 16:33:14hno+1 -3Move log= down to cerberian patch where the rest of this feature resides
2003/08/20 13:34:21hno+2 -2Bug: cache_access_log none segfaults squid on startup..
2003/08/13 16:22:37hno+4 -1Document the %ea log format
2003/08/13 16:03:07hno+4 -2Almost..
2003/08/13 15:28:06hno+17 -1Merged extacl log tag support from HEAD
2003/08/02 02:06:24hno+37 -14MFC: Fix config file dumps and other minor fixes
2003/07/30 15:23:21hno+1 -2MFC: Fix a memory corruption bug if log tags carrying "unsafe" data is used
2003/07/07 22:01:42hno+2 -1MFC: %tr log format for response time
2003/06/27 01:16:15hno+13 -13indent
2003/06/21 12:45:24hno+1089 -63Completed customlog implementation for Squid-2.5

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