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These changesets represents the changes on the squid/cpuProfiling development branch of Squid. If there is any questions please contact squid-dev@squid-cache.org.

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2002/10/06 03:28:28rbcollins+0 -408finish merge
2001/10/02 21:02:58akroonmaa+18 -3bring to automake style
2001/07/06 12:56:59akroonmaa+1 -1% in wrong place.
2001/07/06 12:45:24akroonmaa+8 -7minor changes
2001/07/06 12:44:57akroonmaa+1 -1we want to keep some general stats always on top, and yet be more dynamic.
2001/05/09 22:21:43akroonmaa+96 -96bring probes to new api style
2001/05/09 22:20:55akroonmaa+283 -355complete rewrite. api looks better, less overhead.
2001/04/27 08:30:39akroonmaa+12 -6add probes to disk.c
2001/04/18 18:05:18akroonmaa+222 -148Started further profiler optimisations.
2001/04/09 06:49:47akroonmaa+57 -1045undo my stupid merge with chunked_mempools
2001/04/06 19:57:57akroonmaa+100 -16Place a bunch of profiling checkpoints here and there to actually gather
2001/04/06 14:22:58akroonmaa+662 -9Implement code profiling framework with CPU-tick resolution. Developers can

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akroonmaa11+1460 -1687
rbcollins1+0 -408
total12+1460 -2095