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These changesets represents the changes on the squid/commloops development branch of Squid. If there is any questions please contact squid-dev@squid-cache.org.

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2002/10/14 07:46:21adri+3 -3Passing a -1 to a size_t is kinda stupid.
2002/10/14 07:00:59adri+3 -4comm_old_listen() doesn't exist anymore.
2002/10/13 03:16:41adri+11 -24* trim some old code out
2002/10/13 03:11:56adri+2 -2Remove an unneeded commSetSelect(). when waisStart() is called,
2002/10/12 04:44:55adri+7 -2Eep.
2002/10/12 04:43:01adri+21 -6* change around the read check function to indicate it works on
2002/10/12 00:15:36adri+3 -2.. only flush _if_ the socket is non-blocking.
2002/10/12 00:12:43adri+2 -2call the flush routine _before_ we zero the fd_table entry in
2002/10/09 13:46:23adri+69 -9COMM_ERR_CLOSING needs to be handled correctly.
2002/10/09 09:56:05adri+11 -9* modify ipc.c to use fdc_open() instead of fd_open() - use the new
2002/10/09 09:55:38adri+13 -1write fdc_open() - think fd_open() replacement for places like ipc.c
2002/10/09 08:40:28adri+21 -29Convert over the helper management routines to use comm_read().
2002/10/09 08:12:15adri+113 -15* add in a routine to check whether a read is pending
2002/10/09 08:10:55adri+2 -2Another typedef to fix compiling where int != size_t
2002/10/09 08:09:26adri+18 -29Convert to new IO framework.
2002/10/08 15:03:38rbcollins+3 -1fix thing
2002/10/06 12:03:03rbcollins+29 -22tidyup some code
2002/10/06 11:42:20rbcollins+10 -8more extractions on ConnStateData
2002/10/06 11:32:06rbcollins+75 -56more extractions
2002/10/06 10:20:26rbcollins+148 -109more extraction of the method
2002/10/06 08:09:38rbcollins+19 -11post merge touchups
2002/10/06 07:06:41adri+5 -13Don't schedule a read if this connection is a HTTP CONNECT - ssl.c
2002/10/05 12:30:42rbcollins+28 -9extract some methods
2002/10/05 11:32:28adri+17 -15Migrate whois.c over to use comm_read().
2002/10/05 11:22:56adri+27 -25* bring the gopher code into the new comm_read() framework.
2002/10/05 11:14:26rbcollins+32 -35tweak/update comm_fill to comm_fill_immediate
2002/10/05 10:42:28adri+6 -2Enforce that we're not calling comm_read()/comm_write() on a closing fd.
2002/10/05 10:38:14adri+2 -10Fix comment - we're always scheduling a read now, regardless of
2002/10/05 10:34:25adri+57 -39Update the non-SSL client and ident code to use the new comm_read
2002/10/05 06:33:08adri+1 -2remove StoreIOBuffer - we're not using it now.
2002/10/05 06:30:22adri+38 -27Convert http.c over to use comm_read().
2002/10/04 13:36:29rbcollins+72 -28minor fixups - assert after vars, NULL->0 for int assignment, and add a StoreIOBuffer to HttpStateData
2002/10/04 12:43:21adri+15 -5Since there's no real neat place to put this, stuff the
2002/10/04 09:47:41adri+96 -3Add in support for comm_fill - filling a storeiobuffer
2002/10/04 08:25:03adri+52 -64Move over the ftp read stuff (control and data) to the new comm_read
2002/10/03 12:39:00adri+18 -33Convert over the ftp code to use the new comm_accept framework.
2002/10/03 12:36:39adri+19 -4Add in debugging code to track which user closed a file descriptor.
2002/10/03 09:25:01adri+36 -33Convert over the httpsAccept() magic.
2002/10/03 08:51:04adri+35 -39Complete the initial conversion of httpAccept().
2002/10/03 08:04:36adri+22 -7* fix prototypes
2002/10/03 07:29:21adri+163 -23* move comm_accept() to comm_old_accept()
2002/10/03 01:22:18adri+11 -11Rename comm_listen() to comm_old_listen() - comm_listen() is about to
2002/09/27 08:26:44adri+24 -17Finally sort out a logical way of handling socket closures.
2002/09/27 07:44:03adri+4 -19Get rid of my really crappy implementation of handling socket closures
2002/09/26 13:44:40adri+23 -3Oops. I mis-read how the proxy connection stuff worked.
2002/09/26 13:34:25adri+86 -124Convert the ssl code to use comm_read() and comm_write().
2002/09/26 13:33:04adri+2 -1Oops. be sure to clear the fdc_table[] entry when we close a fd. :)
2002/09/26 07:08:16adri+7 -4Fix some more missing bits. Oops.
2002/09/26 06:22:21adri+2 -1Track the bytes read!
2002/09/26 06:11:10adri+3 -2* use the read method instead of read()
2002/09/26 06:08:02adri+263 -28* commit code to fix compilation problems under OSX 10.2.1. Grr gcc3.1 .
2002/09/13 05:38:31adri+48 -45Step 1 of comm tidyup.

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